Alexander and olympias relationship


alexander and olympias relationship

Nonetheless Olympias and Alexander shared a close relationship, some speculate too close, and he allowed her some say in international policy. And although. If not for his mom, Queen Olympias, Alexander the Great may never have conquered half the world during his historic reign. In the absence of Philip due to his multiple marriages and expeditions, Olympias and Alexander grew close and established an intimate connection. According.

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Could Cleopatra have claimed to be pregnant with a new heir? The reasons for this murder remain unknown. In this excerpt he describes her foreign, Orphic rites in a barbaric, frightening manner: Again one must consider biases when researching Olympias— her portrayal is a form of propaganda in the ancient world.

In her homeland she continued a close relationship with her son and they regularly corresponded. Cleopatra pursued a Greek outlaw with a large army— however she eventually asked him to leave for fear of causing a civil war.

Although Antipater did not kill her for this brief alliance he did strip her of all her independence and Cleopatra never saw her mother again. The eventual death of Antipater by the hands of his own guards led to the reign of Macedonian general Polyperchon. The new king invited the former queen to return to Macedonia and join him in a political alliance.

However these vicious actions made her unpopular among the Macedonians. Cassander captured Olympias and put her on trial for these murders. However, she wielded great influence in Macedonia and caused troubles to Antipaterthe regent of the kingdom.

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In BC, she returned to Epirus and served as a regent to her cousin Aeacides in the Epirote stateas her brother Alexander I had died during a campaign in southern Italy. Alexander IV and with his uncle Philip III Arrhidaeus, the half brother of Alexander the Great who may have been disabled, were subject to the regency of Perdiccaswho tried to strengthen his position through a marriage with Antipater's daughter Nicaea.

At the same time, Olympias offered Perdiccas the hand of her and Philip's daughter, Cleopatra.

alexander and olympias relationship

Perdiccas chose Cleopatra, which angered Antipater, who allied himself with several other Diadochideposed Perdiccas, and was declared regent, only to die within the year. At the beginning, Olympias had not been involved in this conflict, but she soon realized that in the case of Cassander's rule, her grandson would lose the crown, so she allied with Polyperchon in BC. The Macedonian soldiers supported her return and the united armies of Polyperchon and Olympias, with the house of Aeacidesinvaded Macedonia to drive Cassander out from power.

She also captured Cassander's brother and a hundred of his partisans. When the fortress of Pydna fell, Cassander ordered Olympias killed, but the soldiers refused to harm the mother of Alexander the Great.

alexander and olympias relationship

In the end, the families of her many victims stoned her to death with the approval of Cassander, [11] who is also said to have denied to her body the rights of burial. For her part Olympias hated her husband and on the night that Alexander was conceived she denied he was the son of Philip but rather that a thunderbolt had fallen upon her womb and kindled a great fire.

Alexander, she said, was born of the God Zeus. Believed to be a member of the orgiastic snake worshipping cult of Dionysus, Olympias courted no friends preferring the company of reptiles, and even if some might struggle to differentiate people kept their distance fearful of both of her and those she kept close.

Olympias: Mother of Alexander

She wanted only Alexander in her life and their relationship can best be described as obsessive, some have argued unnaturally so, and fired by her hatred of Philip she was determined to turn her son against him - Zeus was his father, she told him, not Philip, and that the God whose seed he was had visited her in her bed in the guise of a snake and made him immortal.

Philip mocked such pretensions and in BC married a Greek noblewoman named Eurydice, by whom he had a child without divine intervention. Humiliated and subjected to ridicule, Olympias left the Macedonian Court at Pella to live with her brother.

A few weeks after the birth of his child Philip was assassinated with the likelihood that Olympias had been behind the plot.

Eurydice and her baby were then murdered.

alexander and olympias relationship

Olympias had secured the throne for her son as she had always said she would but she was also determined to secure it for future generations and establish a dynasty.

The opposition had been easily overcome but Alexander's homosexuality would prove more problematic.

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He was already very much in love with his boyhood friend Hephaeston with whom he shared an active and barely disguised sexual relationship. As a result, Olympias constantly hectored him to marry procuring for him an endless stream of women in the hope to weaning him from what she considered an aberration. Alexander also recognised the need for him to marry and sire an heir but he would do so according to his own will and now as King he had no further need for his mother as protector and mentor.

alexander and olympias relationship

She may have secured him the throne but he now displayed his gratitude by shunning her. As he proceeded to conquer much of the known world he refused to take her on his campaigns and ignored her constant pleas to be allowed to travel to his capital at Babylon. He even appointed a Governor to rule over her in Macedonia.