Adnan and hae relationship test

adnan and hae relationship test

After the release of some of the missing pages of Young's testimony, one of the arguments that came up was that the narrative SK (through. Q. What does Adnan say about his parents' perspective of his relationship with Hae? answer choices. His parents were really good friends with Hae's parents. If Serial's Adnan Syed Didn't Murder Hae Min Lee, Then Who Did? They had kept their relationship under wraps to their families due to.

And that is a fine argument for them to have made, to the extent that it sets the stage for the alleged motive for the offense, but that is as far as that evidence can take you.

But this murder-by-numbers approach to crime solving makes two huge mistakes: Although the precise numbers depend on which study you are relying on for your data, one Bureau of Justice Statistics Report released in found that, froma total of twenty-two percent of female homicide victims between the ages of were killed by an intimate partner.

After all, that means there is only a 1 in 5 chance he did it, right?

Serial: An Examination of the Prosecution’s Evidence Against Adnan Syed

We know of at least one other, which means that, statistically, there can only be a 1 in 10 chance that Adnan is guilty! While this kind of data is very useful during the investigation stage, and provides detectives with a way to identify potentially productive leads, it has no use when it comes to demonstrating that a specific suspect committed a specific crime.

Yes, when looking at crime statistics, it may be possible to conclude that individuals with a history of certain violent offenses are more likely to commit homicide.

And neither the prosecution or Serial listeners are ever going to get closer to figuring out who is responsible for killing Hae Min Lee by choosing to follow general statistical trends rather than the evidence.

Here is what we know so far, from both the podcast and the available court records. Notes from that interview provided the following: Sometime earlier that day, apparently [Adnan] asked her to take him possibly to get car before lunch because it was in the shop. Heard about it at lunch. Hae said she could, there would be no problem.

At end of school I saw them. He told her goodbye. Did not see Hae after that. This makes it sound as if Becky did not actually witness Adnan asking Hae for a ride which means her testimony would not have been admissible at trial, and could explain why she was not called by the prosecution.

Again, we have a maddeningly ambiguous witness statement. Did Krista hear Adnan saying something about a ride, or somebody saying something about Adnan asking for a ride?

adnan and hae relationship test

Officer Adcock, who called Adnan at 6: I spoke to Mr. Syed and he advised me that, ah, he did see the victim in school that day, and that um, he was supposed to get a ride home from the victim, but he got detained at school and she just got tired of waiting and left Episode 2.

Adnan says this was incorrect because he drives his own car to school. This leaves us with three possibilities: If Adnan did ask Hae for a ride on January 13th, that alone is not significant evidence.

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Since Jay had his car, Adnan might have just wanted to get a ride to the On the other hand, if Adnan asked for a ride and later lied about it — that could be very significant. But just to make this all the more confusing, here is what else we know. Inez, who ran the concession stand at the school, says that she saw Hae at around 2: And then we have Jay.

Jay, as usual, tells us a lot of things on this subject, but unfortunately none of those things are consistent. In his first interview, Jay says the following about why Adnan gives him his car that day: Why does he give you his car?

Um so I could finish doing, while he was in school and what. Um, he said to me that he was going to ah, tell her his car was broken down and ah, ask her for a ride. And that was, and that was it, that. And the reason you have the car and the cell phone was why? To pick him up from wherever he was gonna do this at.

He hethat day he told me yes. Did Jay did Adnan give Jay his car so that he could tell Hae it was broken down, or did Adnan give Jay his car so that Jay could pick him up later?

So his answers in the second interview are useful for showing one thing only: And in any event, by the time we get to trial, Jay has totally discarded the story about Adnan telling Hae his car was broken down. It is just not part of the story.

Jay claims the whole conversation on January 12th never even occurred in the first place. Because if Adnan did tell Officer Adcock that he had asked Hae for a ride that day, why on earth does Jay not remember this? Because Jay clearly remembers the phone call with Officer Adcock, but he does not recall anything about Adnan having asked for a ride.

When a police officer called him on the phone, do you recall what time that was? Did he tell you he was talking to a police officer? Did he tell you what that conversation was about? And by the time of the second interview, Jay has this to say: How how do you know Adnan got a call from the Police Department? And at that time I started panicking. Were you inside the apartment or outside the apartment. We were stepping from the foyer into the hallway.

Okay do you recall what kind of statements he made to t he police? Um, I knew them to be totally false, he told them he had no knowledge of were she was. Said that, find inaudible, go over that again. During the pre, pre-interview you said um, maybe you wanna try her new boyfriend that she may be with him?

And also that he and ah, [Hae and Adnan] had been broken up for awhile? You also said that she may have just ran off and also told them that he may wanna check with some of her friends? Because the evidence we have right now points in too many directions; it is hard to conclude which factual scenario is most likely. Surely Becky would have thought that was important information to tell someone, but her police statement was dated April 9th, nearly three months later.

If these statements came only months later, is it possible that they are conflating two events that happened on different days? Or could it be possible that their memories are conflated with some kind of memory of Hae asking Adnan for a ride? Perhaps Adnan had also given Hae a ride from school to pick up her car after it had been fixed?

But without the transcripts or corresponding police records, I am not sure what to make of it. Is it possible Officer Adcock confused Adnan with someone else he talked to that day? While evidence that Adnan asked for a ride from Hae could have been useful to the prosecution as evidence as to how Adnan may have been able to accomplish the crime, the very existence of that evidence also has the effect of completely undercutting their case. If he is planning to kill her after school, it will be immediately obvious to all of their friends who was with her last.

The fact that he publicly asked for a ride from Hae is by far stronger evidence that he did not have any plans to kill her.

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He had to know that would be a red flag; it is inexplicable why he would voluntarily disclose that fact to a cop who was simply calling around to ask if anyone had seen Hae.

And if Adnan did, for some bizarre reason, admit this fact to an officer, why would he change his story later and claim he did not? The lie that he asked for a ride is far, far more damaging to his case than the fact of him asking ever could be.

So why would a guilty Adnan have intentionally changed his story on this point? So how can Adnan asking for a ride be evidence of his guilt, when that same evidence that shows he asked for a ride also establishes that he did not actually get a ride with her at the end of the day?

Adnan Syed granted new trial in "Serial" murder case

So that leaves the prosecution with two options. Brief of Appellant at No one who saw Adnan at track has suggested that he was acting bizarrely or out of character that day, and even Jenn says that Adnan was completely, utterly normal when she encountered him later that night. The first two calls are for a little less than a minute, the third call is the longest four minutes, fifteen seconds.

That was likely Officer Adcock. So maybe Aisha called Adnan at 6: I think we can all stipulate that Adnan was super stoned. He told me he had weed in the car and was worried the cops were going to find it if they came to talk to him. What am I gonna say?

adnan and hae relationship test

What am I supposed to say? So he sits away from the group. He tells them he has no knowledge were she is. Because this argument fits perfectly when applied to Jay. Here is how Cathy describe Jay and Adnan that night: Cathy thought Jay was acting odd as well. She knew him as this super laid back stoner guy, like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. But now he was being conspicuously chatty. The story Cathy is telling is pretty close to what she told the cops during the investigation.

She told him back then, she remembered Adnan saying only one thing to the group: So weirdly, in fact, that she became convinced something was very wrong: Think of it as a title, capitalized, The Nisha Call.

Between noon and five pm that day, there are seven outgoing calls on the log, six of them are to people Jay knows, the seventh is to Nisha, someone only Adnan knew. But The Nisha Call happens at 3: Smack in the middle of the afternoon.

The prosecution makes much of this call at closing, and I can see why. It is also the same tower and antenna that the two previous calls had been routed through. What time of day did that occur? He just asked me how I was doing, et cetera. If the call Nisha is describing is the 3: She thinks that Adnan was walking around on foot, rather than driving around in a car.

She thinks that Jay invited Adnan over somewhere, rather than that Adnan and Jay were already together when the call began. That is an awful lot of things to get wrong about a phone call. How long do you think you were on the telephone? Um, then his sister comes onmaybe like 4 minutes. Where do you ah, what do you do then after. We go down t here, we buy 2 dime sacks.

During the trip from ah, Route 70, over to. Forrest Park where you ah, buy marijuana? You made the phone call to your friend? Did anybody else use the phone?

He put me on the phone with her for like 3 minutes, I said hello to her. Where did she ah, live? Do you recall her name?

Is there anything significant about this conversation that you remember? You have any idea why Adnan would call this individual in Silver Spring after he had just. Okay, um how long did that conversation last? It was a pretty long conversation, maybe like 7 — 8 minutes, 10 minutes, something like that. And he gave you the phone? Yeah some point in the conversation, he gave me the phone, told me to speak to the chick.

McLemore and…to say any more would be giving it away. Hae Min Lee The year-old high school senior played varsity field hockey and lacrosse and managed the boys' wrestling team, and was due to graduate with honors with the class of She dated Adnan indancing with the prom with him that year, but they were broken up by that December. They had kept their relationship under wraps to their families due to cultural and religious differences. According to multiple accounts, the two were still friends, but whether or not Adnan was handling the split well or was far more angry and jealous than he let on became a central point of the investigation.

Lee was last seen alive on Jan. Her body was discovered in Baltimore's Leakin Park on Feb. She had been strangled. At the time of her death, she was said to be dating a guy named Don, whom she'd met while they were both working at LensCrafters. He told police he was at work albeit at a different store location than usual when Lee disappeared and a store manager confirmed as much—but via Serial, we learned that the manager of the location he claimed to be working at was his mother.

As long as I live, my daughter is buried in my heart. Article continues below Courtesy: Serial Adnan Syed By those who believed in his innocence, the teen was painted as a normal, pot-smoking, not-too-troublesome senior student at Woodlawn High School, a kid who liked to go to the mall and hang out with his friends, just like any other, and who, like Lee, was an honors student.

Syed is of Pakistani descent and the question of whether his being Muslim affected how the cops and the court treated him has been raised. The prosecution suggested he was a flight risk, despite his parents' lack of financial means and Adnan having never left the country before, let alone been to Pakistan.

Wilds became a key witness for the prosecution. Dorsey III pleaded to the judge for a merciful sentence, insisting the murder was a "crime of passion" rather than proof that Syed was a killer who should be locked up forever. Syed continued to insist he was innocent at sentencing and stated his intention to appeal. Wilds, who pleaded the Fifth when he testified before a grand jury, became a key witness for the prosecution, while the defense contended he was lying to protect himself.

She also spent a lot of time talking about the inconsistencies in Jay's story between various interviews with detectives and his grand jury testimony. We did not pick Jay to be Adnan's accomplice. Remember, Jay committed a crime here. He was an accomplice after the fact in a murder. A very serious crime People can very seldom tell the same story the same way twice.

If they did, I'd be very suspicious of it because that would look like it was rehearsed. So, for the most part, we've been really protective about our privacy.

Hae was dead before she got to my house. Anything that makes Adnan innocent doesn't involve me. There is a specific point where I became involved in this. What happened before that, I don't know. Gutierrez consented to being disbarred in after she was accused of mishandling client funds.

Suffering from multiple sclerosis and various other ailments, she died of a heart attack in In asking for a new trial, Syed's legal team argued that Gutierrez made a critical mistake by not calling an eyewitness who said she'd seen the defendant at the library at the purported time of the killing and could have provided an alibi.

She wrote two letters to Adnan after his arrest offering to testify—but she wasn't called to testify until last year, to support his petition for a new trial.

Chapman told the court that it was her choice to reach out to Syed in jail all those years ago, that no one asked her to.