Yang and raven meet

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yang and raven meet

You know compared to Yang and Raven meeting I actually have alot more interest in seeing Ruby and Raven interact instead(I mean i want to. "Okay then Raven," Yang spat the name like a curse, "you want to talk? and then walking back toward the Academy to meet me here?" Raven. Yang better meet up with Ruby in Mistral but then Raven enters her dream one night and gets her to find the tribe, linking to Vol 2's finale end.

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When they finally meet in "Lighting the Fire", Raven shows pride in the fact that Yang finally found her, and attempts to recruit her into the tribe, but is disappointed that Yang was simply looking for a faster way to get to Qrow and Ruby. In "Known by its Song", she tries further into recruiting Yang and even Weiss to her cause by revealing some uncomfortable facts about Ozpin.

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She offers Yang an ultimatum: She warns Yang that the next time they meet she will not be as kind, only for Yang to retort that she was not kind this time either, which Raven solemnly agrees with. In " A Perfect Storm ", when Vernal asks her about Yang getting involved with her plan, Raven dismissively counters that it was Yang's own decision, albeit with hesitation. After revealing herself as an ally of Cinder's faction in " The More the Merrier ", she looks squarely at Yang when she tells Qrow and the others that they made a choice.

Raven and Yang part ways. In " Downfall ", Raven is incensed when she sees Yang behind her, disrupting her moment of triumph. In " Haven's Fate ", Raven is forced to reveal to Yang how she acquired the Spring Maiden's power, causing a heated argument between mother and daughter. Raven tries to justify her actions with her strength and survival, only to be ridiculed as a coward and hypocrite by Yang.

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She is then forced to relinquish her claim to the Relic to her daughter because of her fear of Salem. Raven tries to persuade Yang not to face Salem, but to no avail as she is pushed aside. Faced with her own cowardice and inability to stop Yang, Raven tearfully apologizes before using a portal to run away, abandoning her daughter once again. Branwen Tribe Vernal Raven and Vernal as they confront Salem's faction Vernal is one of Raven's closest subordinates and was entrusted with the role of being a decoy Spring Maiden for Raven.

Vernal is extremely loyal to Raven and her ideals, taking her orders without fail. Out of all her tribe members, Raven seems to put the most trust in Vernal, confiding in her alone her plans for the tribe. She's always thankful for Vernal's efforts, whether it be stopping a brawl from attracting the Grimm to their camp, coming to her aid if she's being threatened, or even serving tea. After their coup was discovered, Raven attempted to warn Vernal, only to be frozen solid by Cinder Fallwho then proceeded to stab Vernal in her attempt to claim the Spring Maiden's powers.

Raven and Yang's Night Time Meeting

Hearing Vernal's cries of pain allowed Raven to break free of the ice and reveal her true identity, showing she cares greatly for Vernal over keeping her cover.

After Vernal dies from her wounds, Raven closes her eyes, thanking her for her last act of service. After Raven's disappearance, Summer and Taiyang entered into a relationship. The two at some point entered into a relationship that resulted in the birth of their daughter, Yang Xiao Long.

Shortly afterwards, Raven leaves Taiyang and returns to her tribe.

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In "Known by its Song", Raven calls him a fool for believing in Ozpin. Although not much is known about their relationship Raven did have significant feelings for Taiyang for her to create a bond with him for her Semblance. After being told off by Yang in "Haven's Fate", Raven shows remorse for her previous actions and teleports to Patch where she spies on Taiyang, though she avoids talking to him directly.

Qrow Branwen Qrow is Raven's younger twin brother and they were once on a team together. They barely see each other any more, and according to Qrow, when they do see each other, it is only so she can give him information or pass on a message, after which she disappears. He strongly disagrees with her views on the world.

Siblings acting hostile to each other In " Family ", it is revealed that Raven and her brother have a very hostile relationship.

Raven's reason for that was because Qrow abandoned the bandit tribe they were raised in. Qrow's reason on his part was because Raven decided on returning to the tribe, which is comprised of "thieves and murderers", over any real involvement in Yang's life. Raven's true feelings toward her brother become more questionable in "A Perfect Storm". Despite demanding that Cinder kill Qrow, she is later seen transforming into a raven and teleporting to his location soon afterwards but makes no effort to contact him.

She berates Qrow for shooting without provocation but admits she has the Spring Maiden. Qrow pleads with her to join them, but she refuses. Though once he realizes she's allied herself with Salem, the pair soon fights, both no longer deeming the other family. Raven is a cynic who claims to have foreseen Ozpin's failure to protect Beacon Academy from its destruction. She believes that Ozpin is not the man her daughter thinks he is and condemns those who trust him, such as Qrow, Ruby and even Taiyang.

After defeating Cinder Fall in " Downfall ", Raven shows a softer side, taking the time to close the deceased Vernal's eyes and thank her for her service. This side of her is further shown in " Haven's Fate ", in which she and Yang share an emotional conversation.

yang and raven meet

After Yang calls Raven out for killing the former Spring Maiden, her cowardice and hypocrisy in refusing to fight Salem, and for showing a callous indifference to her own daughter's well-being, Raven once more begs Yang to stay out of the war against Salem, but to no avail.

Raven subsequently breaks down in tears, her love for her daughter finally showing itself. Powers and Abilities Raven is armed with a sheath that has a rotary chamber filled with different types of Dust blades, reminiscent of the Dust vial chamber of Weiss Schnee's Myrtenaster. Using the handle, Raven is able to wield a variety of different blades, each one possessing a different color and property. By reattaching the handle to the sheath, Raven is able to interchange, or if need be, replace the Dust blade.

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The blades are telescopic, which allows them to be approximately twice the length of the sheath. She tends to most often use the blade made of Red Dust, though she has also used others.

The Dust blades, though powerful, can be broken if struck several times or hard enough. Raven possesses great speed in combat, so much so that her attacks are difficult to follow with the naked eye. She shows proficiency in "Iaido", the art of swordsmanship practiced by Adam Taurusas seen when she first engages Neopolitan.

Though after her initial attack, she challenges Neo with a more traditional stance, indicating a more intricate fighting style.

yang and raven meet

It is stated in " Welcome to Haven " that Raven is equally matched with her brother Qrow, although this did not take her Maiden Powers into account. Maiden Powers Without knowing that it was his sister, Qrow Branwen deduces that much of the damage wrought in Shion village was caused by the Spring Maiden, exemplifying her destructive utilization of the Spring Maiden's powers.

She is able to generate a lightning strike in "Lighting the Fire", summoning it from the sky like the previous Fall Maiden Amber could.

In "A Perfect Storm", she is able to summon strong gusts of wind and turn the sky from clear to cloudy in an instant. In both cases, she was able to disguise her power and make it appear that Vernal was performing the feats. As the Spring Maiden, her power can be used to open the chamber at Haven Academy, which contains the Relic of Knowledge.

Her eyes gain a dark red aura when she demonstrates her powers, which is possibly the reason why she wears her Grimm mask often. In "Downfall", during Raven's fight with Cinder, she makes use of several different elemental powers. She can generate ice, either by condensing it into weaponry, forming ice spikes or freezing from a distance. She can also generate electricity from her hands, using them to supercharge her weaponry, release it in close ranged strikes, and generate fields of electricity around her.

Lastly, she demonstrates the ability to fly.

yang and raven meet

Semblance Raven's Semblance allows her to create portals to instantly teleport to people she has bonded with. While she is never seen using her portals directly for combat, she has used them to teleport to Yang in order to save her from Neo, as well as to leave the bar in Higanbana after talking with Qrow.