Will xmen and the avengers meet justice

will xmen and the avengers meet justice

The Justice League is DC's superhero team, while the Avengers is . The film rights to Wolverine and the other X-Men characters have been. "Avengers vs. X-Men" (abbreviated "AvX'" and "AvsX") is a crossover event that was .. The Avengers meet him, take the energy, and declare him an enemy of the team telling him never to return to Earth. Noh-Varr .. It's tough not to judge zero issues, preludes and prologues as anything more than gimmicks. Typically. Now that a path has been cleared, can viewers expect other While the very idea of The Avengers meeting up with X-Men on the same screen.

The original X-Men comics were set in a world where mutants were few and far between. The MCU could use the older status quo, setting up a scenario where there were initially only a handful of mutants on the planet. As the franchise progresses, mutants become more common, and the public begins to become aware of them.

Interestingly enough, this approach would fit rather well with the wider MCU. Season 1 revealed that S. Although some gained their powers from accidents and experiments, others could easily be mutants.

They're hardly your standard MCU fare. Fans have understandably been concerned that these experimental films would be ditched in favor of PG versions. Thankfully, Bob Iger himself has said he wants more Deadpool sequels, hinting at an R-rated Marvel imprint.

Amusingly enough, the film actually included a glimpse of what seemed to be a S. They can be treated as an "adjunct," part of the wider shared universe that doesn't really impact the main PG films. It's the same approach taken by Marvel's current range of television and Netflix shows.

If the trailers are any indication, this is quite a self-contained film. It will be almost entirely set in an institution where dangerous mutant teenagers are kept under supervision.

Barring any explicit continuity nods to the main X-Men timelines, there's no reason that idea couldn't be easily absorbed into the wider MCU. Now, we're one step closer to making Feige's dream a reality. Meanwhile, Magneto informs Cyclops of Namor's assault on Wakanda.

Several X-Men feel uncomfortable about the way the Phoenix Five are treating their prisoners. Storm arrives in Wakanda in the aftermath of Namor's assault and tells Black Panther that the captured Avengers are being held prisoner in a volcano in Siberia. The Avengers then lead a rescue mission with the help of Storm and Professor X to break out their comrades but are stopped by Magik and Colossus.

Spider-Man baits Magik and Colossus into taking each other out, allowing the Avengers to escape. As the Avengers arrive back in K'un-L'un, they are surprised by Cyclops, strengthened after absorbing Magik's portion of the Phoenix force. Hope absorbs the dragon's energy and manages to stave off Cyclops's advance. She falls back behind the Scarlet Witch and with a combination of both their powers, Hope sends Cyclops to the Moon. On the Moon, Cyclops comes to the realization that he will need Emma Frost's power as well in order to defeat Hope.

Cyclops attacks Emma Frost to take her share of the Phoenix force, and uses the power to kill Professor X. Cyclops then becomes Dark Phoenix. In the present battle against the Dark Phoenix, the allies lose ground swiftly as the Dark Phoenix starts to burn the world. The Phoenix escapes Cyclops's body and enters Hope.


Together, Hope and the Scarlet Witch wish away the Phoenix, but only after Hope uses the power to extinguish the fires of the Dark Phoenix and restore the mutant population. In the aftermath, Cyclops is placed under arrest, but willingly accepts this so he can begin his eventual desecration of humanity, and Captain America decides to put together a new team of Avengers in order to mend the bond between the two sides, while Hope joins the Jean Grey School.

VS[ edit ] During the battle on Utopia, Iron Man gains the upper hand in his fight with Magneto by siphoning magnetic energy from Jupiter. Magneto attempts to counter by pulling in other interstellar objects and as a result senses the destructive force of the coming Phoenix. Iron Man then stops the fight in favour of helping others in their search for Hope. As he is leaving the scene, Magneto tells him to find his daughter, Scarlet Witch.

Meanwhile, Thing fights Namor in the sea beneath Utopia, and pins him beneath the teeth of a giant anglerfish. However, Captain America survives the explosion and manages to knock out Gambit.

In Latveria, Spider-Man fights Colossus, who injures him. Despite his injuries, Spider-Man refuses to stop fighting, but flees when Daredevil informs him that Hope is not in Latveria.

Colossus in turn takes the Thing outside the Blue Area of the Moon. The Thing, repeatedly beaten and without oxygen to breathe, is defeated. However, after they return to the Moon, Magik stabs Black Widow in the back with the Soulsword, rendering her unconscious. In Ukraine, Thor shatters Emma Frost's diamond form, launching the shards into space. As the shards fall back to Earth, they rip through Thor's body and reassemble on the ground.

Thor, severely injured from the shrapnel, succumbs to Frost's Phoenix powers. The battle is interrupted when Psylocke arrives at the scene; Hawkeye threatens to shoot her head unless Angel stops fighting. He complies, but is still shot by Hawkeye, and later reports it to Emma Frost. In Wakanda, Black Panther and Storm fight while reflecting about their life as a couple.

The fight is interrupted by Wakandan citizens and Storm's fellow X-Men; before leaving with her allies, Storm takes out her wedding ring and leaves it there.

After both women nearly destroy reality, Captain America orders them to stop. However, after both lower their guard, Hope punches the Scarlet Witch in the face, knocking her to the ground.

Infinite[ edit ] Sam Alexander travels to Earth at hyperspeed to warn Earth heroes that the Phoenix is coming before it reaches the planet.

Due to lack of experience, he is unable to slow down when reaching Earth and crash lands in New York. Nova is rescued by the Avengers, but is unable to explain what is coming before passing out. There, he remembers Jean Grey 's sacrifice and creates a dust replica of Jean to discuss his situation. She points out that he cannot let the Phoenix make him lose touch with his humanity, and he heads back to Earth deciding that he needs to preserve the man that he has always been, not letting the Phoenix change him.

will xmen and the avengers meet justice

The mechanism comes up with three scenarios, consisting of Iron Man, Thor and Wolverine, but all three end with Cyclops defeating his opponent. However, as Hope enters the room and the Scarlet Witch sees her, a new scenario appears, in which Cyclops is defeated, making Iron Man realize her crucial role in the battlefield. The Avengers take out the base and arrest Monica Rappaccini and the rest of the A. After the battle, Noh-Varr checks in with the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire who informs him of the coming Phoenix force and orders him to intercept and contain it at all cost Thor equipped with Beast's device to contain the Phoenix is able to force it away from Earth.

Before the team can celebrate, Noh-Varr declares that he will take the collected energy back to the Kree. The Avengers meet him, take the energy, and declare him an enemy of the team telling him never to return to Earth. Noh-Varr is left in Hala running for his life from the Kree.

He is discovered by Emma Frost and confronted by several X-Men. Instead of imprisoning or murdering him, Cyclops sends Red Hulk back to the Avengers with an "X" carved in his chest. Nevertheless, Red Hulk considers that Cyclops lost the war the moment he spared his life. Rachel finds Hope, but her mind is drawn to the psychic plane, where she meets Professor X. After realizing that he was just keeping her busy to give the Avengers an advantage, Rachel engages him in a psychic battle, knocking everyone out, except Spider-Woman and Professor X.

Later, he states that he cannot fight his own students and erases his presence in the battle from everyone's minds. It is later revealed that they were informed about Mister Negative's plan by Madame Hydrawho wanted to get rid of her competition.

Hercules organizes a sports competition between the Academy students and the mutants to ease tensions between the groups, but after a while the mutants choose to exclude themselves. Meanwhile, Sebastian Shaw breaks out of his holding cell and goes on a rampage. Elsewhere, X tries to decide whether she should join with her former friends from Utopia or her current friends at the Avengers Academy.

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After talking to Finesseshe witnesses the young mutants from Utopia, now joined by RicochetWiz Kid and Hollowconfronting the Academy students. When Juston Seyfert and his Sentinel try to stop the young mutants, X attacks the Sentinel and forces it to retreat, deciding that the young mutants should not be deprived of their free will to leave the Academy if they want to.

Shortly after this, Shaw appears to the teenagers. After both sides agree that the mutant children shouldn't be confined against their will, Tigra suggests to fake a battle in order to justify their escape in front of the cameras at the Academy. After the fake battle, Surge and Dust invite X to join them, but she declines. The young mutants leave, but Loa decides to stay at the Academy.

will xmen and the avengers meet justice

As Emma Frost destroys Sentinels all over the world, she eventually arrives at the Academy and demands to either destroy the Sentinel or have its programming erased. Juston refuses, arguing that it would be like erasing the individual that his Sentinel has become; Giant-Man, X and the other students decide that he is right and attack Emma.

will xmen and the avengers meet justice

Finesse asks for Quicksilver 's help, but he refuses, stating that Sentinels only exist as mutant-killing machines; nevertheless, instants after Emma destroys Juston's Sentinel, Quicksilver replaces its central processing core with the one from another robot, thus saving the Sentinel's "life" and memories.

Jessica tells Luke Cage that she no longer feels that the mansion is safe for their daughter and asks him to leave with her but Luke retorts that they will not be safe anywhere. The argument is interrupted by the arrival of Captain America who explains the impending threat of the Phoenix and war with X-Men. Jessica then leaves the mansion while Luke heads off to Utopia with the Avengers to confront the X-Men.

He later finds a matching red-haired girl named Fongji in the streets of K'un-L'un and has her trained as the Iron Fist.

In the present, as Lei Kung reads this account, Nu-An tells him that those records have been sealed until the Phoenix returns and now he must teach Iron Fist what to do. Fongji is successful in her test and becomes the Iron Fist, shortly before Da Vinci sees the Phoenix coming towards Earth. Spider-Man teaches Hope that "with great power, there must also come great responsibility" and makes her reflect about this as the potential Phoenix host.

After getting out of their cells and defeating many X-Men, they manage to escape Utopia - only to find out that all the action happened in their minds, as they are still imprisoned in Danger 's virtual reality program. When Namor arrives after the others have left, Captain America asks him to stand down, but Namor refuses, acknowledging that he still respects Captain as a friend and ally.

While being attacked by the Purifiers, Luke Cage thinks about his wife and daughter, and fights back. After the Purifiers are taken down and other Avengers arrive at the scene, Cage calls Jessica Jones, while Daredevil explains that Luke has just quit the Avengers.

Meanwhile, a group of Kree priests attempt to resurrect Captain Marvel using a shard of the M'Kraan Crystalan act that draws the Phoenix away. Marvel and Noh-Varr attack the other Secret Avengers, capturing part of the team.

The Vision discovers that a signal is being transmitted that is controlling all the Kree people, including the three Kree-related heroes, as Krees related to Mar-Vell impersonate the Supreme Intelligence and declare to the Kree people that the Phoenix coming to Hala will bring evolution to the worthy.

The remaining Secret Avengers try to free the Kree from the mind control, but are defeated by Captain Marvel. After capturing them, Mar-Vell sees the Kree soldiers killing the people who were freed from mind control and tries to escape. Marvel and Noh-Varr from the mind control, and after the Krees posing as the Supreme Intelligence kill themselves, the Secret Avengers fight to take the Phoenix away from Hala. Mar-Vell eventually realizes that the Phoenix is after the fragment used to revive him, and after telling Ms.

Marvel that she is no longer under his shadow, he willingly allows it to remove the fragment, killing him in the process. Later during the fight between Colossus and Red Hulk, Colossus loses control of his Juggernaut powers and damages the pillar that holds up Utopia. Colossus then forfeits his Juggernaut powers, resulting in his defeat.

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After Colossus's defeat, Cyclops orders Kate Kildare, his public relations specialist, to send an email warning all humanity that they will pay for the Avengers actions.

Eventually, only Namor and the Thing are still standing, but their fight is interrupted by the Apex's Savage. UNIT explains to the kids that the Scarlet Witch's spell of "No more mutants" angered the Phoenix, and that in other planet he witnessed the Phoenix host needing its five acolytes to calm it and succeed in bringing evolution; however, he omitted such information from Hope because he wants to witness what would happen if the host doesn't have its acolytes to succeed in controlling the Phoenix.

Danger, controlled by UNIT, knocks the kids out and erases their memories about the conversation. As Magneto, Storm and Psylocke prepare to go to the Moon, Psylocke suffers a momentary psychic breakdown, at the same moment that the Phoenix bonds with the Extinction Team.

will xmen and the avengers meet justice

The city is inhabited solely by clones of himself. After disposing of a rebel clone, he explains to one of his other clones that he has foreseen that the Phoenix Force would come after Hope, that the Avengers would try to stop it and clash against the X-Men, resulting in the Phoenix Five. He also knows that the Phoenix Five will soon come after him and intends to take the Phoenix energy away from them by using a group of Madelyne Pryor clones.

The Phoenix Five leave their teammates behind and track Sinister to Anchorage, Alaska Cyclops's birthplacefinding out that he built his city underneath it.

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Sinister then orders his clones to enter into war against the Phoenix Five. He is eventually defeated by the Madelyne Pryor clones; shortly after, Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and Danger arrive at Mister Sinister's city and find out that their teammates were captured.

While Storm and Magneto fight the clones, Psylocke and Danger enter the castle; although both are discovered; Emma uses the opportunity to convince the Phoenix to fight back against Sinister's domination. The Phoenix Force eventually burns away the Madelyne clones and frees the Phoenix Five, who incinerate Mister Sinister and his whole city, declaring to their teammates that the world is safe Meanwhile, Colossus and Magik escape captivity; while Piotr expresses guilt over the things he did and things he wished he had done, Illyana tells her brother that she succeeded in corrupting his soul, so as to make Colossus feel the same way she did.

Kate Kildare thinks about how or if she should justify the Phoenix Five's actions. After Emma confesses having a psychic affair with Namor and inciting him to attack Wakanda, Cyclops proposes a toast in their minds; however, his body attacks Emma's, taking her share of the Phoenix and becoming the Dark Phoenix. He lets go of the Phoenix as Hope and the Scarlet Witch attack him, and wakes up handcuffed. After Beast criticizes Cyclops's actions and tells him about the new mutants appearing on Earth, Cyclops states that he takes full responsibility for his actions and that he would do it all again if it was necessary.

Beast volunteers to join Captain America's team of select Avengers to intercept the Phoenix in deep space. Wolverine warns the faculty of the crisis before joining the rest of the Avengers and heads off to Utopia to place Hope Summers the Phoenix's likely target in protective custody.