The mentalist jane and lisbon first meet

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the mentalist jane and lisbon first meet

To celebrate its th episode, "The Mentalist" turned back the clock and flashback to when Patrick Jane first met Detective Teresa Lisbon. Patrick Jane is a fictional character and the protagonist of the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, During the second season finale, Jane and Red John finally meet. In the seventh season of "The Mentalist," Jane and Lisbon start a romantic joy as Teresa confirms she is pregnant with the newlyweds' first child together. How did Jane meet Lisbon and the whole CBI for the first time? Tune in RIGHT NOW to find out on the th episode of The Mentalist! Discuss with fans.

Bruno Heller has stated that some people interpret the relationship between the two characters as romantic while others view it merely as a brother-sister type of bond. In the season finale, "Blue Bird," Patrick openly admits his love for Teresa and at the end of the episode, they finally kiss.

Lisbon consequently breaks off her engagement to Pike. In the seventh season of "The Mentalist," Jane and Lisbon start a romantic relationship. However, at Teresa's request, they keep their love affair secret from their team members. In the series finale, White Orchids, Jane proposes to Lisbon and she tearfully accepts. In a simple ceremony, Patrick and Teresa exchange vows in front of family and friends, on the land Jane has purchased for their future home.

At the end of the episode, Teresa turns to Patrick and says, "There's something I need to tell you". Patrick looks down to see Teresa's hand on her belly. He is rapt with joy as Teresa confirms she is pregnant with the newlyweds' first child together. Appearance and personality[ edit ] Personal style[ edit ] Jane characteristically wears a three-piece suit with no tie though in flashback episodes, pre-CBI, he does wear the tieand the same brown, leather shoes. His wearing of the suit with the vest has been explained by the show's creator, Bruno Heller, as follows: Now he gets them out of the bottom of the cupboard.

It's also a magician thing. They wear vests because they need to be able to hide things. Jane wears the same brown, scuffed leather shoes in each episode. In the episode " Not One Red Cent " in season 5, he finally has them re-soled. Midway through season 6, and after the death of Red John, Jane's appearance changes. He stops wearing his characteristic vests, though he wears battered suits and his scruffy shoes.

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Also, he changes his vehicle to the Airstream In the fourth episode of season 7, Jane decides to wear the vest again and continues wearing it until the end of the series. Skepticism and abilities[ edit ] Jane professes disbelief in anything in subject areas of paranormal or supernaturaland often insists "there is no such thing as a psychic".

He is often seen to employ cold readinghot readingand an expertise in kinesics such as muscle reading and paralanguageoften as a means to discern clues but also to manipulate suspects into confessing their crimes or otherwise revealing themselves as guilty.

At times, such as when he feels the wrist of suspects to gauge their pulse or through his near-instantaneous discernment of microexpressionsproteans or calypsesand the insight that subjects have looks showing "guilt", his powers seem exaggerated and almost superhuman. He has knowledge of hypnosis and has been seen to employ it from time to time, though Lisbon insists that use of hypnotism on suspects or witnesses is illegal and can cause cases to be thrown out of court.

He is adept at legerdemain including a presumably undetectable skill at pickpocketing. He professes to maintain a mental " memory palace " and claims extraordinary powers of recollection. In the season 5 episode " Red Barn " he confides in Lisbon that in his attempt to identify Red John whom he has been told he has met personallyhe has remembered the names of the 2, people he has met since the death of his family.

Though Jane himself seems proficient at reading body language, he nevertheless expresses skepticism for more empirical means of evaluating or " profiling " suspects, such as his doubt of the approach of Agent Montague in the episode " Bloodhound ".

It has not been revealed to what degree Jane, raised in a carnival environment, has been formally educated, although he has stated he never attended high school.

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He nevertheless has exhibited throughout the series many qualities of a polymathincluding refined knowledge of art, food, wine, literature, and music. He also demonstrates considerable skill at chess in the episodeand is an accomplished card sharp. He may also be a pool shark, as he makes an impressive shot in Aingavite Baa. In Miss Redhe demonstrates his skill at cheating with dice, in the course of a backgammon game.

jane & lisbon -- their story [season 1-7]

He also creates elaborate sandcastles Red Tide and plays pinball extremely well Red Sauce. Personality[ edit ] Jane's personality has undergone a dramatic change since the death of his family.

Though the season 2 episode " Throwing Fire " shows a teenage Jane tutored by an unscrupulous father, the young Jane seems to have nevertheless had somewhat of a conscience.

'The Mentalist' 100th Episode: Flashback Shows How Jane And Lisbon First Met (VIDEO)

However, in his adult life as a "mentalist", he has been shown to have manipulated and conned numerous people for profit. In his mentalist heyday, this brought him both a great deal of money enough to buy a house in Malibu and a certain amount of fame his photo can be seen gracing the cover of framed magazines in his home at the time. The season 4 episode " Fugue in Red ", where Jane partially loses his memory as a result of a near drowning, reveals to some degree the selfishness and amorality of the pre-CBI Jane.

He also consciously avoids situations where he will be thanked e. Jane has been shown to have an affinity for and unusually good rapport with children.

On multiple occasions he befriends them and addresses them with empathy. Conversely, he has little regard for figures of authority, and often expresses himself to such individuals brusquely or even rudely. Despite his obsession with finding Red John and his anguish and guilt over the loss of his family, Jane occasionally behaves in a spontaneous, even lighthearted fashion, expressing delight in simple pleasures such as open air, music, and natural beauty.

Heller has stated, of Jane's temperament: The idea is to show that grace and lightness is an act of heroism; it's not simple-minded happiness. It's a conscious decision he is making to live his life positively. When threatened or attacked, his first response is always to run away or hide behind his colleagues, and when he is actually struck or beaten he does not retaliate.

the mentalist jane and lisbon first meet

Despite this apparent pacifism, he does use violence when he considers it absolutely necessary. In the same episode, her mother is said to have been a nurse and her father a fireman. In the episode " Ring Around the Rosie ", she states she was raised in Chicago. In the episode " Where in the World Is Carmine O'Brien " her brother Tommy is introduced, who apparently has gone through a succession of unsuccessful jobs and has become a bounty hunterallowing his daughter Annabeth "Annie" to tag along.

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The sibling relationship seems loving but strained, with Lisbon acting as almost a surrogate mother figure. Her name was taken from the character of Therese Lisbon in Virgin Suicides. Lisbon also had a close and platonic relationship with the late Samuel Bosco, who was eventually revealed to have unrequited feelings of love for her.

In season 2, the millionaire Walter Mashburn persistently makes passes at Lisbon, though he is rebuffed. Later, in season 3, Mashburn reappears, and at the end of the episode it is revealed that Lisbon liked Mashburn. Mashburn, who then leaves for Europe, has not reappeared as of season 5. In the season 6 finale of The Mentalist "Blue Bird"Jane openly admits his love towards Lisbon and at the end of the episode, they finally kiss.

Lisbon is well-liked by the rest of her team: Her old boss Virgil Minelli also had an amiable relationship with her, and appeared to tolerate her occasional inability to rein in Jane's unorthodox behavior. Lisbon's relationship with Hightower is much more adversarial than with Minelli. Hightower makes Lisbon responsible for Jane's behavior, threatening to sanction Lisbon for Jane's missteps.

The threat that Hightower made becomes reality for Lisbon in the episode " Blood Money " when Hightower suspends Lisbon for five days for not controlling Jane and his behavior, despite Jane's effort to stop this. Patrick Jane[ edit ] Lisbon tolerates Jane's misbehavior, although she is often antagonized by his actions and has to apologize for him to both her CBI superiors and others with whom Jane is allowed to interact in his capacity as a consultant to the CBI.

the mentalist jane and lisbon first meet

She sometimes places high stakes on her career by supporting Jane. The two often engage in light flirting and teasing of one another, with Lisbon sometimes being visibly affected by Jane's charm. She and Jane have shared several personal and deep moments throughout the series, however, which can be interpreted either as romantic interest, or just in the context of being best friends.

the mentalist jane and lisbon first meet

She is shown giving Jane multiple chances and is often seen, even when she is unhappy with his behavior, to be supportive of him and help him. Jane certainly respects Lisbon more than others, often making sure she is not held responsible for his antics. Bruno Heller, creator of The Mentalist, has stated: Some people see that as a very sort of intense but cryptic romantic relationship. Other people see it purely as brother and sister.

And I think we leave it to time and the audience to play that out and the chemistry of the actors.