The host jared and melanie meet

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the host jared and melanie meet

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Sci-Fi - Jared H., Melanie S./Mel - Chapters : 13 do whatever it takes to find Wanda a new host so she could stay with us, with Ian. "You are the noblest, purest creature I've ever met. The Host is a novel by Stephenie Meyer released in It has since been adapted into a film Jared is 26 years old when he and Melanie first meet (in most of the story, he is 29). Loving, aggressive, and somewhat excitable in Melanie's. Three years later, whilst on a raid by herself, Melanie meets Jared Howe. She had walked for 6 hours from a cave where Jamie was hiding, to the nearest.

When we got out of the car, Jared grabbed my hand. He pulled me in close and kissed me. The two men followed us into the store. I stood near Jared worried I might lose him. He put his arm around me pulling me close. We tried to hurry around Wal-Mart to get whatever we needed fast.

Jared went to catch up with the head of the group to make sure everyone was still there.

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Suddenly, something hard was touching my left shoulder. My arms were pulled and duct taped, around my back, and a hand covered my mouth. I twisted and turned trying to break free, but the man's grip never loosened.

Suddenly, my legs went limp. I dropped to the floor and kicked the man in the shin. Jared turned around stunned by what he saw. The man grabbed me again.

He shoved the tip of the gun into my shoulder-blade. I winced in pain. Jared was already running after me when the men took off with me. I wasn't going to lose Jared again, but if I moved I would be shot.

I was suddenly shoved into a car door and driven down the road. Tears started rolling down my face. After this, I was quiet. All I could think about was Jared. Jared's Point of View Melanie. How could I lose her again? She trusted me and all I did was let her down. I quickly felt bad for yelling at Ian, but he of all people understood how much I loved Melanie.

the host jared and melanie meet

I could tell Ian's heart was breaking over her constant, sad crying, but I couldn't handle it. I drove on getting faster and faster getting in front of any car that wasn't going fast enough.

I couldn't imagine what Melanie must have thought right then. She must have been worried sick about what might happen. We pulled in to the abandoned Twinkie factory parking lot. One man had Melanie and was shoving her to the nearest door while the other man kept look out walking backwards to get a better eye on things.

Anger flowed through me. I wanted to burst out in rage, but thankfully Ian caught me before I did. Melanie would die if anything happened to you," he reminded me. We grabbed our guns and quickly got out of the car. Ian kept Wanda close making sure nothing happened to her. As we came to the door, we saw you needed an eye scan to get in.

the host jared and melanie meet

We both looked at Wanda knowing she was our only hope. She moved up and stood in front of the scanner. He quickly regained composure, though.

He shoved me playfully. I shoved him back. There's no denying it, I'm an angel compared to you. I shoved back, pleased when he rolled, too.

I jumped up into a sitting position and tackled him. He laughed and had me pinned under him in a matter of seconds. He grabbed my face, almost roughly, and began to kiss me fiercely. It felt like I was brushing my lips with an open flame, but it didn't hurt, it just filled me up with an odd aching in my chest.

My hands automatically made their way up to his face, to stroke his perfect features, to tangle themselves in his soft hair. And than, without giving him any hint of warning, I had him pinned under me now. He gasped a little in surprise, his beautiful eyes growing wide from the unexpected move I had just made. A dim light was filtering through the room now, and I could clearly see Jared now.

His prominent cheekbones, long thin nose, and sharply squared off jaw were so familiar to me. His eyes, the beautiful color of clear liquid sienna, had only a human reflection when the light hit them, which would have meant the world to me back then. But now I know that he, Jared, means the world to me. I ran my hands along his chest and down his muscular stomach. Jared shivered and caught my wrist as it descended.

I positioned myself so that I was straddling him more conveniently. I straightened out my shorts and shirt. My mahogany hair, far past reason, I left alone. I raised my head to look him levelly in the eye. I was suddenly under Jared again. My legs automatically wrapping themselves around his waist, my arms around his neck. His eyes never broke from my gaze. Reluctantly, I pushed Jared away from me and sat up. I wouldn't have bothered you, but Wanda and Ian were gone.

I don't know where they went. I could leave, if I interrupted anything. I wanted to tell her to get lost and pull Jared back on top of me, but the sound of Sunny's voice made me concerned. It sounded scared, sad, worried. I sighed and pulled myself into a better sitting position. She still wasn't used to any of us, I could tell. She was probably the most comfortable with Wanda and Kyle, and having to resort to us was probably the scariest thing she's ever had to do.

I patted the empty space on the bed for her to sit. Jared pulled me into his arms, not letting me out of his grip for more than a minute.

I smiled a small smile back at him, as if to apologize for breaking us up. He raised his eyebrows as if to question my sanity. The body that Sunny was inhabiting was a pretty person. I know from Kyle that her human name is Jodi. Jodi was tiny, but there was something about her that you could see she was older than you thought.

Her springy black hair was falling beautifully around her face in dismay. Her eyes filled with tears. Kyle… he asks me to- to look for… her.

She's gone, and he won't give up. I took a deep breath and tried to think about how I could phrase this so she would understand and not be upset. Jodi… Kyle loved her. They were together before the invasion happened.

Before he met you. He has no problem with you. But…" I was at a loss of words. I know how you feel. If you put yourself in Kyle's place, what would you be feeling? I rolled my eyes. Just give it time," Jared said. I bit my lip, why did I always have to be the bad guy?

If he… doesn't stop looking for Jodi… don't get put out, okay? Maybe…" I didn't finish, I didn't want to, didn't need to. Sunny nodded and stood. I let out my breath. I could see the distant look in his eyes. Don't worry about me. He raised an eyebrow at me.


He sighed and pushed me off of the bed. I caught myself and rolled onto my feet. I threw a nearby shirt at him. I was thinking of the future… wondering what was going to come. What about Wanda and Ian? Reaching my boiling point. Jared shook his head and got off of the bed to stand in front of me.

the host jared and melanie meet

I hoped we didn't have to do soap today. Jared turned me around and pulled me into his arms. His lips found mine immediately. I was bewildered, my arms pinned to my arms by Jared's blazing hot arms. The flat sun between us just got a few shades hotter.

the host jared and melanie meet

I let Jared's lips lead mine, vaguely trying to figure out what was going on. His mouth moved from my lips to the skin on my neck. I felt trapped with my arms at my side, and finally managed to wriggle them free. I grabbed either side of Jared's face and lifted it up to face me.

the host jared and melanie meet

He was panting, his eyes bright and alive. He smiled softly as the light in his eyes calmed and went back to normal. He kissed me once more, softly, and than pulled back. I was just thinking. I don't want to lose you.

I pulled on a white T-shirt and a new pair of yellow shorts. Jared was already out of his sweats and into a pair of jeans. His midnight hair growing out longer than I really cared for. I automatically reached out and pushed it out of his eyes.

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I'm not a baby! I could tell he was trying not to wince at Jared's hit. I laughed and straitened up "Eggs, bacon, and toast! We got so much more delicacies lately since Wanda and Sunny came into the picture. Speaking of which… "Hi, guys," Wanda said walking up to us with a forever faithful Ian at her side. Wanda looked so… vulnerable in her new Host. She was tiny, short as well as small boned.

Her strawberry blonde hair looking super silky today, as it always does. Her freckles just put the cherry on top. I must say, we did a pretty good job picking out a new Host for our little friend Wanderer.

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Wanda was looking at me as if she were studying my features as well. Maybe it was weird for her seeing me.

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Wanda and I share a special bond, you could say. I mean, after all, we did share my body at one time. Where Wanda was small and fragile, I was strong and tall.

Where she had strawberry blonde silk hair, I had mahogany locks. We differed in so many ways, yet we both grew to be the same somehow.