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DECATUR — David Crowder is bringing back gospel music. Until we shall meet Him above. churches .. Printed every Thursday by the Review and Herald Publishing Association, . well-nigh superhuman effort and sac-. Learn to seek the Lord most earnestly for power to reach sinners. Heed the message God has sent to His Church of today: “I know thy works, that thou art neither.

Many who claim to be children of God, gloss over sins which his word condemns, by linking some purpose of church charity with their Godless carousals. Thus they borrow the livery of Heaven to serve the devil in.

Souls are deceived, led astray, and lost to virtue and integrity by these fashionable dissipations. It is urged that these are quiet home amusements, which may be safely enjoyed under the parental eye. But a love for these exciting pleasures is thus cultivated, and that which was considered harmless at home will not long be regarded dangerous abroad.

It is yet to be ascertained that there is any good to be obtained from these amusements. They do not give vigor to the body nor rest to the mind. They do not implant in the soul one virtuous or holy sentiment. On the contrary, they destroy all relish for serious thought and for religious services. It is true that there is a wide contrast between the better class of select parties and the promiscuous and degraded assemblies of the low dance-house.

Yet all are steps in the path of dissipation.

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If all in our great cities who are yearly ruined by this means could be brought together, what histories of wrecked lives would be revealed. How many who now stand ready to apologize for this practice, would be filled with anguish and amazement at the result.

How can professedly Christian parents consent to place their children in the way of temptation, by attending with them such scenes of festivity? How can young men and young women barter their souls for this infatuating pleasure? And yet all the blessings which the world can give fail to satisfy the wants of the soul. There is a nameless longing for something which they have not, a peace and rest that is not born of earth.

It was thus with the worshipers in the temple of old; amid the imposing ceremonies, the dazzling display, the music and rejoicing, they were still unsatisfied. His gracious invitation reaches down even to our time. The Saviour's loving invitations, his earnest pleadings and faithful instruction, fall upon dull ears and hard hearts. When you feel a desire to engage in this amusement, go in imagination to Gethsemane, and behold the anguish which Christ endured for us.

See the world's Redeemer wrestling in superhuman agony, the sins of the whole world upon his soul. Christ has entered the shadow of his cross. Alone he must drink the bitter cup. Of all earth's children whom he has blessed and comforted, there is not one to console him in this dreadful hour.

Campaign of the Year: Channel 4

He is betrayed into the hands of a murderous mob. Faint and weary, he is dragged from one tribunal to another. His own nation are his accusers, the Romans his executioners. And thus He who knew not the taint of sin, pours out his life as a malefactor upon Calvary. It was to save us that the Son of God became a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He was wounded for our transgressions, and with his stripes we are healed.

God holds us each responsible for the soul estimated of such value. Let a sense of the infinite sacrifice made for our redemption be ever with you, and the ball-room will lose its attractions. In his human nature he stands, complete, perfect, spotless. To be a Christian is to be Christlike. Our entire being, soul, body, and spirit, must be purified, ennobled, sanctified, until we shall reflect his image and imitate his example. My sister, such is the work before us as Christians. We need not fear to engage in any pursuit or pleasure that will aid us in this work.

But it is our duty to shun everything that would divert our attention or lessen our zeal. In a bid to attract a younger audience, an online game was created that sought to find the next Paralympic event, bringing together street sports such as skateboarding, BMX and street-luge with disability.

TV coverage peaked at Rather than just being "the bit after the Olympics" contested by people that elicit pity, the Paralympics became an event in itself fought by people who inspire and awe. Paddy Power Paddy Power split the Campaign of the Year vote right down the middle and was an extremely close contender for the title.

The agency exploited the tension between sports fans and sporting establishments with its "we hear you" campaign, inspired by gripes ordinary punters posted on Facebook. One such grievance prompted Paddy Power to turn its attention to chavs at Cheltenham this year. By attention, we mean an assassin with a tranquilliser gun.

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The resulting YouTube spot "chav tranquilizer" got 1. Another ad in the series, "ladies day", which asked viewers to spot the "transgendered" ladies among a crowd of racing fans at Cheltenham, was unsurprisingly banned from TV.

But it was a big hit online and sparked a heated debate on Twitter.

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In another stroke of advertising genius, Paddy Power sent five planes to fly over the Ryder Cup golfers to display Tweets from fans of the European team. The entire campaign helped Paddy Power deliver a 31 per cent rise in turnover on the same period last year, with bet volumes up 46 per cent and the number of active betters up 47 per cent.

Other brands and ad agencies that talk about being brave and putting the fun back into advertising could learn a thing or two from Paddy Power. British Heart Foundation A final mention is merited for the British Heart Foundation and its "Vinnie" campaign by Grey London, which has been responsible for saving 28 lives to date. Around 30, people suffer cardiac arrest in the UK every year, with only 10 per cent surviving.