Meet the characters philip and daisy

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meet the characters philip and daisy

Philip on August 7, at am. Any more info as . Although Daisy's meet and greet area looks like fun too very Madame Leota-esque!. This is where you meet four of the contestants in the nationwide competition to create a new candy. Their names are Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip. . dislike a character in the book even when they don't fully understand that character. Discover all the engines from Sodor! Thomas & Friends fans can learn about all their favourite characters from the Thomas & Friends books, TV series and movies.

A committed atheist he riled Shula, and antagonised his son, but indulged Daniel and contrived to get along with everyone else, except for Phil who saw through him. Alistair mentored Ryan at Gamblers Anonymous. Having turned his back on the family farm to join the Merchant NavyKenton tried his hand at a number of ventures, including selling antiques and running a wine bar.

He disappeared to Australia and New Zealand for several years and was married originally to gain a visa, though they subsequently fell in lovehad a daughter Merieland divorced before returning home. Together they run the Bull. When younger she was a stalwart of the Borsetshire Country and Western scene, and object of Eddie Grundy's affections, much to Clarrie's distress.

She formed a relationship with Kenton Archer, and they were married in David Archer born David Thomas Archer, 18 September Timothy Bentinckformerly played by Nigel Carrivick is the second son of Phil and Jill and, as the only child of the four to show any interest in, or aptitude for, farming, has assumed responsibility for Brookfield Farm.

Over recent years he has become increasingly caring, for example driving up to Northumberland to bring his widowed mother-in-law to stay, and renting a piece of land to Joe Grundy to allow him to keep the barn he had erected without planning permission.

Brookfield has suffered in recent years from bovine TBbut David is enthusiastic about his herd of Herefords. His cowman 's heavy-handed advice which he and Ruth reluctantly accepted that they should dispense with the services of Shula's husband as vet for their dairy herd in favour of a specialist caused a serious family rift, and was followed by his near-affair with Sophie Barlow. Recently, he bought an old tractordubbed Rufus, which he has restored.

Unusually the character comes from a real rather than fictional place, Prudhoe in Northumberland.

meet the characters philip and daisy

She came to Ambridge as a Harper Adams student looking for agricultural work experience inand promptly met David, who was keen to settle down: They have three children: Philippa PipJosh and Ben.

Ruth survived breast cancer which struck inundergoing a mastectomy operation. In an unpopular and heavily criticised plotline Ruth teetered on the brink of an affair with farm employee Sam Batton in the autumn of Many listeners viewed Ruth's behaviour during this storyline to be entirely out of character, and therefore unbelievable.

Others thought her immature self-centred shilly-shallying was entirely in character, and it was the largely off-air rehabilitation of the marriage and the family's 'blind eye' that was unbelievable. She has since undergone breast reconstruction surgery to restore listeners' empathy with her not entirely successfullyand coped rather better than David with the sudden transformation of priggish daughter Pip into a very stroppy seventeen-year-old with a much older boyfriend, Jude, who eventually dropped her.

meet the characters philip and daisy

More recently, Ruth has suffered a miscarriage and championed a potential move from Brookfield to Prudhoe should "Route B" be constructed, breaking the farm in two. Although David went along with this at first, he had doubts and confessed he could never leave Ambridge. Following her marriage to Nigel Pargetter, she took to her role like a duck to water and her quick mind and sound business sense ensure that the Hall runs like a well-oiled machine.

Her practical side was the perfect grounding for her eccentric and slightly scatty husband, who died in a fall on 2 January As the family rallied round, devastated Elizabeth drew her precious twins close to her. After David admitted to her that it had been he who had convinced her husband to go on the roof in the first-place, Elizabeth exploded in a violent rage, and swore she would never forgive him.

After 18 months David was being targeted by the Horrobins and Elizabeth realised the feud had gone on for too long and family relations returned to normal.

After the suicide of her gamekeeper partner Greg Turner in[6] she suffered from anorexia nervosabut recovered after a time at a specialist clinic. In she dated a journalist who quickly rejected her; this subsequently threatened a return to her earlier problems. On New Year's Daywhilst driving drunk, she knocked down Mike Tucker [7] but Tom, a passenger in the car, took the blame. The shock of this event made her re-evaluate her life and she has since helped develop a new type of cheese with Oliver Sterling.

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Father and daughter were reconciled, however, after the birth of her son Henry Ian Archer, who was delivered by emergency caesarean section the day after New Years DayHelen having been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. In she was attracted to the recently arrived dairy unit manager, Rob Titchener.

Intimacy ensued, although Rob was still married to Jess, who remained in Hampshire caring for her sick father. Helen and Henry moved in with Rob in earlyand Helen and Rob married in summer Duringthe increasing indications that she had entered into a controlling, emotionally abusive relationship, became a major plot line.

In Aprilafter meeting secretly with Jess, Helen stabbed Rob after he refused to let her and Henry leave.

Subsequently, she was arrested and charged with attempted murder. In an hour-long special broadcast on Sunday 11 Septembershe was ultimately acquitted after the jury decided that she had acted in self-defence. He took over his elder brother's pig herd after John was killed in a tractor accident, going on to produce organic sausages.

Tom and his then girlfriend Kirsty faced criminal charges in for the destruction of a field of genetically modified crops on Brian Aldridge's land, but neither was convicted. Tom is highly ambitious for his sausage-making business, but his contract with a supermarket chain nearly bankrupted him, despite his disastrous affair with their buyer, Tamsin. Tom was engaged to Brenda Tucker between May and April Tom was forced to throw in his lot with Brian Aldridge, husband of his aunt Jennifer, becoming a junior partner in the business.

In the process, the sausage business lost its organic status, which created further tension between the families. In February he started dating Brenda Tucker, having provided support to her when her mother died suddenly two months earlier.

Later the same year, Tom expanded his business and set up a new independent business, Gourmet Grills, essentially a burger van albeit specialising in high-quality meat products. When Helen ran over Mike Tucker, [7] Tom took the blame and unaware that it had been Helen driving, Mike turned against him, opposing his relationship with Brenda. Mike subsequently discovered the truth, Helen paid for the driving course that Tom was sentenced to attend, and Tom and Brenda moved into one of the holiday cottages at Home Farm.

After Will Grundy bought No. After a brief split from Brenda, they got back together and got engaged on 29 May Tom later got back together with Kirsty, with whom he got engaged at Christmasthe ring being in the last Christmas cracker, but after a crisis of confidence, Tom broke up with Kirsty in the vestry moments before their planned wedding.

Subsequently, Tom sold his business and moved to Canada.

meet the characters philip and daisy

He returned to Ambridge as soon as he heard about his father's accident. She inherited some of grandfather Phil's interest in music, learning to play the piano and singing solos at carol concerts. Pip has a clear interest in farming, and also caring for the environment. Her parents did not approve. Jude eventually left the country without her after leading Pip to believe that they were going on a round the world backpacking trip together.

Philip and Daisy - Meet the Characters!

After a work placement in Yorkshire she became more focused on her future and the future of the farm. Much to the delight of the children, P. Pippin is a nice man and dislikes Mr Goon extremely, who in turn hates him. Kenton During the mystery of the Strange Bundle, P. Kenton is mentioned a few times and helps Mr. Goon to find an imaginary pig, dog and a man who wanted his auntie.

He clearly states to Fatty that nothing could possibly take place in a quiet town like Peterswood. They are found in the morning by Ern locked in the boiler room. Ern is introduced in the book The Mystery of the Hidden House. Ern is a great lover of poetry, or "portry" as he calls it, though he never finished any poem or 'pome' as he calls it but Fatty can always finish it for him.

That is one of the reasons that he is a great admirer of Fatty. Ern might be considered to be an unofficial seventh member of the group, although class distinctions are maintained, e. Ern is not permitted to eat dinner with the children but instead eats in the kitchen with the Cook.

Miss Trimble — Lady Candling's companion. The children call her Miss Tremble, because she is scared of everything. Her glasses often fall off and Bets loves to count how often this happens, much to Miss Trimble's annoyance. First appearing in The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat, she reappears in The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters, when the children question her about the regular passengers on the In The Mystery of the Hidden House, the children save for Fatty see her at the railway station but that is the last time she is mentioned.

She is very upset after the most valuable cat Dark Queen is stolen twice, both times she was away for the day. When the children are smelling the cat cage she asks them to leave because she feels unsafe about the cats since the second time Dark Queen is stolen. When the children need her key to the cage they play a trick on her so she leaves her coat out of sight and Pip takes the key out of her coat pocket.

When she receives a spiteful, anonymous letter, she flees the house to live with her aunt. When the children track her down, she admits that she used to be a thief but is trying to forget her old life. At the end of the book, Mrs Hilton announces that Gladys is coming back. She is mentioned a few times in The Mystery of the Missing Necklace.

It is unknown what happened to her, as by the beginning of The Mystery of the Hidden House, the Hiltons have a new maid, Lorna. Mrs Hilton is especially described as being "very strict about nice manners. However, despite their shortcomings, the Find Outers look up to and admire the Hiltons. Sid has an obsession for eating toffee but he soon switches to chewing gum later in the series according to Ern.

Ern also refers to them later about a modelling clay incident when Sid mistakenly chews Perce's modelling clay as he thought it was chewing gum. Pippin takes over for a short while when Goon goes on a holiday. Tonks appears at the beginning of The Mystery of the Invisible Thief while Goon is on a refresher course.

Luke develops a close bond with the children, which is strained when he is the prime suspect both times the cat goes missing. It is revealed at the end of the book that Luke was set up to hide the real culprit. It is hinted that his friendship with the children will continue, although he has never appeared or even been mentioned since.

Trotteville — She is Fatty's mother and Fatty simply adores her.

meet the characters philip and daisy

She is very lenient with him. Unlike the Hiltons she does not take Mr. Goon seriously and even considers him a nuisance.

It is made out in the books that she enjoys going out with her husband for bridge parties. Though she does not like the children falling into adventure as she considers it dangerous, she does not interfere much and, gives Fatty a lot of freedom and trust.

The Postman Appeared in several stories. The five always get some help from him. Bets goes to day schoolwhereas all the others go to boarding schoolwhich Bets really does not like because the others are friends at school and she only sees them at the holidays. The series takes place in successive school holidays, beginning with the Easter holidays and cycling through the summer and Christmas holidays.