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meet meat and eat horizon

By beefing up his daily meat consumption, Michael Mosley put himself on the line for this documentary on the effect of red meat on health. Health looks into some of the dangers of eating meat. made a splash in when he discussed the famous diet on a Horizon programme. Michael then flew off to California to meet a health-conscious Seventh Day. Huge reductions in meat-eating are essential to avoid dangerous climate . The new food: meet the startups racing to reinvent the meal.

Share via Email Michael Mosley increased his intake of read meat for the inconclusive documentary. In the interests of science and making entertaining documentaries, he's been up, down and sideways after taking a cocktail of mood-altering drugs, and he's wired himself up to any piece of hospital machinery he can find. It can't be long before he does the world's first live kidney donation on TV. He's also big on food and diet — he virtually kick-started the 5: Should I Eat Meat?

So Mosley used the day period waiting to find out if he had given himself cancer or increased his risk of a heart attack to fly around the world in search of those who had spent years studying the effect of red meat on health. The results were inconclusive. Having flown to southern California to chat to a group of vegetarian Seventh-day Adventists who lived, on average, five years longer than the rest of the population, he then found a researcher who had studied low-fat diets and discovered that saturated fats aren't nearly as bad as everyone thinks: Another study suggested the health problems are associated with the L-carnitine amino acid found in lean meat, while a pan-European research project concluded that moderate amounts of red meat have no discernible effects on health, though processed meats do carry significant risks, particularly of colorectal cancers.

Mosley proved uncharacteristically modest in declining an oncologist's offer to shove a camera up his bum, so the chance to advance this scientific enquiry was lost.

Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown | Environment | The Guardian

One of the pleasures of Mosley's films has always been his reluctance to oversimplify the science but, in this instance, it worked against him.

The film ended up being a messy sprawl with no coherent message other than: That may be an accurate reflection of the evidence, but it didn't tell us anything new; eating almost anything in moderation does you no harm.

The results of Mosley's own personal experiment were equally indeterminate. Though his cholesterol, body fat and blood pressure went up, there were no other lifestyle markers taken into consideration.

Can eating meat be eco-friendly?

Had he exercised less than usual? Nutritional information can be a mystery.

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Restaurant fare can be less healthy than meals you prepare at home: Unfortunately, many diners consider gigantic servings a sign of value, and restaurants want to please their customers. Joining friends for a meal out can be a wonderful way to keep in touch.

meet meat and eat horizon

How many times have you heard comments like: Health economists have linked higher restaurant density with greater obesity rates over time and across geographical areas. If you dine out more than once a week, start now to rethink your attitude about restaurant eating. Here are some tips for dining out the healthy way: Be an informed diner.

meet meat and eat horizon

Ask if the restaurant offers nutrition information. More and more eateries are offering this service, and many post the information on their websites. In addition, as ofchain restaurants with over 20 locations are required to post this information on their menu.

Look for healthy choices on the menu. Avoid fried foods; choose broiled, baked or poached instead. This can cut the calories of poultry and fish by half.

meet meat and eat horizon

And a large serving of french fries has calories and 25 grams of fat, compared to a plain a baked potato at calories and 0 grams of fat. Ask for salad dressing, butter, sour cream and other fat-rich condiments to be served on the side or not at all.

Eat a little something beforehand, so you will be able to resist the mouthwatering descriptions on the menu that could tempt you to order that cream-rich pasta sauce … and then to empty the bread basket while you wait for your food to arrive. The average-sized restaurant portion is over twice the recommended serving size.

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For example, according to the American Dietetic Association, one serving of meat is three ounces—about the size of a pack of cards. But at a family restaurant, the average steak is nine ounces. Most restaurants will happily furnish you with a take-away carton. Get in the habit of asking for it at the beginning of the meal, and splitting everything in half.

Another option is to split a meal with another weight-conscious diner. Or, order an appetizer-sized version of the entre, and a side salad.