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meet and speak nhk

NHK and NHK World have become more readily accessible now, th Meet and Speak: I'm not sure if this show still airs, but you can find it on. I really like this style of learning. They speak Japanese, show the hirigana. Your alternate hunch is correct I expect, as I've seen it elsewhere (referred to as ' progressive', there, but I'm not sure if that's a universal term).

Meet and Speak - Leçon #27 : Walking the streets of ASAKUSA

But many of the older shows focus on various hotspots around Tokyo, and introduce phrases, words, and knowledge you can apply to visiting Japan. Cool Japan is a show where Foreigners and locals discuss one topic. For example, Bento in Japan.

meet and speak nhk

Various topics are covered and introduce words and other aspects on the culture. The next shows I recommend are just ones I like, more for fun to relax watching, rather than learning: Various stories and settings where food is served, prepared, or discussed. Bento is a large part of this show, along with how Japan shows their love and appreciation for food.

A variety show that focuses on under appreciated or not very well known items and food from various prefectures and areas of Japan. It's a very interesting show, and funny! The people who participate on the show are such vibrant folks who have lots of neat things to share. Only in Japan with John Daub: He has his own Youtube channel part of Waoryu that focuses on interesting parts of Japan, and their culture.

These pasta noodles are made from rice flour and have a unique, chewy texture. In Niigata you can also feast on sushi made with locally-caught seafood and locally-grown rice.

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Useful Column The Japanese name for this fish means, "black throat", because its throat is black. Exploring Traditional Culture on Sado Island Niigata Sado Island is known for its pristine wilderness, and home to the crested ibis, a bird threatened with extinction. Sado's gold mines were once the most productive in Japan. The mines were worked for years. Now they preserve artifacts and mining heritage that can be seen nowhere else in Japan.

Meet and Speak NHK

Useful Column Takigi Noh is a form of traditional Japanese theater that has been performed for years. On summer nights, torches are lit around a Noh theater or temporary outdoor stage, where selected plays are performed. Drinking Sake in Joetsu City Niigata Joetsu is a historic city that thrived as a castle town during the 16th century period of civil strife.

In spring, the castle is lit up to provide a spectacular view of cherry blossoms at night. Recently, its intricate wooden furniture has become world famous. Each piece is assembled without using a single nail.

Useful Column Sake is made from fermented rice and water. In addition to being a major producer of high-quality rice, Niigata has an abundant supply of good water. This is why Niigata produces some of the best sake in Japan.

It has a rich natural environment that provides spectacular views regardless of the season. Many people come here to escape the suffocating heat of the cities. In winter, it attracts countless numbers of skiers. It was the site of the 18th Winter Olympic Games.

The mountain climate is ideal for producing all kinds of fruit and vegetables, which are shipped throughout Japan. The buckwheat noodles are also delicious.

Nagano has many historic shrines, temples and castles that have been recognized as national treasures. Useful Column You can feel the weight of its 1, history.

It has a mystical atmosphere. With its many mountains and rivers, Azumino is full of scenic beauty.

meet and speak nhk

Review So far, our journey through Japan has spanned nine episodes, having fun learning Japanese all along the way. Today, on part 10, we'll look back over our trip, and review the Japanese we've learned.

meet and speak nhk