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do not mean that NHK International Broadcast should commit to Japan's public diplomacy. .. ordinary news, it now needs to find a way to speak to the people who share transnational specific programs that can meet conscious listeners' appetite. First, Radio If the audience has iTunes, they can download it within 24 . NHK WORLD is the international broadcast service of NHK, Japan's sole and one of the English-speaking visitors travel the length of Japan, exploring the local culture, meeting the people and offering travel hints rarely found in guidebooks. These are the best five free apps that you can download right now to help you learn Japanese, Do you want some advice for meeting girls in Japan?.

I'm not sure if this show still airs, but you can find it on Youtube or floating around on the internet. Great for newbies and beginners, each episode is short under 15 mins long and introducing some simple speaking, and vocabulary. Even for someone who is slightly under intermediate, I still learned from this program.

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Mainly some of the older episodes, as the newer one Tokyo Eye focuses on Japan leading to the Olympics in But many of the older shows focus on various hotspots around Tokyo, and introduce phrases, words, and knowledge you can apply to visiting Japan.

Cool Japan is a show where Foreigners and locals discuss one topic. For example, Bento in Japan. Various topics are covered and introduce words and other aspects on the culture.

The next shows I recommend are just ones I like, more for fun to relax watching, rather than learning: Various stories and settings where food is served, prepared, or discussed. Bento is a large part of this show, along with how Japan shows their love and appreciation for food. A variety show that focuses on under appreciated or not very well known items and food from various prefectures and areas of Japan.

During the summer, Niigata hosts one of Japan's largest fireworks displays: Useful Column In your room at a ryokan, you will find Japanese-style robes called "yukata.

meet and speak nhk download

Here's how you put on a yukata: Tuck the right flap inside and pull the left flap over it. Wrap the belt twice around and tie it like this. Spoon-making in Tsubame City Niigata Tsubame has a population of around 84, and is famous for silverware-making. Metalworking factories are scattered among residential districts all through town It is known worldwide as a center of advanced metalworking technologies.

Strolling around Murakami City Niigata Murakami City is full of historic charm, evoking the streetscapes of the Edo and Meiji Periods dating back a more than a hundred years. Useful Column Murakami has a huge salmon fishery. Salted and dried salmon is a preserved food that can be eaten all year round. But it can be cooked in many different seasonal recipes, for spring, summer, fall or winter.

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Modern architecture and leisure facilities, shopping and sightseeing are some of its attractions. Niigata City is also known for launching new food trends, and is home to many unusual rice-based foods. These pasta noodles are made from rice flour and have a unique, chewy texture. In Niigata you can also feast on sushi made with locally-caught seafood and locally-grown rice. Useful Column The Japanese name for this fish means, "black throat", because its throat is black.

Exploring Traditional Culture on Sado Island Niigata Sado Island is known for its pristine wilderness, and home to the crested ibis, a bird threatened with extinction. Sado's gold mines were once the most productive in Japan.

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The mines were worked for years. Now they preserve artifacts and mining heritage that can be seen nowhere else in Japan.

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Useful Column Takigi Noh is a form of traditional Japanese theater that has been performed for years. On summer nights, torches are lit around a Noh theater or temporary outdoor stage, where selected plays are performed. Drinking Sake in Joetsu City Niigata Joetsu is a historic city that thrived as a castle town during the 16th century period of civil strife. In spring, the castle is lit up to provide a spectacular view of cherry blossoms at night.

Recently, its intricate wooden furniture has become world famous. Each piece is assembled without using a single nail. Useful Column Sake is made from fermented rice and water.

meet and speak nhk download