Meet all the shopkins and there names

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meet all the shopkins and there names

Welcome to Shopville where you can meet your favourite Shopkins syrupy, she sticks close to her friends & loves getting the scoop on all the gossip in Shopvil. Let's go shopping! Shopkins are the super cute, small characters that live in a BIG shopping world! There's hundreds of Shopkins to collect and enjoy!. Introducing Shopkins Happy Places brought to you by Moose Toys. and Petkins are furniture - now you can decorate your place with a cute little face! All Ranges, Lil' Shoppies Pinki Cola is one of the bubbliest Lil' Shoppies you'll ever meet. You'll . Even if you don't remember her name, her face always rings a bell!".

meet all the shopkins and there names

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