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List of past discussions . Finn throughout the episode states multiple times that all he wants to Observe the part in the most recent Fionna and Cake episode Bad Little Boy where Fionna is climbing the treehouse to meet Marshall Lee, Fionna and Marshall Lee's relationship feels like it is trying so hard. List of Adventure Time episodes. "Bad Little Boy" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of the American animated television When Fionna, Cake, and Gumball approach the roof, they find Marshall Lee the Jolted, Marshall Lee reveals that the wound is fake and tells her that she is the "realest person" he has ever met. Marshall Lee (full name: Marshall Lee the Vampire King[2]), is the gender-swapped version of Marceline, created by the original series designer, Natasha Allegri, who is featured in "Fionna and Cake". In the episode, he is seen attending Prince Gumball's Biennial Gumball Ball.

His skin appears to burn in sunlight in the episode, like most vampires' and Marceline's.

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Contents [ show ] Abilities Marshall Lee presumably has the same abilities as Marceline, as he was first seen floating. Some official artwork shows him eating the color red, just like Marceline, and sucks the pink from creme puff filling.

In " Bad Little Boy ", he mentions "drinking the red from your heart in one sitting. Like Marceline, he can also raise the dead. He also appears to have the same rapid healing that Marceline has, as when the sun started to burn him, the burn vanished shortly after Cake blocked it from touching him.

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Appearance Marshall Lee has a slim body, black hair, and light gray skin. He is very tall. He has a matching permanent bite mark, longer sharp canines and pointed ears like Marceline, showing that he is a vampire. In Fionna and Cake and Bad Little Boyhe is seen wearing a red plaid shirt with gray stripes, dark blue jeans with turn-ups and brownish-red and white sneakers. His sneakers seem to be Converse. Personality Marshall Lee describes himself as a villain.

He is rowdy, endangering others with his violent, "friendly" rough-housing. He greeted Fionna with the sign of the hornsa very popular hand sign amongst heavy metal and rock fans.

He also displays Marceline's love to mess with people with elaborate jokes. His behavior towards Fionna mirrors that of Marceline towards Finn in "Evicted! However, he seems to feel remorse more quickly than her. This also might suggest that Marceline wishes she could express remorse better; she rarely apologizes to anyone. Since Marceline is telling the story at this point, this might suggest the way she thinks of herself; as a villain, although Marshall Lee is arguably the more evil of the two.

Marshall seems to be more violent than Marceline, saying he "Kills people every night", although this may be an exaggeration. Relationships Fionna Marshall Lee and Fionna are good friends.

Marshall lee & Marceline

You're in love with me. He also called her 'baby' in " Good Little Girl "'s song lyrics. Marshall Lee is first seen briefly in the episode "Fionna and Cake," when he notices Fionna entering Prince Gumball's party and flashes her the sign of the horns, sticking his tongue out.

It is noted that this is one of the few times in the show where a character is shown with five fingers. Rynda later called this "one of the coolest parts" about the character's animation due to the fact that "every artist leaves a little bit of their own taste and sensibilities in what they draw.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode guide

When production on Adventure Time began, Ward contacted his friend Martin Olsonwho was a writer on the animated Disney series Phineas and Ferband asked if he knew who played the character Vanessa Doofenshmirtz on Phineas and Ferb, as he wanted "her as a voice" on his show; reportedly, Ward was unaware that the actress was actually Martin Olson's daughter. Upon seeing character designs, Olson was "definitely impressed by the character". During this time, Simon Petrikov—the name of the Ice King before he was overcome by the evil power of his crown—found Marceline in the ruins of a city and gave her a stuffed animal named Hambo to cheer her up.

Although she attempted to tolerate his evil and selfish antics, she eventually severed all ties with Abadeer after she discovered him eating fries that she had made for herself. Marceline soon discovered that, upon killing a vampire, she was able to acquire their unique abilities thanks to her demonic power to absorb souls. The two would move into the Tree Fort, but their relationship would come to an end. In the episode, Finn discovers that Marceline is fond of mischief and pranks. Soon thereafter, the two develop a friendship.

While Abadeer ravages the land, Finn discovers that there is animosity between Marceline and her father. Finn manages to distract Abadeer by playing a recording of Marceline's "Fry Song", which leads to a brief moment of reconciliation between the two before Finn sends him back to the Nightosphere.

Disguised as Marceline's "spirit animal", he tricks Finn and Jake into believing that Marceline has fallen asleep due to a sleep spell that has been self-inflicted. Following Ash's advice, the two enter into Marceline's mind to retrieve the "memory core" in an attempt to wake her up. Along the way, they encounter various memories of her as a child following the Mushroom War. However, the duo soon learn that it was an elaborate trick by Ash; Finn and Jake actually removed Marceline's memory of their break-up.

In the end, Finn is able to convince Marceline, and she promptly attacks her chauvinistic ex-boyfriend. After an ordeal, Finn saves Marceline from the amulet. Marceline admits that all she wants is for her father to understand her. She appears in the episode as an extremely frail and aged half-demon, who was killed when a " mutagenic bomb" that was frozen in ice by Simon Petrikov detonates. Jake manages to undo this reality with his wish and sets everything back to the way it was.

It is revealed that Ash sold Hambo to Maja. Only when Bubblegum trades her beloved rock shirt—which was given to her by Marceline—is Hambo able to be reunited with Marceline.

With that being said, in the eighth season episode "Broke His Crown", the two manage to more fully reunite, and as such, manage to affirm how much they care for one another. The reappearance of these vampires forces Marceline, Bubblegum, Finn, Jake, and Peppermint Butler voiced by Steve Little to stake them one-by-one although the Vampire King is neutralized through a scientific process that removes the vampiric essence from his body ; in the ensuing action, Marceline is once again turned into a vampire, but comes to terms with her immortal fate.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode guide

In her candy form, Marceline is gregarious and playful, but a bit naive about the nature of the new world around her; for instance, when an enraged Flame Princess attacks her, Marceline mistakes the assault for " wrasslin' ". At the end of the miniseries, Marceline is returned to her usual self.

While he initially embarrasses his daughter and eventually causes a ghost fight to break out, by the end of the episode, Marceline is touched that her father was willing to support her.

After one of GOLB's monstrosities nearly kills the princess, Marceline rushes to her side, and after a tender moment, the two affirm that they care for one another and then kiss.

During the episode's epilogue, Marceline and Bubblegum are shown sitting together on a couch under a blanket, and they both touch heads. The gender-swapped version of Marceline—named Marshall Lee—appeared in the third season episode " Fionna and Cake ". This version of the character only had a small cameo and no lines.

In the episode, the princesses that are captured by the Ice King are tired of his poorly written Fionna and Cake fan fiction stories, so Marceline stops by the Ice Kingdom to show him how to do it properly; she tells a tale involving her gender-swapped character, Marshall Lee.

The series featured Marceline and Princess Bubblegum forming a band and touring around Ooo. Studios under its kid-oriented imprint KaBoom, which also publishes the rest of the Adventure Time series. In the context of the game, the Ice King kidnaps Marceline's fans at a concert so that they will be his fans instead.