Kyle and zoe meet

kyle and zoe meet (×) Kyle Spencer, Ahs, American Horror Story. Visit ideas about Kyle Spencer. american horror story kyle and zoe meet. Meet the Main American Horror Story: Apocalypse Cast . She was later killed again by Kyle for refusing to bring Zoe back as part of the. Jan 20, This Pin was discovered by adxlescence.m. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

He grabs a trophy from his shelf, repeatedly screaming "NO! Zoe appears and tells him to stop. Kyle then very quietly whispers his own name, repeating what Zoe had said: She goes to the kitchen to make him food and notices rat poison in the cabinet. She reaches for it, but whether she actually puts it in the food is left ambiguous.

She returns to the bathroom with the food to find Kyle missing. At this point Kyle throws a violent tantrum, smashing Misty's things and finally her radio, which causes her to cry as well. Before the issue can progress, they are interrupted by Zoe, who Kyle immediately runs to, clinging to her like a scared child.

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Misty tells Zoe to take Kyle out of there, upset because "he broke Stevie". Zoe says she needs both of them to come with her. This upsets him, but Zoe has a calming effect on him.

Zoe convinces Misty to bring a rotting Madison back to life, though Misty is reluctant to do so. Later, Zoe offers for Misty to stay and she refuses, also telling Zoe that she won't take Kyle back. Zoe later brings Madison's handgun to the greenhouse in an attempt to end Kyle's life. Kyle is aware of what is about to happen and snatches the handgun from Zoe, but then puts it in his mouth to attempt suicide with it.

He fails to take his own life due to interference from Zoe who can't bear to lose him and they cry in each other's arms. Madison cuts their lesson, delivering the message that Cordelia's asking for Zoe.

kyle and zoe meet

In the short time, Zoe is gone, Madison and Kyle connect on the fact that they are both undead. Zoe returns after talking with Cordelia to find Kyle having sex with Madison up against the girl's chifferobe.

Zoe offers to take turns, but Madison proposes they share. He then confesses he loves her, which she reciprocates.

kyle and zoe meet

Madison, who overhears the confession, is visibly hurt. Kyle happily pets it as it licks his face. Fiona is upset by the presence of this outsider and demands Kyle to leave. She turns to leave the room, and Kyle, whether out of anger or just simply playing, roughly nuzzles the dog, wrapping his arms around it in a tight embrace. Later on in the day, the girls return from the hospital to find Fiona and Kyle sat at the kitchen table playing a card game.

Kyle and Fiona go back and forth in game-related banter. Zoe and Madison watch on in awe. They are amazed that Kyle is actually speaking in full sentences, seemingly back to his old self. Fiona does not say exactly what she has done to Kyle, only stating that the Coven needs a new guard dog; one that can attack on command.

kyle and zoe meet

Madison becomes enraged and uses her telekinesis to attack them, hitting Zoe in the back of the head with a lamp and the scuffle is broken up by Myrtle Snow. Madison threatens the three of them when she becomes the next Supreme and that she will undo Kyle. Myrtle tells Zoe to escape with Kyle while she still can; giving her a unique and expensive piece of jewelry to use for money, but Zoe will not leave due to her commitment to the Coven and her belief that she is the next Supreme.

Myrtle reminds her that she has enemies everywhere, specifically Madison and Fiona, and must leave. Zoe decides to run away with Kyle and asks him to pack, but Kyle is afraid of leaving because of his rages and tells her that his leaving is not her decision to make.

Zoe lovingly assures him that she is not afraid of him and they gleefully flee to the bus terminal headed to Orlando. They return to the Coven in the middle of a conflict between Misty and Madison.

Kyle stops the fight between Misty and Madison and separates the two right before the attempted attack of The Axeman. The witches disable the Axeman and discover he had killed FionaKyle decides to do his duties and kill him while dragging him away, kicking.

It's been confirmed that she will return for Apocalypse. Moira played young by Alexandra Breckenridge and older by Frances Conroy: She was murdered by Constance and just wanted to escape the house. The student who Ben was having an affair with, and who was pregnant with his baby. Larry kills her with a shovel and buries her in the backyard of the house, leaving her to haunt the Harmons and try to steal their evil baby. Nora Montgomery Lily Rabe: The first resident of the house along with her husband, who built it and a current ghost stuck inside it.

After her child was kidnapped, murdered, and then Frankensteined into a terrifying blood-thirsty creature called the Infantata who now lives in the basement, she's obsessed with getting a new baby. Tate makes a deal with her that he eventually goes back on that she'll get one of Vivien's babies, so when the first twin is stillborn, she steals him. Ghost Vivien eventually gets him back.

American horror story coven - kyle flashback/ zoe and kyle scene

Fiona Goode Jessica Lange: Fiona was the reigning Supreme as of the start of the season who had actually killed the Supreme before her.

She had cancer, believing it was because a new Supreme was about to rise up. She died at the end of the season in her daughter's arms. Cordelia Foxx Sarah Paulson: She spent most of the season trying to have a baby while also trying to get out of her mother's shadow.

kyle and zoe meet

She is currently the Supreme Witch, and ended the season by advertising the school and the existence of witchcraft to the entire world on TV. Zoe was a new arrival to the school after discovering that when she has sex with a guy, it kills him.

She helped her new friend Madison resurrect a frat boy, Kyle, who tried to save Madison from a gang rape, but they end up having to put him together with parts from multiple boys so she can have a boyfriend she can actually be with. Zoe accidentally killed herself by transmuting to the top of a gate, but was resurrected by Cordelia as her final Supreme test.

She is currently alive, a member of the witches' council, and as far as we know, still with Kyle. Madison Montgomery Emma Roberts: A spoiled former child star with the power of telekinesis.

Kyle Spencer

She was killed once by Fiona when it was thought that she was the next Supreme, but then was resurrected. She was later killed again by Kyle for refusing to bring Zoe back as part of the Supreme test, and last we heard, she was dead and buried. However, she appears to be alive once again in Apocalypse, and is bringing back her iconic "Surprise, Bitch" meme.

Misty Day Lily Rabe: A Stevie Nicks -obsessed witch with the power of resurrection. She died several times throughout the season, usually able to bring herself back. In the end, she couldn't get herself out of the nether realm during the test for the Supreme, and was stuck reliving horrible childhood memories. Once again, she appears to be back for Apocalypse along with Stevie Nicks.

A human voodoo doll who also completed the tests for the new Supreme. She ended that season alive and as a member of the witches' council. However, she traveled to Los Angeles to be on The Price Is Right with an enchanted ticket from Cordelia and made the mistake of staying at the Hotel Cortez, and was killed in season five.

But once again, she's back!

kyle and zoe meet

Apparently all bets are off in the apocalypse. Nan was a badass young witch with the main power of clairvoyance, but who was gifted in other areas as well.