Kirk and picard meet

30 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk

kirk and picard meet

Spock Meets Picard ('Star Trek: The Next Generation,' Season 5, Episodes 7 and 8) Kirk Meets Picard ('Star Trek: Generations,' ). It is highly debated among Star Trek fans over which captain is the best but we're going to be looking at Captain Picard vs Captain Kirk. Admiral Dr. McCoy inspects the Enterprise D in the first episode of TNG, he is years old at this point. So I hazard to guess if nothing had.

Voyager ; the only new addition was an Eaves-designed angular com badge that replaced the previous oval shape and was later used on Deep Space Nine, starting with Season 3 and throughout Star Trek: Voyager and the time was so short that Jonathan Frakes and Levar Burton had to borrow Avery Brooks and Colm Meaney 's costumes respectively for filming. Also created by Blackman was a skydiving outfit worn by Shatner that was eventually reused in the Star Trek: Voyager episode " Extreme Risk ".

Alonzothe director of photography for Chinatown and Scarface. The beginning of filming was concurrent with The Next Generation's production, and the film and series were filmed simultaneously on different soundstages on Paramount Studio's lot.

The first scenes filmed were those in the Enterprise-B deflector room; [5] scenes that did not feature The Next Generation regulars were filmed first. After the end of the series, there was only six months before the film was scheduled to be released in theaters.

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The jolts and shocks of the ship in the hold of the energy ribbon were created by camera bumps and motors to shake the set. The Amargosa observatory set was an elaborate redress of the Enterprise-B bridge, with an added back room, second level, and swapped walls changing the layout to create a different setting.

Control panels styled after those in the original Star Trek series helped suggest the age of the station. The Enterprise-D promotion ceremony on the holodeck was filmed on Lady Washingtona full-scale replica of the first American sailing ship to visit Japan. The Washington was anchored at Marina del Rey and sailed out a few miles from shore over five days of shooting. Some of Washington's crew appeared amongst Enterprise crew members. The rise's height and sloped sides required cast and crew to climb vertical feet using safety ropes and carry all provisions and equipment with them.

The degree heat was difficult for all involved, especially Shatner, as his character wore an all-wool uniform.


Portions of the scene were shot in Mayfollowed by new shoots five months later. As a result, the crew distressed and damaged the sets for the end result of the crash more than would have been normal during the series' run.

kirk and picard meet

Originally, Kirk was shot and killed by Doctor Soran, but it was felt by the test audience that this was not a fitting death for such an iconic character. The re-shoot changed the manner of his death, so that instead, he sacrifices himself by leaping across a broken walkway to retrieve Soran's control pad and de-cloak the trilithium warhead. As the production crew had already spent weeks removing traces of their shoot from the Valley of Fire, the set had to be rebuilt under a very tight schedule, followed by effects work to remove wires and rigging in time for the footage to be included in the final cut.

When even those estimates proved too costly, ILM continued cutting shots. For Generations, the effects artists began using computer-generated imagery and models for certain shots. A fan of the impressive, arcing look of the torpedoes from The Motion Picture, Knoll scanned in footage from the film and turned to computer-generated effects.

A simulator program created a similar look that could be animated from any point the effects artists wanted, without the expense and tedium required to replicate the original effect, produced by shining lasers through a crystal in a smoky environment.

The airfoil-shaped core of the undulating ribbon was enhanced with electrical tendrils.

30 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk

The ribbon and Enterprise in this scene are computer-generated; because the camera is following Enterprise so closely, the effects artists had to do substantial work making sure the modeling held up to the scrutiny of the big screen.

The star maps were created by Santa Barbara Studios. A foot model Enterprise saucer was constructed specifically for the shots; the model's size gave it the right sense of scale for flying dirt and debris, an illusion enhanced by shooting with a high-speed camera to give the saucer the expected slow movement of a massive object.

Critic Jeff Bond wrote that while McCarthy's score was "tasked with straddling the styles of both series", it also offered the opportunity for the composer to produce stronger dramatic writing.

The film's opening music is a choral piece that plays while a floating champagne bottle tumbles through space. For the action scenes with the Enterprise-B, McCarthy used low brass chords. Kirk was given a brass motif accented by snare drums a sound not used on The Next Generationwhile the scene ends with dissonant notes as Scott and Chekov discover Kirk has been blown into space.

For Picard's trip to the Nexus, more choral music and synthesizers accompany Picard's discovery of his family. The film's only distinct theme, a broad fanfare, first plays when Picard and Kirk meet.

kirk and picard meet

For Kirk's death, McCarthy mated lyrical strings with another statement of the Courage theme, while a shot of Picard standing over Kirk's grave is scored with more pomp. It was the highest-grossing film during the first week of its release in the United States, and stayed in the top ten for a further four weeks.

kirk and picard meet

The site was a success, being viewed millions of times worldwide in the weeks leading to the film's release at a time when fewer than a million Americans had internet access. Guyana produced stamps and souvenir sheets for the film's release. But, hey, in its day, TV Guide was one amazing magazine.

Starting in the s at some point after I learned to readI devoured TV Guide cover-to-cover weekly for decades. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard. Like the others interrogated, I was considered both a Trek fan and a Trek expert.

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Marin and I talked for 15 minutes or so. Then, he asked me one fateful question — and I replied However, just as soon as I answered, I knew I had said too much, and, furthermore, realized that my latest hot quote was certainly destined to land a prominent place in the piece.

In daily conversations, you may tell someone else or hear from them a pithy line of dialogue. Instantly, you recognize that this line is gonna cause grief, perhaps haunt you to the End of Days.

Here are a few common examples: Because "This means trouble! Those words had sent my "Spidey Sense" tingling. Other writers have experienced it, too, but this is the first time I felt its power as an interviewee. Several weeks later, TV Guide cover-dated August September 5, hit newsstands just as Star Trek began celebrating its 25th Anniversary having bowed September 8, Coverlines promised several appropriate features inside, but the cover itself was a painting by Kinuko Y.

Craft depicting the two Captains. What had begun I theorize as an anniversary tie-in had apparently evolved into more of a "concept cover" with its own special "hook" to excite reader interest and prompt point-of-purchase sale. Nonetheless, having been part of devising almost magazine covers myself including Trek anniversariesthis interpretation seems plausible to me.

So Captain Picard met and interacted with Kirk, Spock and Scotty? Fascinating. : startrek

Picard" idea then proved "sexier," with real potential to actually increase per copy sales by intriguing and maybe angering fans.

In this scenario, the anniversary was downplayed and the Clash of the Captains extravaganza upgraded from sidebar to cover story.

kirk and picard meet

Now the major coverline, this says it all, ballyhoos: The sidebars include a four-paragraph preview of Star Trek VI: His choices in alphabetical order: And no Next Gen picks. Picard" is the headline of the main sidebar technically, now the cover storywritten by Rick Marin. Calmly, Marin elucidates the many differences between the two, his points buttressed by the talking heads on hand.