Katherine pierce and elena gilbert meet

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katherine pierce and elena gilbert meet

Tento pin objevil(a) Tereza Reslerova. Objevujte (a ukládejte) své vlastní piny na Pinterestu. Elena Gilbert and the cured vampire/Traveler, Katherine Pierce. to Elena than anything else after the two first met each other—Katherine merely saw her as. "When I came here in you were Elena Gilbert and suppose to . Elena thought it was quite odd with meeting Katherine Pierce that day.

Before she could say anything she blinked and suddenly Katherine was gone.

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She turned to see Stefan giving her a look of worried. Stefan came forward and hugged her tightly, taking in her calming scent. Elena hugged him back for shelter and felt safe when she was in his arms. Elena gulped and nodded silently. Stefan's composure suddenly tightened. Elena bit her lip and looked up at Stefan questioningly. She knew he was lying but she didn't want to push him anymore on the subject.

I'll see you later," Elena pulled away and quickly ran out of the door. Ignoring Stefan's calls from behind. She walked quickly into the woods and kept walking a longs way away. She knew she was out earshot to any people's house. And she knew Katherine wouldn't care about protecting her feelings and would just tell her how it is.

She blinked and suddenly Katherine was there with a malicious smirk. Keeping full eye contact with her vampire twin. Katherine's playful composure seemed to drop suddenly with those words.

Katherine was quite surprised by her doppelganger. She's a feisty one, Katherine thought lewdly to herself with a slight smirk. Elena's nails dug into her palm nervously. So you were a free 17 year old girl. People talked about it, but they soon forgot about it and paid it no mind. Thought we were just long lost sisters perhaps with how much time we spent with eachother. Elena felt her conscious start to waver but she desperately held on tight, wanting to hear the full story.

Elena felt a slight smile across her face and she chuckled lowly.

katherine pierce and elena gilbert meet

Katherine smirked and continued on. Some people like the Salvatores were a little suspicious about our relationship," Katherine sighed. He had his eyes set on you still, and I admit I was jealous.

Elena Gilbert

I had spent so much time with you, and I didn't want anyone else to have you. After all that time I cared. I was possessive and made sure that he knew you were mine," Katherine stopped and bared her teeth to Elena in a seductive yet conniving manner.

katherine pierce and elena gilbert meet

Elena shivered and just gulped. So they carried you away to some other confinement and as I escaped I watched you burn to ash.

I was ready to save you, but I couldn't, the fire had gone up to quickly and there was no time," she sniffled. Elena felt her knees wobbled slightly and she fell to the wet ground of the woods. Katherine frowned and disappeared unable to handle it.

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Elena dry heaved uncontrollably and felt sick to her stomach. She stood up waveringly and stumbled back in the direction of the Salvatores, not even knowing how long her and Katherine were talking. She groped the wall almost blindly as she reached the house.

Her stomach rumbled in disdain. She pushed the large door open and she gagged suddenly she wretched right there and felt herself so close to fall in unconsciousness.

Damon and Stefan heard her and quickly came in to see coiled up on the ground. A puddle right next to her. She got herself up and held onto something stable. Since you apparently were suppose to marry me then. Till you probably didn't want to and ran off to the war! Damon and Stefan stopped in realization. Stefan came forward and held Elena tightly. She leant into him tiredly.

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Elena tossed and turned and she felt a blurry world build together in her inner mind. Suddenly there was Stefan Salvatore coming out into the gardens with a woman by his side. She had her hair pinned up with a few loose stray curls. A sun-hat covering a good amount of her face. Elena's eyes widened when she saw the full appearance of the girl. It was like looking into a mirror. Elena gasped and darted up standing face to face with the girl.

They were staring eachother intensely in the eye. Elena's side ponytail fell onto her bare shoulder as she stared at her. Elena stopped their staring contest and turned to Stefan to give him a reassuring smile.

Elena and Katherine

They curtsied to one another. They both turned to him and just smiled identical charming smiles. Katherine nodded in agreement with Elena. Stefan and I must talk in private. Would you like to show Katherine her room? This resulted in Katherine's death, and subsequent rejection from the Other Side. Afterward, Katherine's spirit was sucked into Hell. They are known as "Kelena" by fans. Shocked by how much she looked like Katherine, Elena left, leaving her necklace with Katherine's picture, believing that Stefan didn't really love her and just wanted to replace Katherine.

When she returned, she forced Stefan to explain everything to her and was surprised to find out she was adopted, possibly related to Katherine, and that Stefan was in love with her, not Katherine. Elena discovering Katherine's photograph in Stefan's room.

Elena decided to help Stefan retrieve the book before Damon, but Damon threatened to turn her into a vampire in order to trade for it with Stefan. Damon searched, but couldn't find Katherine. Elena gave him a comforting hug and he later found out that Katherine had never been in the tomb and she didn't care about him from Anna.

She kissed Damon who believed she was Elena. She also fooled John long enough to cut his ring off and stab him, leaving John to exclaim, shocked, that it was Katherine and not Elena.

Elena came in just as this happened, hearing what was happening in the kitchen.

katherine pierce and elena gilbert meet

Katherine lurks behind Elena. John warned Elena that someone was in the house and Katherine ran all over the house, terrifying Elena, though she didn't actually see Katherine. Bonnie mistakes Katherine for Elena, but sees through her deception when she touches her and senses she's a vampire. Bonnie is clearly affected by the similarities between them. After Katherine rejects Damon, he turns up drunk at Elena's, only to be rejected by her as well.

Elena, "How do we look exactly alike? Damon gives Elena a book which may contain more information about Katherine.

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Elena goes to the Salvatore Boarding House to find Stefan, who was holding Katherine prisoner in an attempt to get the truth from her, but came face to face with Katherine for the first time instead. Elena asked her how they looked alike, but Katherine said she was asking the wrong questions. Katherine examined Elena just as Stefan arrived and she disappeared. Katherine telling her story to Elena. Katherine said Elena had the "Petrova fire". Katherine told Elena her story: She had a baby girl out of wedlock that carried on the bloodlinebut was kept secret and given away.

katherine pierce and elena gilbert meet

Trevor assisted her while Rose wanted to turn her in but Katherine tricked Rose into feeding her her blood as Katherine then killed herself, becoming a vampire.

After Elena returned home she told Stefan she was not only afraid for herself, but for the people around her as it was her fault that everyone would be hurt or killed. She seemed to believe everything that Katherine told her. Katherine pretended to be Elena again and fooled Stefan and Damon, pleased she was improving in her impersonations.