Kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

Rob McElhenney And Kaitlin Olson Dated In Secret For A Year On ‘Sunny’

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

When writer, producer and actor Rob McElhenney cast actress Kaitlin Olson for his TV show, he had no idea she would take on the role of his leading lady in. Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson of 'It's Always Sunny' have been He was just like, 'Rob is just like out there at bars just like meeting. The Mick star Kaitlin Olson opens up about her new show, dating, into labor) and married her co-star (It's Always Sunny's Rob McElhenney). is a combination of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia meets The Facts of Life?.

And a miracle happened: All of a sudden we were on an actual set, with for-real makeup artists and someone else to hold the boom mike.

Things seemed to be going swimmingly, but we still had trouble believing that all of this would actually pan out. I was surprised to learn that Rob, Glenn and Charlie had all been made executive producers, while I simply remained the lead actress.

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I went very quickly from being at the center of the project to standing on the periphery, and…truth? It felt like it had everything in the world to do with my gender. But chances are they probably doubted that the show would ever see the light of day. The pilot wrapped, and shortly afterwards I ended my relationship with Rob. During one of our break-up conversations, I was told in no uncertain terms that if I did not stay in the relationship, I would be off the show.

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

However, I felt strongly that we were not functioning well as a couple, and moved into the house that we had been planning to share alone. TV shows generally hire unattractive people as lead actors, and I was recently voted Miss Universe.


Was I angry for a very long time? In truth, I was angrier with Glenn and Charlie than I was with Rob, who I understood was too hurt to work with me every day. Did I consider suing? The pilot fully encapsulates the insensitivity of The Gang, as no one gives Charlie any sympathy. After conceiving the idea, he brought it right to Day and Howerton.

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

Knowing his good friends well, he said "I knew that nobody else would think that was funny except Glenn and Charlie. As Kaitlin Olson revealed in an interviewher character was originally written very differently. Instead of messy, rude, aggressive Deandra that fans know today, she was envisioned as the total opposite.

Dee was initially meant to be seen as "the voice of reason" on the show, while all the men would be the immoral ones. According to Olson, this is due to McElhenney not knowing "how to write about a woman.

Rob McElhenney

Thankfully, clearer heads prevailed, and she ended up liking the final writing product. As fans of the show, it would be impossible to imagine Dee any other way than the monster that she has become. The characters of Mac and Dee could not be any more different than their real-life counterparts. Mac and Dee despise each other, while they have two children together in real life. However, the dynamic between the two characters is actually one of their favorite parts of the show.

Of course, Mac came out as a gay man in season 12, so that door is firmly shut. Considering that some of the funniest moments of the show come from how little The Gang cares about Dee, it would not be the same if she got together with one of them. One of his biggest calling cards was being a part of the action-film Pacific Rim. As an inside joke, there were numerous crossovers to his role in the film in the episode "Flowers for Charlie".

This episode involves Charlie taking a pill which increases his intelligence. It features a cameo appearance by Burn Gorman, who starred in the film alongside Day. While neither men have the starring role in the film, seeing them work together in a different capacity was a nice nod to the film. Despite FX picking up the show for it's first season inno one was certain that it would be successful.

In fact, numerous shows get canceled following their first season every year. Co-creator Rob McElhenney wanted the show to succeed, but also was not making enough from the show the first year to support himself.

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

He had to keep his job as a server as a safety net. Thankfully the show took off in the second season, which meant he was able to produce the show full-time. Who would have thought someone so pure and wholesome would be responsible for some of this craziness! Following a career as a famous child actor, Savage ventured into directing television. While first spending his time on family-friendly shows, he eagerly tried to break in to the adult market.

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It's Always Sunny gave him his first chance, and he would go on to direct eighteen episodes beginning in season three. How did he get the job?

Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney ready for new season of It's Always Sunny In Philiadelphia

While he may portray the image of being wholesome when on camera, Mr. Savage is certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty!