Jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

elsa. frozen. jelsa. hiccup. rotg. httyd. anna. kristanna. rapunzel. jackfrost. merida Hiccup x Elsa: The Queen by OkayTee_Mez. #2 Until he meets Elsa hot. Elsa is most often paired with Hiccup's older self, often meeting either and her sister, Princess Anna, as the daughters of Jackunzel (Jack Frost x Rapunzel). Elsa, Jack Frost, Anna, Rapunzel, Hiccup Comic and Merida. Find this .. The Uptown Girl (Jelsa Fanfic) [Under Intense EDITING] - one ; meet the uptown girl.

Why does Jack find her so familiar? Will Elsa find her true love, or will she be rejected because of her family? And now that it's O. L year and he's getting to know Elsa, how will he feel about her now? Jelsa, Kristanna, Merricup, Flynzel. Those clothes aren't 'in'. Those shoes make your feet look big. High school is full of problems, and it isn't fair if we leave your favorite characters out of them! Watch as your favorite DreamWorks and Disney characters get through high school!

How Jack & Elsa meet part 1 *NEW*

They meet and discover amazing things together. Little do they know they must choose between each other and their home. Jelsa - Merricup Btw, i made the cover art myself! There is an enemy rising, one never heard of in either story or legend, but is the remnant of a known evil.

What happens when you must fight to save yourself, from yourself? One entity, split in two. It isn't long before they meet and a strange friendship developes between the unlikely few. This is my first fan fiction.

Naturally, the houses rival each other, so the four friends grow apart, but are forced to come together as a dark force rises to power, and the representatives of each house together are the only ones who can stop it. It can be done by the smallest things.

Doing what you think is right and keeping to your beliefs when the world is against it. Even changing them when proved wrong. This are the things meant to change the world.

Droplets meant to change the tides.

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

And this is exactly what the most unlike study group at Hogwarts gets to do. His crush, Astrid, didn't like him back and his father kept drilling on to him about whatever he must and must not do he when he does eventually becomes Chef Could this be his Please post your opinions in the reviews, this is my first fic! That 'I don't want to talk about it'. Well, for some people, it's way more complicated than that.

Rated T for future chapters. Each of the threads is a persons destiny and they effect others destines. And when threads meet, things change. Six young people have run away from home all longing for freedom. And when they meet things change. The sisters were best friends once more. It had been half a year since she had accidentally frozen Arendelle, and the time was ripe for the renewing of the annual peace treaty between the kingdoms. And speaking of which— The sleek wooden doors leading to the Throne Room were thrown open as a girl with a long golden plait flanked by two burly guards bounded joyfully into the room.

Save the forlorn looking one sitting erectly on her throne. As the guards left, the doors falling shut with a resounding boom behind them, Rapunzel hastend to the raised dais and knelt in front of it. Mum and Dad send their greetings. We've all missed you. And here I was, thinking that you were here to see me," she quipped.

Rapunzel offered a quiet smile. And you know that's not true. I'll visit you whenever you want. I hope you don't mind. After being confined to her room for so long, she couldn't help but be vaguely excited at the prospect of meeting new people. Rapunzel, beaming now, stood excitedly. You can come out now!

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Three shapes emerged from the corners of the throne room. Elsa's eyes widened in surprise. A slight, almost invisible limp drew Elsa's eyes to his leg. A prosthetic leg was attached to his left knee.

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

The sleek, black dragon remained by his side. Evidently the dragon belonged to him.

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

The boy—Hiccup, offered a small wave. The white haired boy-Jack, Elsa reminded herself, shakes his head at Rapunzel. He held some short of staff in his hand, that vaguely resembled a shepherds crook.

She glanced back and forth between her cousin and her white haired friend. His blue gaze flitted over Elsa's face almost hungrily.

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Elsa couldn't help blushing a little at the intensity of his gaze, even as she wondered how exactly he was supposed to be invisible. The question hung in the room before falling flat, remaining unanswered. For the second time that day, the doors swung open and a girl about Elsa's age with a crazed mass of red curls sprints into view. It really was a small world.

Their eyes met, and Elsa decided that the flush that lightly covered Merida and Hiccup's cheeks wasn't just her imagination. Mum thought it would be good practice. She smiled at Elsa.

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

She was becoming tired of all the formalities that surrounded her duties as queen. And, seeing Rapunzel and all of her friends laughing and reminiscing sent a slight twinge of jealousy and longing through her chest. Having been isolated from people for so long, having said people stare at her for long periods of time made her feel slightly self-conscious.

Elsa hesitated for a nanosecond. These are the fellow ambassadors with whom you are about to sign a peace treaty with, she reminded herself sternly. If you can't trust them, you might as well let that treaty and the peace that comes with it go out the window. She twirled her hand and snowflakes began to fall from the ceiling. Jack's expression is the emblem of joy. Rapunzel, grinning from ear to ear, made a sudden grabbing motion, jerking her fists towards the ceiling as a tree begins sprouts from the ground.

Branches form, buds quickly forming on the ends. Merida lifted her arms and the temperature rose in the room, to the point where sweat was dripping off everyone's face, even Elsa's, and it took a lot to get her hot. At the end of the branches, flowers began to bloom from the small buds, sending a rush of color into the hall. Elsa was dumb folded, her mind processing a hundred different theories, each one more inconceivable than the first.

Just watch, her eyes communicated. The flowers seemed to gleam with an otherworldly glow, growing bigger and more brilliant with each second. Hiccup simply stared at the tree. It's blooms fall to the ground in a sweet surrender and the green, supple leaves turn brilliant shades of orange, red, and copper.

He tapped the tree with his staff and the leaves fell to the floor. Ice began to snake it's way around the tree, coating it in a layer of frost. Within seconds the tree was completely ice-encased.

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The light filtering in through the window seemed to make the tree sparkle with an otherworldly glow. Rapunzel made a fist and the tree disappeared, the leaves laying on the floor soon following. Elsa gaped, open mouthed at the quartet. She blinked several times, taking a moment to recover. Even then, she still had trouble believing that she'd really seen what she'd thought she had.

He uh-" Hiccup trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. Jack turned his head, nodding slightly. Once the duo was out of view, Merida released a snort. If her mind hadn't been in the clouds, she might have noticed that it wasn't just Jack and Elsa that seemed to have good chemistry. As Merida playfully punched Hiccup on the shoulder, Rapunzel's thoughts were anywhere but on her two friends.

She was too busy trying to decipher the unpleasant feeling that was slowly spreading through her body. It was a new sensation, and, frankly, she didn't like it. Hiccup looked up in amusement. Hiccup sighed, glancing around the library. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.

A sharp glare from the redhead and he quieted. Hiccup was painfully aware of a sharp glare directed at the back of his neck. He turned his head very slowly.

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

From the corner of his eye, Hiccup could see the librarian scowling disapprovingly at them. He made an apologetic face and pointed to Merida. Why don't you go talk to Punz or Jack? She grabbed the nearest book and began opening and closing the cover.