Jace and clary meet in high school fanfiction

Academy High - Jace And Clary Chapter 1, a mortal instruments fanfic | FanFiction

jace and clary meet in high school fanfiction

Clary is overly protected by Jonathan and his friends, which includes Jace. Jace Wayland is new to Shadow High school, He meets a girl Named Clarissa. Though, it isn't so bad, once she meets the Lightwoods. Rated: Fiction T - English - Tragedy/Adventure - Clary F., Jace W., Jonathon. Years later, Jace is still there waiting for Clary to return. If she does return, will their relationship be the same? Elementrary/ High school AU.

There is a seat open next to me when you get your book from him. He didn't try to embarrass me by making me introduce myself like all the other teachers would.

1.01 Clary & Jace #1 [First meeting]

So taking her advice I went and sat in the empty desk next to hers. So this is a really big change for me.

Yea I can see that this is such a small town to have to move to especially from a big city like the Big Apple. They new they were pretty and were…well lets just say I don't have a nice word picked out for them. I was right about my next class the teacher made me stand up in front of everyone and introduced me.

jace and clary meet in high school fanfiction

It got me a lot of looks that I didn't like, I really don't like for people to be staring at me it makes me uncomfortable. Penhollow didn't exactly make me like him and I hated math to begin with. Then as I sat in my desk and the boy sitting next to me made it worse when he turned to look at me like he was thinking about something.

Of course my response was about to be something that he wasn't going to like so I decided to take my mothers advice for once and say nothing. But not two minutes later her said it again.

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I turned to him and with the most menacing look I could manage cause his looks took my breath away for a second. He had perfect olive skin, a halo of blonde hair that curled at the nap of his neck and around his face, and gold eyes to match his beautiful hair. To top it all off he had a body to die for but that didn't stop me from giving him a piece of my mind. Ok maybe it did for a minute of gawk time but when that was done I totally gave him a piece of what was left of all the rational thoughts I had flowing before I turned.

Ok, and I swear to god if you call me pippy long stockings I am going to knock you out. If you can manage the name then don't speak to me at all.

Maybe they would knock themselves out by trying to get to me first but never to actually hit me. I think that I am going to call you little red you got some spunk in that tiny body. I just turned from him but not before giving him the finger and regretting it right after cause apparently he thought it was an invitation.

Of course upon seeing me they just offer right then and there. I was saved cause believe me I was about to tell him just how wrong he was with the meaning behind the finger I had just given him. Finally and not soon enough the bell rang and it was time for lunch. I was staring at him for who knows how long until his voice snapped me out of my daze. I felt blood rush into my cheeks. He may be handsome with gold eyes, golden- tan skin, muscular body with looks to make any girl swoon, but he was arrogant and rude.

I glared at him. He looked taken aback so i pushed him away and made my way to my locker. When i reached my locker, isabelle came up to me and i turned to her and greeted her.

I rolled my eyes and put my forehead in my hand and shaking my head. He is just a arrogant ass. The black hair boy looked a lot like Izzy, but i brushed it off. The golden boy saw me and winked, i felt myself blushing but i gave him my best glare and went back to my things.

I saw him walk to the desk behind me and sat down with his friend next to him. My name is Jace Herondale.

jace and clary meet in high school fanfiction

We moved here a couple days ago. Jace must have noticed my look and explained. I was adopted by his family. But before they did the teacher came in right then. I was grateful that i didn't need to talk to jace anymore. He was really an asshat.

The next few periods were a blur. When it was lunch time, me and Iz and her boyfriend Simon Lewis, which was also my best friend, sat at our usual table while the football team was trying to get my attention. I just ignored them, they were just pigs.

jace and clary meet in high school fanfiction

Iz and Simon got together a few months ago, but before they started liking each other, simon told me he loved me but i didn't feel the same so i turned him down. I felt really bad for doing what i did, but i didn't want to hurt him more by leading him on so i didn't. We made up a few weeks later and then simon and izzy started having feelings for each other. You would not think someone like Izzy, with her supermodel looks would ever date someone like simon, a nerd who loves video games and is in a sucky band, but they looked so good together.

I totally ship Sizzy - that is what my schoolmates call them. I saw Jace and Alec walk in with another boy holding alec's hand. The boy had sparkly spiky hair with too much glitter on him and he had eyes that looked like a cats, i recognized him as magnus bane.

They went and sat at the slut group table. One day and the sluts already have their eyes set on him. My mother smiled knowingly at me, "nothing's wrong, Maryse and I just need to talk to you about something.

Maryse sat up a little straighter in her chair and my mother shifted in her seat. They both seemed very uncomfortable sitting next to each other. But you said I got to decide what path I followed" I gasped at my mother—out raged that she went behind my back. My mother smiled sympathetically at me, "this wasn't my choice Clary.

But without Hodge—"Jace, Isabelle, and Maryse visibly tensed "—there is no proper teacher for you to learn from. So, in till another teacher can be found you will go back to school" Even though I was still angry at my mother I knew her reasoning made sense. There is no way she would allow Jace to continue to train me. Both Isabelle and Jace looked shocked, "What?!

But for now, you have to stay caught up in your studies.

jace and clary meet in high school fanfiction

Jace's jaw became set as he spoke, "you want me to go to high school to maintain my studies? I can speak five languages; I do not need some boring mundane school to teach me things I learnt when I was seven. You will go there for a few months while I search for a teacher. Who knows, you may even make some friends. I really didn't know why Jace seemed so put off by the idea of school; he'd probably enjoy most of the school body bowing down to him.

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The black haired girl simply shrugged, "because unlike you I like meeting people and going to parties. Jace looked over at me but didn't say anything. Once Jace settled down Isabelle clapped her hands together. You and I need to go shopping. I nodded and smiled faintly—joy, shopping with Isabelle.

jace and clary meet in high school fanfiction

Maryse and my mother rose from the table, "excellent, so it's settled. That was mine and Simon's old school before I got wrapped up in the shadow world. After that my mother and Maryse left the room leaving Jace, Isabelle, and myself sitting in an awkward silence. She walked over to the door and turned back to look at me, "come by my room later, I want to make sure your outfit looks hot for tomorrow.