Hook and emma hospital scene from meet

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hook and emma hospital scene from meet

Instead of meeting Neal Cassidy when she was seventeen, Emma meets a young Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Romance - [Emma S., Killian Jones/ Captain EDIT 2/5/ I may or may not have gone back and added a few more scenes .. When her water broke, Emma drove herself to the hospital. Meeting Emma Swan changed his life in a remarkable way and he found If there was any other scene that matched the beauty of Killian telling Emma he .. He stands in the threshold of the hospital room, peering in with. "Going Home" is the eleventh episode of the third season of the American fantasy drama series While he and Mr. Smee attempt to find a way off the island, Hook is unaware Real – In the prison hospital, Emma gives birth to Henry, but when she is . The episode was met with universal acclaim, with many praising the.

After vowing to Neal and Belle that he is finally ready to pay the price to keep them safe knowing that means killing himself, Gold's shadow appears, carrying the Dark One's Dagger and hands it to Gold, and stabs both Pan and himself at the same time.

Pan transforms back into Malcolm, who urges Gold to stop before it is too late, but Gold tells his father "Ah but, I am a villain and villains don't get happy endings. As Belle cries after they disappear, Neal asks a hesitant Regina if there is a way to stop the Curse, to which Regina reveals that the only way to stop it is to give up the one thing she loved the most: As the Curse approaches, Regina tells Emma that she and Henry will have to leave Storybrooke forever because once the Curse takes place everyone will return to the Enchanted Forest and since Henry was born in the Land Without Magic, he won't be able to go back with them, but Emma will be able to stay with him because she's the savior and the only one who can escape it.

As everyone says goodbye to Emma and Henry, Regina gives the two a spell that will give them good memories but they will not remember the events that broke the Curse in the first place. As Emma and Henry drive away, Regina destroys the scrolls as the Curse consumes everyone and Storybrooke disappears. Outside Storybrooke[ edit ] One year later after the Curse, in New York City, Emma and Henry are in an apartment, and as she makes breakfast for Henry, she receives a knock on the door.

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When she opens it, she sees Hook standing outside, saying that he needs her help. This time around Hook warns Emma that her family is in trouble, but she has no idea who this person is or what he is talking about. Hook, believing that "true love's kiss" will bring her memories back, attempts to kiss Emma, but the shock results in Emma kicking Hook in the private area, pushing him away, and violently slamming the door in his face.

Production[ edit ] During an interview with the Los Angeles TimesRobbie Kay, who portrayed Peter Pan, talked about the body-switching plot and venturing to Storybrooke, saying "so there's an environmental shift so that character is not in his own court, if you will.

So he's adapting to a new environment and obviously in the most recent episodes there was also a character shift. That again was crazy, but a lot of fun. Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave the episode a 9. Losing Rumple hurt, and so did Storybrooke going away, but I don't think either will last for long. Regardless of what sticks, the events have led to a place that changes the landscape and is sure to set up an intriguing rest of the season.

You know Emma and Henry have settled into their new life and become accustomed to a certain sense of normal their breakfast scene had more than a hint of the routine when Desmond first appeared in Lostbut the leap is also necessary for at least one practical reason: Gilmore is growing up and now he has a reason to look older.

I expected the show to end with that little yellow bug driving away from the Storybrooke that was. Instead we see Emma and Henry living a domestic and happy life together, until a strange knock at the door revealed a pirate with a hook. I loved that Hook kissed her. He was hoping that true love's kiss would unlock her memories. Unfortunately it doesn't work when it's a one way street.

The characters of OUAT have been feeling huge crazy things all season, but because this was the mid-season finale, the show actually tapped the brakes and gave the proceedings some gravity and the actors time to process it and to transfer the feeling to us. And we felt all of it! I get infuriated sometimes at how good this show can be, because it could be this good in every episode if it wanted to.

It doesn't take flashy CGI to make this show intriguing, all it takes is slowing a scene down every once in a while and letting two people process in some real way the batshit hoop they're jumping through. Club gave the episode a B- noting that "Wow, a lot to process this hour: When Once Upon A Time gives you a midseason finale, they frickin' mean it.

With the Pan plot coming to a close, a new storyline needed to open up. And in Storybrooke's case, that's wide open.

hook and emma hospital scene from meet

Remember how season 2's winter finale brought an entire half-season's storyline to a satisfying end by conclusively returning Snow and Emma to Storybrooke? Just what Once needed: Another villain who's more compelling than any of the show's heroes.

Storybrooke is gone, so it looks like most of the action will take place in the Enchanted Forest.

hook and emma hospital scene from meet

Hopefully Emma's denial phase doesn't last long; we already saw that all through season 1. Andy Swift of Hollywood Life said "We're used to being bombarded by flashbacks on Once Upon A Time, but the midseason finale decided to throw us for a loop by jumping forward in time at the end of the hour.

That will help considerably. Jason Evans from the Wall Street Journal said "I hope they figure out a way to bring him back as he's been my favorite character on the show since the very beginning. But, whether Gold comes back or not, it is clear that when Once Upon a Time comes back in three months, the focus will be on getting Emma and Henry's memory back.

Things we did not expect to happen in the Once Upon a Time Season 3 winter finale: But Killian assures him that it does. He once felt the same but when he met the right person everything changed. He tells Charming he would go to the end of the world for his love, despite not knowing if she would do the same. There is something so incredibly special about the duality of this moment. Not only is it truly touching to hear the once lonely, hopeless and cynical pirate convince the man who is the epitome of faith and belief in love that this pure abstraction does exist, but also that Killian is essentially telling the father of the woman he loves how deeply he cares for her.

He would do anything for her, and whether it was inadvertent or not he gains some sort of approval from her father.

hook and emma hospital scene from meet

Heartwarming and lovely, there is nothing I do not adore about this scene. Emma assures him her heart is safe, but he reveals what he is truly speaking of is the rift between herself and her parents. Killian explains that perhaps they did not tell her everything because they were ashamed and they wanted her to like them, and wisely how they tried to protect her because they wanted her to be happy and to make her proud.

He cares more about what will ease her suffering. In another truly wonderful example of how much he cares for both Emma and her family, this is a shining example of the how love can inspire us. Killian obviously perfectly understood how her parents felt, feeling similar shame and not always wanting to reveal his past wrong doings because wanted to be seen as worthy of her.

But importantly, he knows this is not about him, or even the two of them together, enjoying a quiet moment for themselves they so rarely are granted. This moment was about helping guide Emma towards forgiveness and indeed this wisdom does lead her on this path and it was profoundly moving and lovely.

From the pure delight at seeing them take to skies in the ship thanks to a sail made out of Pegasus wings, to the natural ease between the two brothers, this dynamic was wonderful to watch. It also makes his friendship with David even more special seeing the similarities between David and his brother.

But most significantly, seeing how much he loved and admired his brother was sweet and touching and helped to bring depth and understanding to his character.

He never lost his belief in good form, but seeing his brother die because of the lies told to them by who they thought was a fair king, makes his straying away from the light understandable. My heart broke for Killian when Liam dies in his arms. These moments are matched by the relief on his face when she is freed, the ferocity with which he hugs and holds onto her, and the constancy of his presence when they bring her back home, never leaving her side as he puts his arms around her to keep her warm, holds her hand and never leaves his kneeling position as she cuddles into his shoulder.

He would have stayed there forever with her, simply happy she is safe and in his arms. He surely longed for a moment where he could impress Emma and sweep her off her feet, and his moment came in one of the most romantic ways imaginable. And in this moment there are no looming dangers- he is simply holding this amazing woman in his arms whose smiles are matched by his beaming expression. He does indeed sweep Emma off her feet and makes her first dance at a royal ball a special one.

This is one of the happiest moments of the entire series.

hook and emma hospital scene from meet

With only one hand he must get creative in aiding her, so he uses his mouth to tie the bandage around her hand. The intense chemistry and attraction between the two characters was born, and things would never be the same.

2x12 Emma & Hook (Deleted Scene)

He never thought he would be able to let go of his first love Milah and find someone else, that is until he met Emma. The genuineness of his confession was revealed as the first part of the bridge towards Neal forms. There are so many amazing aspects to this scene. The fact that he is revealing his feelings in front of her parents is significant, but most important is the selfless part of his act because his secret was leading Emma back to a man she loved, and for all Killian knew still wanted to be with.

He was afraid and uncertain but still was truthful and that is quite poignant. Many times our characters need someone to ask them to change and someone to believe they can be good people. Captain Hook at this point was very much isolated and still subscribing to his self serving ways.

But moments before he leaves Emma offered him a chance to be a part of something and join the community. Alone of his ship with his thoughts, no one is there to tell he can be a good man if only he would come back. Instead, he makes that decision himself telling Emma he needed reminding that he could care about other people.

He gave himself this reminder when he turned his ship around and then did not hesitate to offer up his ship to help rescue Henry.

hook and emma hospital scene from meet

He was on his way back to becoming a true hero. From the awestruck expressions as they first saw each other dressed up, to the way they held hands and he held her gently, Killian relishing being able to use both hands for the first time in a century.

And I cannot help but smile with glee that at some point he gave her his jacket to wear I would love to see that scene revisited one day. He was able to do what Emma thought impossible- help her manage to forget about her troubles and threats to the town and simply have a wonderful night.

He was finally able to give the savior a night off. But the most spine-tingling romantic movement was when his bright smile about her cramped living conditions turned to a look of such intensity and true vulnerability as he asks her for a second date. His expression is mixture of adoration, uncertainly and hope and Emma answers yes with a fervent goodnight kiss.

And neither could handle it! This was the moment you saw how deeply they had fallen and it has only grown deeper since this passionate moment.

The only way a villain can get a happy ending is for the author to write them one. When darkness creeps back and he pulls a gun on her, she knocks him out and tosses him into the ocean. Luckily Ariel was nearby to rescue the pirate. And with those words he has a revelation and asks for her help. In the end he was able to bring back her happy ending and reunite a family- two of things he longs for the most.

This was a beautifully touching scene of acknowledging a past wrong and doing everything he could to correct it. He is a good man. He and his brother followed orders from someone they believed was a good king and instead were lied to- and Liam suffered the consequences. Of course Killian confuses Henry when he brings up teaching Neal to navigate when he was just a boy, leaving him simply wanting to know something true.

What he reveals to him results is a truly heartwarming moment. He says he had taught Neal to sail hoping the sea would ease the sorrow of just losing his father. Killian tells him he has more in common with his father than he realizes and Henry smiles in appreciation.

That is very touching. Not only does he ask if he can have the honor of seeing a part of her past she rarely shared, but when he sees her sadness he simply holds her hand, puts his arm around her and lets her rest her head on his shoulder- a silent and beautiful form of comfort and solace Emma has rarely ever found. There are not many moments as lovely and romantic as this one. Every time is incredibly sexy and, none more so than when he raises his eyebrows or when he tapped his lips asking Emma for a kiss, never thinking she would actually do it.

He does not know if she returns his feelings, but his hope that she may means a great deal to him. And that little beat where he looks down with both hope and uncertainly is beautiful. He is happy and she wonders why.