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home and away tasha robbie first meet

Tasha first appeared in the bay when Max was walking along the rocks. After this Tasha and Robbie began to build up friendship before sharing their first kiss Tasha was really upset at how the meeting had gone, but in the long run it was . Natasha "Tasha" Hunter (also Andrews) is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Isabel Lucas. She made her first screen appearance in the episode broadcast on 31 July Tasha has a love interest in the form of Robbie Hunter (Jason Smith) and the couple later marry. A bit of an odd-ball at first, he soon began rubbing the Sutherland's the wrong with Robbie and Tasha however didn't take long to start getting in trouble. First .. Outside, he met Charity who implored him to try and understand that Jonah was.

Robbie then tried to set up a trap in the bush to catch Tasha, but ended up catching himself.

home and away tasha robbie first meet

Whilst out in the bush Robbie was bitten by a snake and Tasha had to run and get help. After this Tasha and Robbie began to build up friendship before sharing their first kiss soon after.

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Tasha continued to get in trouble at school when she banned from wearing the boys uniform. Tasha and Robbie soon became friends with new kid in town, Kim Hyde. Tasha, unknowing of the etiquette of a relationship soon began kissing Kim. When Robbie found out about this he broke up, but they soon got back together. Tasha then stayed in the school during the sit-in, but struggled within in the confined spaces of the school.

Tasha had a dream in which she saw her mum and soon after she went running out into the bush with Irene where they dug up a chest.

home and away tasha robbie first meet

In the chest were guns, money and a few notes. Duncan got a hold of this along with the guns and blackmailed Tasha into giving him the money to fly to New York in return for the letter containing her fathers identity. Kim and Robbie tried to get rid of the gun by throwing it into the ocean, but Tasha soon swam out and got it.

Soon Tasha was trying to spend the money on gifts for her friends, but they politely turned her down. Tasha found about this and ran away to the city to try and find out more about her father, Ian Osbourne.

Irene thought she had ran away to the bush. Whilst out there someone stole some of her belongings. Kim and Robbie drove down to the city and managed to convince Tasha to return.

home and away tasha robbie first meet

Back, Irene and Tasha made up. Tasha was really guilty when Jesse got shot with it. Robbie and Tasha also began to think about going a step further with their relationship at this time. However at the last moment Robbie chickened out. After a few frosty moment between the two they decided to wait until the time was right. Impressed by how Tasha was maturing, Irene got in touch with her brother Dylan who came to the bay to see her.

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Whilst there she mentioned the aunt to him and Dylan managed, along with his gran, found where Josie lived. With Sarah escaped Irene and Tasha to the city to see Dylan. Josie then decided to move to Summer Bay to be near Tasha. Josie also got in contact with Ian about finding her daughter, and whilst Tasha was performing at the Noah concert, Ian had the Beach House bugged so he could watch his daughter.

Ian phoned Irene and told her that he wanted to get in contact with her. She went along and offered a her a huge amout of money.

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Irene rejected it saying that Tasha was more important and the camera were removed from the house. Tasha soon decided that she wanted to get in contact with her father and Josie managed to arrange this for her. Whilst there Ian was purposely mean to Tasha, knowing that his world would destroy her. Tasha was really upset at how the meeting had gone, but in the long run it was what was best for her.

At the beginning of Tasha, Robbie and Kim went on camping trip in the bush. Tasha broke up with Robbie after this.

Josie then asked Tasha to be her bridesmaid for her upcoming marriage to Jesse. In spite of this, Robbie achieves some degree of fame and becomes a little conceited, angering Tasha when he tells his co-stars she is a groupie as opposed to his girlfriend. Robbie and Tasha decide to wait until they get married before they have sex and make a vow of celibacy.

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They then have an unofficial private ceremony under the stars. It soon transpires that Jonah is part of a religious cult called The Believers.

Robbie is reluctant to believe that The Believers are above board, but Jonah and his friend Charity Fernbrook soon convince him and Tasha to join their commune in accordance with the spiritual teachings of Jonah's mother and the leader of The Believers, Mumma Rose Linden Wilkinson. They find that there was a girl in Queensland who claimed that The Believers, and Jonah, had tried to impregnate her before she escaped them.

After this revelation, Robbie is convinced but Tasha refuses to listen and stays with the cult after Robbie's ultimatum. During a cyclone, Robbie returns to the commune to alert Tasha of the impending danger.

As the storm increases, Robbie is stranded with the believers. After the storm ceases, Tasha tells Robbie to leave and he does, only to be pushed into a river and clings onto a branch for dear life. Jonah and Tasha arrive on the scene and Jonah offers his hand but is unable to hold on to Robbie and is swept away. Desperate to get Tasha to see sense, Robbie turns to mayor Josh West Daniel Collopy for help but Josh does nothing to stop the believers and conducts shady deals with them.

On top of this, Robbie's grandfather Graham Walters Doug Scroope suffers a heart attack and lets his family know that he wants his life support machine switched off.

home and away tasha robbie first meet

Amanda Vale Holly BrisleyGraham's new wife contests the decision and Robbie, outraged, grants his grandfather's wish and secretly turns the machine off. When Tasha escapes the Believers, Robbie is happy to have her back and the couple prepare to marry for real.

On the day of the wedding, Tasha collapses and it is revealed she is pregnant. Tasha reveals that Mumma Rose had Jonah drug and rape her in order to produce a child.

home and away tasha robbie first meet

Robbie goes to the jail to confront Jonah but is removed by security. Robbie then agrees to look after Tasha and be the father their baby needs.

Robbie Hunter (Home and Away)

After news of Josh's murder reaches the Bay, Robbie and Tasha join the list of suspects. When the evidence starts to point to Tasha, Robbie takes drastic action and destroys the surveillance tapes which place her at the scene.

Tasha admits she did take a shot at Josh and he went down but the bullet missed and this is confirmed in the ballistics report. Both confess to the shooting to protect each other but the real culprit is revealed to be Barry Hyde Ivar Kants.

When an explosion occurs at Jack and Martha's wedding reception, Robbie and several others suffer minor burns and are immediately transported to a hospital in the city via helicopter. The helicopter crashes, leaving everyone stranded for several weeks.