Holly ryan interview and meet

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holly ryan interview and meet

What has been the most difficult aspect of setting up your own business? Cash flow, infrastructure, staffing, my initial limitations with jewellery. Holly Ryan. For her entire life, Holly Ryan had been hearing about Taxco, Mexico . Her parents had lived there, they learnt silversmithing from the city's local. Most recently, we spent a little time with one of our favourite jewellery designers, Holly Ryan. In the morning I have a big cuddle with my dog.

But my favourite smell is… night-blooming jasmine.

holly ryan interview and meet

It reminds me of romance; of falling in love. The most special people in my life are… my friends, my family and my staff, who are all my good friends outside of work also. I love them so much, they make every day at work fun. It was a little disturbing but beautifully written. In a fire, the one thing I would save is… my dog!! I always wear… my jewellery.

Holly Ryan

I never take off my 14k signet ring, 14k Unconditional ring, a plain 14k stacking ring and my Gold Wavee necklace. What calms me most is… the ocean, it is my happy place.

holly ryan interview and meet

Distance means nothing with true best friends. I feel so lucky to know them all, they all inspire me every day.

My resume: jewellery designer Holly Ryan on starting her own label - Vogue Australia

They are all creative in some way: And what has been the most exciting thing about having your own label and your own business? The freedom to create pieces I love and having a team of amazing people around me to share in the dream. What goes into making an individual piece from your collection? It varies from piece to piece, it could take one hour or it could take days, depending on the complexity of construction and the finishes a piece might need.

My resume: jewellery designer Holly Ryan on starting her own label

This affects the order times and price structure of each design. What is a typical day like for you? I wake up at sunrise and head to the beach with my dog, Hugo for a walk and a swim, maybe a surf. I then head to the studio which is five minutes from home, I make some coffee and reply to emails. But when it comes to designing and creating the jewellery, it is really just Mum and me. Every single piece is hand-fabricated from start to finish.

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There is no better satisfaction than starting with a flat piece of metal and creating an object from that, set with beautiful stones. And because we do everything ourselves, it means that we can melt down and reuse any scrap metal we have. There she visited Taxco, the town where her parents lived, finally getting a true picture of the stories she had grown up with. My whole life had come full circle and I was extremely overwhelmed.

Considering her influences, Holly names architecture as her number one.