Exo growl without luhan and kris meet

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exo growl without luhan and kris meet

So, yes, it was because of injuries and the company, but not only. k Views · View 67 Is Exo still talking to Luhan, Kris and Tao? Why did Kris from EXO leave? 1, Views . Holly Do, Been an EXO-L since Growl Era and counting. Luhan and Kris meet here and there to talk about any new information. + Exo go to look for him and when they get out of the forest, not all of them come out. +. "EXO should just disband" "EXO is not even that good" "EXO is a flop" I After Growl EXO will continue being nugus (nobody). Before Kris left, he actually ran away from Korea without telling Not so long after that, Luhan left EXO. .. A young fanboy come to EXO's fansign and he cry when he meet Lay.

Before Kris left, he actually ran away from Korea without telling anyone and went to Canada. EXO members and their managers were really worried about Kris. After they ask him to comeback, Kris finally agree and went back to Korea.

But guess what happen? Only Suho was on the stage to receive the award. The rest of EXO members was not ready to face the hates and criticism. They were all still hurt and shocked by the news of Kris leaving EXO.

Exo (band)

They are not ready to stand on the stage and face the fans. But our leader, Suho He sacrificed for the members. He went on the stage. He smiled on the stage, but his eyes were crying.

It's true that your eyes can't lie. Then news about Baekhyun dating with Tayeon spread among the netizens. Baekhyun and Tayeon was attacked by the saesang fans at that time. Baekhyun received lots of hate. People even call him BaekHyum Hyum-disgusting. Baekhyun was really stressed and depressed at that time. He even said that he often cry alone. During one of EXO concert, Baekhyun cried on the stage. He thought that everyone hated him. But EXO-L still give him full support.

He felt so happy that the fans still believe in him. Baekhyun always thought that he's alone and he always thought that everyone hated him but when he saw the fans giving so much love and support to him, he felt really grateful. Not so long after that, Luhan left EXO. People start talking about EXO. At that time, people was like, "What the hell is wrong with EXO?

This group has so many problem". A few fans even left EXO and stan other groups. They always thought that they have lose their popularity. They thought that all the fans has left them. They thought that everyone hate them.

But starting from this moment, on this MAMA stage, that colour will change! Tao left in He was badly injured at that time, he had no choice but to leave EXO or his injuries will get even worse. Talking about Tao's injuries, let me remind you about how many times EXO members got injured yah? Kai got injured the most among the members. Since he is the main dancer, he often dance until late night. Kai is already good enough as a dancer, but he still push himself to become a better dancer until he hurt himself.

He often hurt his legs, his back and his waist.

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At such young age, the doctor said that Kai had to go for operation if his injuries did not get better. Hospitals are like EXO's second home.

Before Tao left EXO, he got injured lots of time. He lied to the fans saying that he's okay but actually he's NOT. There was this time when Tao got injured until he could not even walk, so Kai and Baekhyun help him. Kai's leg was also injured at that time but he still help Tao. When Tao hurted his legs, he had to go out alone and buy the medicine by himself because none of the managers help him. With crutches and injured legs, he walked by himself and no one help him.

Lay got injured lots of time too.

He practice until late night and always lacks of sleep. He stays up late every night to write songs. He fainted lots of times, basically dying, but all he said was, "As long as you make good work, who cares if you fainted?

EXO can just breath and they'll get thousands of hates. Antis made up stories about EXO members.

exo growl without luhan and kris meet

These people just want EXO to disband and lose their popularity. They're so mean and heartless, seriously. They said Suho is such a bad leader for not being able to keep the members together.

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Chanyeol is called "The worst rapper" This is funny because duhh obviously he ain't a super rapper or what. But really, he's a very good rapper.

exo growl without luhan and kris meet

As much as you hate him, you gotta admit that Chanyeol is one of the most talented idol nowadays. People bash Kai for stating his opinion. Kai got lots of hate at that time, people called Kai "disrespectful bastard" and "asshole". Some people even reffer EXO as "the shitty group". Seriously "the shitty group"? Wowww the amount of ReSpEcT. Even Sehun who knows nothing got thousand of hates.

Xiumin and Kyungsoo got hated as well. People said Lay is "the next traitor" and he will leave EXO too. Being called ugly, asshole, shitty And do I even need to talk about the saesang fans?

exo growl without luhan and kris meet

EXO almost get kidnapped by the crazy fans, seriously. They could not live in peace because of these crazy saesang fans. We've been through lots of difficulties.

exo growl without luhan and kris meet

Sometimes, we just give up and stop talking to each other. However, we picked ourselves back up and the team spirit is well again. If I were them, I would just give up, like seriously. They're so strong and determined That's how I'd feel.

exo growl without luhan and kris meet

But having my teammates and the fans, it really helps. That's why I enjoy this life. They always cry alone God, protect these 9 boys and give them the happiness they deserve That's all I can say right now. I don't think I have to say much about this. Just look at how hard they work to be where they are now. Medals topped the V Chart as well as Billboard Hotbecoming the first Mandarin single to top the latter.

The album topped the Tower Records chart in Japanand became the only album from mainland China to enter the Top 5 of Taiwan's G-Music year-end chart. He then embarked on his first solo concert tour, the "Luhan Reloaded: He is also the first Chinese singer to achieve a double platinum record, having sold over 2 million copies of Reloaded I.

The albums are meant to document Luhan's growth story at the age of The film premiered on August 5 and topped box office charts, becoming the biggest summer hit of The film is adapted from the novel Once Upon a Time in Shanghai and will be released in The win also marked the group's th win on a music show.

It was originally due for release on December 21, but was delayed until December 26 because of the death of labelmate Jonghyun. Seven members of the group traveled to Dubai to view the first showing. This achievement made Exo the first non-Japanese band whose debut single and debut studio album both reached number one on the weekly Oricon chart. Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin. The song was a success in China, ranking number one on Billboard China V Chart for five consecutive weeks.

That October, Lay became the first member of Exo to make a simultaneous solo debut in Korea and China. He participated in the composition, arrangement, and lyric-writing for his first EP, Lose Control. These EPs feature many classic, emotional ballads, diverging from the dramatic and upbeat singles usually featured on the band's full-length albums.