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Read Chapter 1 from the story Not Gonna Die (Tatsumi X Esdeath Short) by HTK with Tatsumi eyes open to meet light blue eyes meet his green eyes. . She jogs past her parents and looks back without stopping to look at her mother. Of course, unknown to Esdeath, Tatsumi was already sporting his own . Tatsumi tried to reach for his Incursio sword, but his arm seized up. She has also stated that she would not lose Tatsumi to Esdeath. Soon after their first meeting, they become very close and although Tatsumi did not agree with.

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They started bickering but their relationship was confused for a romantic one by the leader of the Way of Peace. Mine has also trusted Tatsumi to deal with the last Rakshasa demon and was visibly thankful after he saved her life from Seryu's final attempt to kill her using a suicide bomb. Following a confession of love from Mine, he accepts her feelings and the pair form a relationship. Over time he also developed feelings for Mine, stating that she was right when she said that he would be "Head over Heels" for her.

After Mine was rendered comatose by using all of her power to kill Budo, Tatsumi told her comatose body that once the revolution was over he wanted to marry her, while also declaring his love for her.

True to his word, Mine eventually recovered from her comatose state and reaffirmed their love for each other, despite Tatsumi's permanent state as a dragon. It is also revealed that Mine was pregnant with Tatsumi's child. The two retired from duty and retreated far from the Empire where they lived happily together with their children.

Although Tatsumi was at first put off by Sheele's blunt death threat, he quickly warmed up to her and she comforted him while he was mourning the deaths of his two friends, Sayo and Ieyasu. After her death in battle, Tatsumi was overcome with rage and wanted to seek revenge, but was stopped by the other members of Night Raid.

Although the time that they spent together was short, they developed a close friendship with Sheele taking on somewhat of a motherly role.

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She also developed feelings for Tatsumi and her last thoughts were about him. Lubbock and Tatsumi have something of a comical rivalry, with Lubbock describing Tatsumi as a "lady killer", much to Lubbock's chargin. Still, the two see each other as comrades and worry about each others' well-being. Lubbock sometimes takes advantage of Tatsumi's innocence, such as sending him to peep on Chelsea while she is bathing in order to assess the danger.

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The extent of their friendship was shown when the two were captured, and despite Syura's attempts to break him by making Lubbock see that Tatsumi is the reason he was going trough so much suffering, Lubbock revealed that he never once wavered and saw Tatsumi as a true friend and comrade.

When Lubbock was killed, Tatsumi showed great anger and grief, and blamed himself for his death, though Najeda assured him that Lubbock wouldn't want him to beat himself up over it.

Although Chelsea angered most of Night Raid including Tatsumi when she declared them "too soft", Tatsumi came to realize that she meant no harm and was only worried about the team's well-being. He respected her abilities and knowledge of battle and became friends with her after a short period of time. It is hinted that Chelsea may have developed romantic feelings for Tatsumi as she notices that her attention is mostly on him causing her to blushand even blushed whenever she was around him.

In fact, her final thoughts were of him, just like those of Sheele. Tatsumi was devastated by her death as he considered her a valuable friend. Although only having recently joined Night Raid, Tatsumi instantly warms up to him, referring to him as "Suu" like most of the other members.

Susanoo has been seen training Tatsumi during the one month time-skip in order for Tatsumi to hone his skills. Tatsumi demonstrates a fair amount of emotion after Susanoo's demise. The sadistic general discovers Tatsumi when he competes in and wins the fighting tournament that she had set up. Completing the general's criteria with his pure smile, Esdeath falls in love with him at first sight.

Soon after his first match, she instantly declares Tatsumi as her lover and drags him off with her. Seeing her affections for him as a chance to possibly convince her to change sides, his first attempt ends unsuccessful, as she declared that she would never understand the words of the weak, and that she would change Tatsumi, though Tatsumi retorted that he wouldn't change.

After meeting her a second time, and then getting trapped in an island with her, Tatsumi spent some time with her, and the two seemed to have fun together, with Tatsumi still thinking that he could change her. However, after realizing that despite how her tribe was killed by another tribe, and how she had a Danger Beast blood within her, Esdeath was cruel to her very core, and sadly accepting that he could never convince her to change.

When he found a chance to escape and leave her on the island, Tatsumi hesitated in abandoning her, and called out to her, before he made his escape, repaying his debt to her. Afterwards, Tatsumi accepted that when they met again, they would certainly be enemies, though he showed a sign of sadness from that. After the revolution started and he started going out with Mine, Tatsumi met Esdeath a third time after being captured by her once his identity as a member of Night Raid was exposed.

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Despite Esdeath's attempts to show affection to him once more, and a desperate attempt to try and convince him to join her, Tatsumi rejected her completely, and showed anger towards her, especially when told by her that Lubo was killed.

After his execution was stopped and he escaped with his comrades, Tatsumi knew that the next time he faced against Esdeath, she would have every intention to kill him and with the final battle approaching he would put everything on the line to defeat her when the time came.

The two became good friends in the couple of days after Tatsumi was introduced to the Jaegars. When the two were partnered up in Chapter 18they got to know each other a little.

She says she was not saving him but just doing her mission. He gets surprised but she runs away before he can question her; His former comrade, Seryuu also kills a member of Night Raid, Sheele, on a mission; Esdeath comes back from the raid in the north and sends the Three Beasts on a mission.


They are killed by Bulat but they also kill him. The Empire is able to retrieve Incursio; Esdeath holds a contest to find a wielder for Incursio but also a lover. Needless to say, she ends up recruiting Tatsumi. Also, Tatsumi becomes the new wielder of Incursio. At the same time, she creates the Jaegers; In the Jaegers he meets his former comrade, Seryuu. He also takes special attention to a girl that ressembles her savior, Kurome; The Stylish, Shura and Bols' events occur the same way as the anime; Mine and Seryuu end up killing each other in Bolic's protection mission and the Jaegers fail the mission; Lubbock event is also the same as anime; During Akame and Kurome battle, Kurome is saved by Wave and Akame retreats, but Kurome's illness takes her away from the fight; In a desperate trap to kill Esdeath, Akame is almost killed but is saved by Tatsumi as a payback.

Esdeath gets infuriated of his betrayal and they are forced to kill her. Tatsumi says they will fight for real the next time and they both part their own ways; At the same time, the remaining Night Raid members are able to take down Budo losing Susanoo; During the final battle, Wave and Tatsumi are forced to help Night Raid take down the Imperial Teigu when they see how dangerous it is.

Leone event is the same as anime; The last standing, Tatsumi and Akame face off in a battle for the destiny of the Empire!