Did kirk and picard ever meet someone so beautiful

did kirk and picard ever meet someone so beautiful

That means they know every search you've ever done on Google. Is Captain Picard's Enterprise larger than Captain Kirk's? It is a beautiful moment, and fitting for the kind of man Kirk is portrayed to be. Shatner did work and talk with various people at Paramount, but based subjectively on what I have read, that is just. Jean-Luc Picard was a celebrated Starfleet officer, archaeologist and to share the memory and experiences of their people with someone who could Picard also met the legendary James T. Kirk while in the Nexus with him, and .. The only time Riker and Picard ever verbally fought in front of the Enterprise crew was in. Like James T. Kirk, Captain Jean-Luc Picard provides valuable Speak to people in the language they understand. One of the key challenges to Captain Picard during his voyages was the Picard and his crew meet with an alien race known as the Children . And he never, ever got noticed by anyone.

did kirk and picard ever meet someone so beautiful

The only person around is Captain Picard, who does an impression of John McClane from Die Hard and, all by himself, takes everyone out. Yippie ki yay, mother Vorta! Although he has tremendous tactical knowledge, Picard is known for being a level-headed negotiator and mediator.

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However, when it comes to asking the big questions, does anyone have bigger nacelles than Captain Kirk? In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Kirk and crew forget about science fiction for a moment and delve into philosophy, meeting an entity that claims to be the Supreme Being.

When the entity asks for Kirk's vessel, the Captain asks: We get a small glimpse into the life Kirk could have led: The illusion disappears when Kirk and Picard leave the Nexus.

Kirk got a small taste of an alternate life, but Picard led an entire lifetime of another man named Kamin in the episode "The Inner Light.

did kirk and picard ever meet someone so beautiful

Picard got to experience having a wife, grandchildren and even learned to play the flute. His son, David, unfortunately met his demise at the hands of Klingons, only making Kirk more bitter towards them. Naturally, when a peace treaty needed to be brokered between the Federation and the Klingons, they sent Kirk. Initially Kirk was a victim of his own prejudices, saying that the Klingons should be allowed to perish after the Klingon moon Praxis was destroyed.

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Kirk fought against those attempting to sabotage the Khitomer Conference. The Accords signed that day allowed for a century of peace between the Klingons and Federation. Kirk and crew found themselves at times with Romulan Ale, a blue liquid that packs quite an intoxicating punch.

Worf found himself hung over from drinking the ale during Riker's wedding. But, who needs Romulan Ale when you have your own wine? If you find yourself in La Barre, France, go to Chateau Picard, speak with the head vigneron and get yourself a bottle of red, like the one Captain Georgiou had in her Ready Room aboard the U. You can get Chateau Picard wine in real life!

Captain Kirk has a reputation for being popular with the ladies.


The Borg want to assimilate other races, the Klingons want to conquer, the Vidiians want to steal organs but Kirk just wants to go where no man has gone before. We're talking about exploring space Picard has his share of romances ask to borrow his Horga'hn but Kirk has done something Picard has never done: While on Rura Penthe, Kirk met a shapeshifter named Martia.

Played by the actress Iman, she kisses Kirk then later morphs herself into Kirk. Could it be that Picard is such a great protagonist because his main antagonist is a super-powerful entity that can literally do anything that they want? The omnipotent Q would probably agree with us. Q can snap his fingers and go anywhere, have anything appear and have any event happen. He can time travel, teleport and even has threatened judgment upon the entire human race, yet he's consistently lost to Captain Picard time and time again.

Though such resolutions are usually peaceful, Picard is also shown using his remarkable tactical cunning in situations when it is required. Picard has a fondness for detective storiesShakespearean dramaand archeology. He is frequently shown drinking Earl Grey tea and issuing the order, "Make it so", or, "Engage".

The fourth-season episode " Family " reveals that Picard has a brother, Robert, who took charge of the family vineyards in La Barre after Picard joined Starfleet.

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Picard joins forces with the 23rd-century Enterprise captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek Generations to fight the film's villain Dr. Insurrectionand encounters Shinzon, a Romulan -made clone of himself, in Star Trek: Jean-Luc also corresponds regularly with Marie, his sister-in-law, who still maintains the family vineyards.

As of in the novel miniseries Star Trek: The Fall, Picard remains as commanding officer of the Enterprise-E. In the comics miniseries Star Trek: Countdown, a prequel to the Star Trek rebootPicard is depicted as having retired from Starfleet and becoming Federation Ambassador to Vulcan.

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He is present aboard the Enterprise as it confronts Nero, who has gone mad and begun killing non-Romulans after they fail to save Romulus. The Enterprise arrives too late to aid Ambassador Spock against Nero, believing both Spock and Nero to have been consumed by the artificial black hole that Spock created. Reception[ edit ] Captain Kirk was the man of action right down to the very end.

They had him off punching out the bad guy That was Kirk versus Picard, right there in a nutshell. Generations [19] The character received critical acclaim among fans of The Next Generation, and he is usually considered one of the top two captains in the Star Trek franchise — there are often lengthy and serious debates over whether Picard or James T.