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christian and kimber meet

Dr. Christian Troy is a fictional character played by Julian McMahon on the FX Networks series Christian almost marries Kimber, but the relationship sours after she is kidnapped by Soon after they meet, Christian suspects her of having a relationship with a woman named James who is smuggling organs out of the clinic. Sean and Christian both have a knack for striking up relationships with It's all very “Mean Girls” meets the “Lost” episode “Not in Portland,” as well on their wedding day, making it look like Kimber left Christian on the altar. Sean: [to Kimber, about Christian] Ms. Henry, I think you're confusing Dr. Troy's Liz: [referring to Christian] He's the only straight man I ever met who was.

Kimber soon discovers that Sean has had sex with her doll, and he gets to try out the real thing when the two of them engage in a brief affair. At dinner with Sean, Kimber explains that Alma, her psychic, told her that the heart line in her hand is broken in two, hinting at a love tragedy. She wants her lines surgically connected and extended to change fate. Despite at first calling the request ridiculous, Sean is seduced into performing the procedure.

Moving behind the camera and directing her own erotic films, Kimber tells Christian that she loves him and will always be there for him. Christian proposes to Kimber, but tragedy strikes when Kimber is kidnapped from their wedding by The Carver.

It is revealed that The Carver has undone all of Kimber's previous surgeries without anesthesiaas well as carving his signature smile into her face. Christian fixes her destroyed body but Kimber ends their relationship soon after, displaying signs of Stockholm syndrome and feeling sympathy for her captor and his message that "beauty is a curse on the world".

She runs into Matt McNamara at the gym and introduces him to the cult through an E-meter test. Kimber enrages Julia McNamara when she encourages Matt to move out of the McNamara home due to its "toxic environment". The following morning Christian reveals that he was simply using her for sex, which destroys Kimber. Christian believes the baby is secretly his, but DNA tests prove otherwise. Sean tells Kimber about Matt's true feelings for her, and she replies that she is trying to love him.

Matt tells Sean and Christian that he has taken Jenna and left Kimber, but this is in fact a ruse to get money to pay for his and Kimber's spiraling addiction to crystal methamphetamine. Kimber tells Matt that she never loved him, and moves in with Ram. After dropping off Jenna, Kimber kisses Christian but laughs and recoils at the sight of his post-surgery breast cancer scar.

She tells him that his cancer is karma for the way he has treated women over the years, and is surprised that something like it didn't happen sooner. Kimber administers the collagen incorrectly, leading Christian to do the deed and rejects Kimber's decision to get Jenna a successful modeling career. Discovering that Christian is about to marry Liz and is dying from cancer, Kimber confronts Liz and tells her that she is the one who should be with Christian in his last days.

Liz rejects the idea, believing that Kimber is only after Christian's wallet. Kimber shows up at the wedding ceremony uninvited. When the priest asks if anybody disagrees with the union, Kimber stands up with tears in her eyes. That kind of shit. Excuse me, Miss Moore. Have a seat, Mr. I thought you were his father. I'm his, uh, biological father. I have two dads. Well, was there a divorce? Emily Willis has two mommies. We're seeing more and more of this. Matt's father is my partner, Dr.

They're not gay, Miss Wentworth. My Mom slept with Christian before she married my Dad. Technically, I don't have any father figures, but Matt's living in my house and screwing my Mom, so I pretend he's my Dad. It's true, Miss Wentworth. Matt and I are lovers. I was his life coach. You see, Matt has a problem.

He's a premature ejaculator. I deal with dysfunctional families on a daily basis. And trust me, everyone has a story, and none of you are that special. I know you've slept with some strange types, Christian, but a year-old school principal? Put it on my tomb stone. Here lies Christian Troy. He was never predictable. There are times I want to feel more May, than September for a change. Here is the new world order, Christian. You keep Matt informed on how to minimize orange streaks at spray-on tanning salons, and I'm in charge of all matters concerning his education.

Every time I feel like I'm getting my life back, I have a Gina outbreak. You haven't had a pregnancy scare since Gabe Kaplan was a celebrity. Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are. Amazing drug, isn't it? It's a rarefied form of metocurine chloride. They use it on psych patients I'm rescuing them from all that They call me the 'Carver'. Fifty noses all the same.

christian and kimber meet

A thousand flawless breasts. You're the monster carving what's beautiful and real out of life. I might be HIV positive. This is seriousKimber. You have to get yourself tested. WellI have been every month. I've got my DNA results last week.

HIVchlamydia, gonorrhea. I still have one call to make - James and Wilbur. Heyit's gonna be okay. I'm aloneKimber. I had sex with thousand women but the truth is that I haven't been into committed with one. You are into committed with me. You tried to be at least. And that counts for something. Why you're so good to me? Because I love youChristian. You love the idea of me.

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Moneygood looksnice things. I prefer I'm your perfect man. But how you gonna feel about me when I have no hair and I can't eat a bowl brown rice without throwing up them? Hanging in a hospital Your heart will still be there. And so will I. My body's dropping so fast my gynecologist needs a hard hat. Vodka on the rocks? If memory serves, you downed one of these the last time you were here barking up similar hallow threats. Drink up and get out. Despite your doctor's degree and sleek veneer of sophistication, when it comes to women and how to treat them, you've crawled right out of the cave.

If I stuck my dick in you, it would sizzle off. It would sizzle alright. Season 3[ edit ] Momma Boone [3. Sometimes, I hated the guy. But most of the time, I loved him. The separation can't go on forever. And what kills me the most is that I didn't even hear the words 'I love you'. I jus can'tChristian. I can't be that person who you settle for just because your tired and depressed. I'm not ready to call today.

I'm not ready to come die with you. Now you're screwing another girl. I'm me again, baby. That's the beauty of youth. There are no mistakes, just research. There's really no point in having a consultation without the patient present. Well, I'm sure you're exaggerating. What is it with you and this animal? She is an outcast from her tribe, and she is suffering because of it.

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I know what that feels like. Ok, I just want to point out that it was you who compared yourself to a gorilla, not me. Maybe Kumba can see past Kiki's scar, to her "inner beauty" -- Maybe he's not a shallow bastard like the rest of us.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Beauty attracts to preserve the species. In evolutionary terms, Dr. Troy, all males are bastards. But if you're so appalled by your own feelings that you deny their existence, they'll run your tight little ass for the rest of your repressed middle-brow life. Do you want a safe life or an authentic one?

Derek, Alex, and Gary [3. My girlfriend I can handle, it's my girlfriend's girlfriend that's wiping me out. You are my idol. How do you get up for work? The sex isn't the exhausting part. It's the constant jockeying for position.

christian and kimber meet

I am trying to establish myself as the Walk of Cock here. Three tickets for the Vin Diesel movie. I thought we're watching Jude Law. Doesn't he get castrated at the end of this one? You always choose the movie. We haven't seen anything I like in the past two years. I'm sorry the movies I like are not the cinematic masterpieces you direct, Kimber. These 'masterpieces' grossed more in first-month DVD sales than you made the entire year last year, asshole.

You are constantly whispering in her ear to box me out. We have a shorthand. College BJ's are cute and nice. But aim a little higher.

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Our coddling and laissez-faire attitude led him to getting pissed on by a bunch of transexuals! The Hutton Academy is not a military school. It's a disciplinary institution. And the two plums between my legs are not balls, they're testicles. You wouldn't dare mess up your most perfect work. Kimber's not a condiment from IHOP, sweetheart, she's not to be passed around the table.

I had higher expectations of you Christian, but the truth is you're nothing more than a domesticated housecat with an expensive haircut, and no sense of adventure. Domesticated or not there is no pussy for you here.

I have an 8: Make sure you don't drop the scalpel. Our new partner plays for both teams. Could you have misinterpreted? I've never had a buddy of mine stick his pinky up my ass just for shits and giggles.

I think he has a man-crush on you. It is you that he's trying to screw! With all due respect you know more about the different classes of tequila than you do parenting.

I know enough to know that the pound wouldn't give either of you a 10 year old mutt covered in shit right now. My guess it's phantom pain. Who do I see for phantom pain, Ghostbusters? What's the big deal? What part of you being or having an asshole could shock me? Is this surgery or open mic night at the lesbian coffee bar? The police found a condom a the crime scene with Christian's DNA. The police planted it, that happens all the time. He'll tell you otherwise. Fourteen hours in this place without a cup of coffee even Ghandi would become a narcoleptic.

Throw a stone down South Beach and you would hit some model I did not call back. I think you know more about someone in the first five minutes than you do in an entire twenty-year relationship.

christian and kimber meet

Those first gut instincts, they're always right. It's time and sentimentality that cloud the mind's ability to judge. I used to fantasize when I was beaten and molested by my foster father that everything would be okay because my mother was an angel watching over me.

She'd want to see me make something out of this life. If I didn't fight back, it's because in some kind of way I feel like I deserve it.

For screwing Julia when you were engaged, for cheating on every girlfriend I've ever had, for charging ten grand to raise a pair of sagging tits on some socialite bitch, for generally being a soulless man. I haven't struck out like this since there was a rumor that I had genital warts. Don't think of me as a celebrity. Think of me as a familiar face that changes every couple years. And at my age, inflation is a bitch.

It has mood-altering hormones in it. I read about it. Didn't do a thing for me. My entire life I thought there was a psychological reason why I'm a sex addict--turns out I was just jonesin' for jizz.

The tabloids will go nuts. Well, she'll be famous, we'll be stoned in the streets. The American Architecture Award. I got it for an atrium house I designed in I utilised the power of negative space. The beauty of what's missing. Six figures isn't doing it for you anymore? I want to be of service. I left my practice, my wife, my son and daughter. I always thought I'd die without them but I didn't. Alive with nothing to live for.

Could you speak up? It's hard to hear through all those violins. Just what you always wanted, right? No ethical restraints and a shitload of money. You left out sexual depravity and devil worship. I'd look at him and see who I was.

Baby, you can't depend on mirrors. They can make you look fat or old or too thin. And Sean's made you look small. Way smaller than you are. Today I took off a man's leg so he could feel whole. All I know is that without you, something's missing. Til death do us part. When his hair implants come in wrong, Christian has to miss his first appearance on the show; Sean, meanwhile, is a hit with the audience.

Out of spite, Christian breaks a confidentiality agreement and reveals that he had performed surgery on an actress to get recognition himself. He then does a porn photoshoot, attracting gay men to his office. He and Sean also operate on rival Marilyn Monroe impersonators; Christian then has a threesome with both of them. Christian dabbles in male prostitution after a woman mistakes him for an actual prostitute named Campbell.

He decides to give religion a try after meeting a nun. Sean eventually discovers their relationship and both admit to him that they are in love. However, Christian is tempted to cheat on Julia yet again with Gina, who was hired temporarily as receptionist.

Oddly enough, Sean had chosen Gina for this position because Christian was the least likely to cheat with her, but the two find non-coital means to have an affair. When Gina admits the affair to Julia and Christian meets her on the roof of his office building to serve her a restraining order, he is offered a condom by Gina.

He begins to have intercourse with her on the ledge of the roof, when Gina is thrust off the building, falling to her immediate death. Matt sleeps with a patient of Christian's named Emme after Christian tries to set them up.

The two immediately get a paternity test, which proves that Emme is indeed Christian's daughter. They both try to persuade Matt and Emme to break up, and in the end are successful. Christian develops second stage breast cancerand undergoes a mastectomywith Sean promising to perform the reconstruction.

After undergoing surgery and chemotherapyChristian becomes very ill and Liz decides to stay with him while he recovers. Eventually the two end up having sex, leading to them becoming a couple briefly until Christian recovers enough to resume his womanizing ways. Despite his apparent good health, Christian learns that the cancer has spread and he has six months to a year left to live.

Realizing he does not want to spend what time he has left alone, he travels back to Miami and asks Liz to come back by proposing to her. Liz returns, and discovers that a large amount of medicine is missing from the storeroom. Christian admits to Liz that he stole it because he found out his cancer had returned and he was going to use the drugs to kill himself, but changed his mind. Liz is insulted that Christian asked her to marry him so that she "could help him die" and throws the ring back at him.

Later, Liz changes her mind and agrees to marry Christian after realizing he is sincere in his wish to spend what time he has left with her. However, shortly after his wedding to Liz, he receives a phone call from his doctor telling him that his cancer is fully in remission.

His results were switched with another patient's due to a computer glitch. The doctor wishes him and his new wife a long, happy life together. In the beginning of season 6 Christian and Liz have broken up due to Christian finding out about his cancer remission. An embittered Liz sues Christian for breaking her heart and threatens to take everything he owns. Meanwhile, Matt has taken up Mime lessons, but after it tanks Matt uses his theatrical look to hold people at fake gunpoint.

Christian and Kimber - Kimber meets Christian's mother.