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Castle and Beckett were stepping across to a small bar in the corner of They had no idea Beckett and I were looking for an opportunity to meet secretly .. animated series and games, like Pokemon, Naruto, and Yu-Gi-Oh!". Naruto replaces Castle and joins Kate Beckett and her new partner from Boston, Basically, it's the Cod: Modern Warfare trilogy meets My name is Naruto, and I am a fallen Angel sent to Hell to rule alongside .. whiskered cheeks of Naruto and he leaned down capturing her lips in a kiss, " Beckett." a cop said causing Kate and Naruto to look over "Midtown.

Part 2 of the "Grimm Numbers" series. Break the Cycle by Stellar Magic reviews Commander Johnathan "John" Shepard finds himself assigned to the Normandy while a Quarian girl prepares for her Pilgrimage and a disgrunted cop wrestles with red tape. M for violence and sexual themes. T - English - Horror - Chapters: After recapturing Sasuke, Naruto is forced out of Konoha.

However, he takes along some unexpected allies for the ride! First submission, and counting! T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Written for the Narnia Fic Exchange. But two strangers can help. You'll still like it if you don't watch POI. Never you mind what the Hyland boy is up to. Gunnerkrigg Court - Rated: K - English - Adventure - Chapters: Gotham Academy is being held for ransom during lunch, and there are three prime hostages tucked away in one corner.

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Fanfiction picking up where Season 3 left off, dealing with the aftermath of the last great battle and the impact it has on the Autobots, the Decepticons and Cybertron. Carries on into a new story with familiar characters and expanding others. Super Smash Brothers - Rated: Rated T to be safe. Post-Movie Hiccup has a little trouble making it up the hill to his house, fortunately Astrid's there to help and the two of them get a moment to be, well, viking teenagers who saved the world.

How to Train Your Dragon - Rated: The unsub's name, Dean Winchester. Morgan - Complete Ripple by miforever29 reviews When the impossible becomes possible and the line between dreams and reality blurs, what will Naruto do when he's confronted with the past?

And what does this mean for the present and the future? What in the world was going on? Naruto in our world, Noncrack.

Just remember that they're more serious and Gram will be here too," Alexis said. Maybe you should tell her to be more serious and less dramatic. He's not," Alexis explained. We are going to the opera," Martha said. I don't want to be all alone when I meet them! He turned around on his stool and put his head down on his hands on the kitchen counter.

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I'm sure that she will fill us in on what happens," Alexis suggested. She and Martha looked at each other and nodded, as if to say, of course.

Castle picked his head up and looked like he got an idea. You could almost hear the gears turning to turn on the lightbulb. Alexis walked over to her immature father and kissed his cheek. Don't stress for too long. They're just normal people. And then there was one, Castle thought. Within seconds, he was bored out of his mind with the quiet and lack of human company. He turned and looked around the room, his eyes landing on the phone.

Castle smiled and there was only one thing going through his mind. Let's see what Miss Beckett has to do tomorrow night… He strode over to the phone, not once having a doubt, until he got to the phone. What if she had plans?

Or was out with some new guy? He really hoped that it wasn't the latter. He didn't know if he could handle it if she said that she had a date or something. He dialed the number, pressing the buttons before he could wimp out. She eagerly grabbed it; anything to occupy her mind, instead of hours of boring paperwork. Because that only worked once. Never again will I buy you ice cream when I am within a mile of you. But anyhoo, no, I can buy my own ice cream, thankyouverymuch.

No, Ashley's parents want to meet me but they are, like, all serious and boring and sticks in the mud and I don't want to be alone with them. So can you come to dinner and make sure I don't make a complete fool of myself, please? This case has a lot of paperwork, and we still don't know how Marie was killed, so I want to stay here in case we get a lead," Beckett said.

Did she want to be there when the most immature adult she knew met his daughter's boyfriend's parents? That would be awesome to watch. You know that," Castle said. I will have dinner with you and the boring people you don't want to be alone with.

Despite having retired after Natasha's death, Naruto's Security Clearance stays the same and he keeps his Spy Network. This aids them tremendously during some of their cases.

Naruto is a master at all forms of martial arts and weaponry. Naruto's mother died from leukemia six years after Alexis was born. Minato's fate is up to the author but he never shows up in the story except as being mentioned. Alexis' mother was murdered and her case is unsolved. Her mother was Natasha Romanoff. She was killed because she found out about LokSat.

She was killed after giving birth to Alexis in an explosion that almost killed Naruto and a baby Alexis as well. LokSat was behind it. LokSat is Naruto's old mentor. After Natasha's death, Naruto never had another relationship with anyone. Naruto is shot in Frankie's place. When asked why he was wearing a Bullet Proof vest, he states that it's an old habit and he feels naked without one. Alexis, Jane and Kate get along instantly. Naruto gets shot at Montgomery's funeral instead of Kate.

The bullet pierces his vest. When Alexis is kidnapped, it's to get to Naruto.