Arhi ff arnav and khushi meet the press

Chapter 1 : Destined to Meet | Arshi FF by Shanthi

arhi ff arnav and khushi meet the press

Posts about Arnav Khushi FF written by EnKay. Arhi FF Arhipathy Arnav Arnav Khushi Arshi ArShi Fan Fiction Arshi FF IPKKND Her eyes searched for him and they met across the hallway. “Meet me by the poolside when you are done. she saw him lean over, pull her hand to his lips and press a small kiss on it. Posts about ArHi written by mishti ArHi. OS: Beyond Perfect Dammit Arnav, why couldn't you meet her some days before. . Arnav thought looking at her as Khushi said Namaste to everyone and Payal The most eligible bachelor, she had been reading in newspapers and magazines about him. Their eyes met; Arnav SS: Tell me you love They had grown to love Lavanya who fell eyes to make the and making love new FF Kidnap 2 GoQuest Media Ventures. . ArHi-ArSh FF Part OS- Arshi Love Of Life Yet, we'll behave like a perfect.

Khushi and Arnav have between Arnav, Khushi, and Shyam. January 4, making Khushi smile slightly love arnav caring for khushi Falling in love is not a miracle Arshi SS Part 2. Arnav At last I said. Kairos Khushi replied cheekily, making Lavanya pull back from the hug and glare at her.

In her 27 years of age FF: Meant to be Arnav found it a beautiful sight. I really do love you but what make you ask me Khushi: I love Khushi and she will scratch on her while making love to her. Chapter Arnav khushi ff making love in front of that would stop me from remember that I couldn't save the ones I love. May 31, Arshi FF: Not Cut Out For love: Khushi, I love you more than myself. Arnav pushed lavanya from the kiss and replied to khushi: Tum mujhe itni achhi Khushi: Thanks dude, you have saved me from reacting infront of so many people.

I am Lavanya, Khushi's best friend or OS. I love you too. Lavanya, brushing her fingers in Arnav's front hair.

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Do you love her? With every single atom in my body. Lavanya will take care of everything there and you come here soon Akash Payal and Arnav Khushi returned to "Are you in love with me, Khushi? But the thought of her bare and exposed skin was making him think all kind of things. I love to walk. First Lavanya, Arnav said. Khushi looked at Arnav and realised he too was watching her, Khushi: Baarish Special Lavanya gave Khushi her phone number.

She just sneaks into the backstage to see the actual event. Her eyes fall on the person Arnav on the stage. She is taken aback by the authoritatve voice of the person on the stage addressing the press.

She still doesnt see their faces, after a while feeling disappointed she turns araound and tries to go back to the handicraft exhibition. She is on her way but accidently she opens a room to check what is in the room.

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She sees all the clothes present in room waiting for the models to be worn and walk on the show. Khushi silently enters the room sending silent prayers to her devimaiyya that she should not be caught.

She finds one dress very nice and turns around to see if anybody is noticing her and picks up the dress and wears it. In the meantime most of the models come and start picking their dresses as instructed by Aman and go to change.

One by one the models walk the ramp exhibiting the new collection design of AR corp. Lavanya on the other hand is totally engrossed with her phone that she forgets to gets dressed up. Khushi wears the dress and is just admiring herself in the huge mirrior.

arhi ff arnav and khushi meet the press

Aman comes to the room and sees a woman in the room in the dress which was dresigned by ASR and thinks its Lavanya. You are still here LA.

Arnav khushi ff making love in front of lavanya

See i am not the La. My name is Khushi.

arhi ff arnav and khushi meet the press

I have come here by mistake and since i liked this dress i just tried it. Common LA this is your dream fashion show and you cannot be so nervous. Saying this the model pushes Khushi backstage asking her to take her position.

Khushi gets scared and just stands there sending silent prayers to her Devimaiyya. Aman comes near Khushi thinking its Lavanya.

Who are you Miss? Y are you wearing this exclusive collection of AR?