Amara katherine and elena meet

amara katherine and elena meet

Amara with Tessa, Katherine, and Elena. In Death .. The Vampire Diaries 5x07 Elena Katherine Amara Scene. Amara TVD 5x06 Damon Elena meet Amara. Elena's reaction, meeting Katherine vs meeting Amara. Her face when meeting Amara is like “damn another one?!" Lol. Elena's reaction, meeting Katherine vs meeting Amara.

Generally, when witches cast large spells, it means death, and therefore her own pain. The young Bonnie appears next to Elena.

Amara watches her; she is calm, collected. Until no one is. Windows begin to shatter; the strange fire in the glass above her sizzles out.

Amara flinches, trying to fold in on herself, waiting for the pain. It is the same tone she used to use when the fabric she wanted came from Egypt two weeks too late.

There is a sigh of exasperation somewhere in the dark. Her own voice calls out from across the room in irritation, "I can't see anything, can you? Amara is being pulled from all directions and no direction. The wind is stronger now; she cannot tell if it is in her head or if it is pulling at everyone.

Darkness stronger than the absence of light settles in around her. Memories fly through her head at random, places and people she will never see again because they existed two thousand years ago.

Amara hopes this is death. She closes her eyes. Then she is gone. Elena fights back the angry tears threatening to spill over. They had been so close to getting Bonnie back. Couldn't Silas have come ten minutes from now hell-bent on killing everyone? Katherine is obviously frustrated with her own lack of nocturnal vision when she calls out, "I can't see anything, can you?

As long as Damon is here, she will be safe. What happens is not one of them. Katherine gasps, clutching at her chest. Her hands move to her arms, her legs, and her hair.

She cannot seem to speak; Elena watches as she seems to compress. Katherine fights it as hard as she can; she falls to the floor, fingernails scraping the wood.

Katherine gasps, and then disappears. First Amara, then Katherine… Elena rushes into Damon's arms. His arms are crushing her ribcage, holding her so tightly she barely notices when the strange pressure starts behind her eyes.

There is something like wind, but her hair isn't lifting or flowing, so she knows it is only in her mind. She hopes her eyes convey what her voice cannot. She feels she is being pulled in all directions. What spell is this? His blue eyes blaze, and as always she feels a chill of recognition in her very soul.

amara katherine and elena meet

Damon yells out in anger and terror the second she leaves his arms. One moment she is there; the next she doesn't seem to exist. He can't sense her anywhere in the house. There is manic laughter from all around him, laughter that sounds as though it belongs to his brother, but it does not. Then there is something between a blast and a flash, and Damon is gone too. October 31st, "You've missed a cycle before, dear.

amara katherine and elena meet

Even doctors get false positives sometimes. I sincerely doubt that-" "You don't understand," Miranda cut her husband off. I can feel it. In desperation, Miranda and Grayson Gilbert had turned to in-vitro fertilization treatments. She had been implanted with five eggs only twelve days ago. Hope swelled within her. She knew, somehow, that something big had happened. She had awoken in the middle of the night with the strangest awareness of her body, her surroundings, and somehow of time itself.

She knew her husband didn't want them getting their hopes up again only to be disappointed, but this was unlike anything she had felt before. The jelly is cool when they place it on her stomach.

Death and the Maiden Chapter 1, a Vampire Diaries + Originals Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Usually ultrasounds aren't done this early in the pregnancy, but in this case they need to see how many eggs are actually viable. Miranda begins to worry when the technician squints at the monitor, blinks, and squints again. A vague sort of fear settles inside her when the technician gets up, retrieves someone else, and sits back down.

The doctor looks from Miranda to Grayson, and slowly beings to grin. At first we thought it was a fluke; this is extremely rare. You're going to be the proud parents of four identical babies. May 23, Caroline blinks into the bright light. She's in her room, in her bed. The covers are soft and warm. When did she come back here? One moment, she was at the Boarding House, waiting on Bonnie to be revived by Qetsiyah, and now… Had it worked?

Had there been a magical backlash or something? This isn't the first time she's been knocked out unceremoniously only to wake up safe, courtesy of her friends. It sounds like she's been crying.

Elena and Katherine

What had gone so horribly wrong? Something is wrong with Caroline, too. It's taking too long for her eyes to adjust to the hall's light. There's something you should know. Panic sizzles through her. Her heart beats faster. Blood rushes in her ears. She has a headache; it feels suspiciously like the early beginnings of a hangover, only vampires don't get those.

amara katherine and elena meet

Liz sits on the edge of her daughter's bed. It is then Caroline realizes that this bedspread is one she had over two years ago, back when she was still- Human. The word reverberates through her skull so loudly she almost doesn't catch what her mother is saying.

Elena and her parents… well they skidded off the road. Off of Wickery Bridge. Elena will be fine, but her parents didn't make it, honey. After Katherine rejects Damon, he turns up drunk at Elena's, only to be rejected by her as well.

Elena, "How do we look exactly alike? Damon gives Elena a book which may contain more information about Katherine. Elena goes to the Salvatore Boarding House to find Stefan, who was holding Katherine prisoner in an attempt to get the truth from her, but came face to face with Katherine for the first time instead. Elena asked her how they looked alike, but Katherine said she was asking the wrong questions.

Katherine examined Elena just as Stefan arrived and she disappeared. Katherine telling her story to Elena. Katherine said Elena had the "Petrova fire". Katherine told Elena her story: She had a baby girl out of wedlock that carried on the bloodlinebut was kept secret and given away.

Trevor assisted her while Rose wanted to turn her in but Katherine tricked Rose into feeding her her blood as Katherine then killed herself, becoming a vampire. After Elena returned home she told Stefan she was not only afraid for herself, but for the people around her as it was her fault that everyone would be hurt or killed.

She seemed to believe everything that Katherine told her. Katherine pretended to be Elena again and fooled Stefan and Damon, pleased she was improving in her impersonations. Katherine insisted she wanted to help and posed as Elena when Jonas came to kill her. Elena refused to thank Katherine, angering her. Elena also became suspicious of her. Later, Katherine takes Elena and switches clothes with her in order to get her to Isobel, who would turn her in to Klaus.

Isobel had lied to Katherine about Klaus wanting Elena in exchange for Katherine's freedom when, really, he wanted Katherine.

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Stefan saw through her facade when she pretended to be Elena again. So she sent him away with her companion, Agape, and made the Travelers think he had gotten sick and died.

For years she mourned for Basilieos, and their son that they had been robbed of the chance of raising. She even mourned Alexandra. She slowly moved up the ranks once more, going from being almost nothing in the Traveler's social circle, to being a maid to Quetsiyah, a very powerful Traveler. Over time, she came to believe she could love again, even if she did not love Silas as much as she loved Basilieos.

When Silas confessed his love for her, she jumped at the chance to be happy, not thinking of the consequences. The day Silas told her of his plan to make them immortal, Amara was weary.

She had started to realize that this could blow up in their faces. He managed to convince her overtime that this was a good idea. Silas planned everything, and Amara just listened.

The night before everything was supposed to happen, she had a dream. Basilieos came to her. He told her that going through with this would have horrible consequences. She couldn't back out now. All through the night, dream Basilieos tried to convince her, until finally he said, "If you do this, you'll never see me or our son again.

She had never thought of that. That her immortality would keep her from seeing her loved ones that had passed on. When he saw her reaction, he placed a hand on her check. The dream version of her shivered at the contact. It almost felt as though he was really there. He placed a soft kiss on her lips and simply disappeared. When she woke up she knew what she had to do. She had to get out of this.

Stop Silas from backstabbing Qetsiyah.