Zoro and tashigi meet again soon

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zoro and tashigi meet again soon

Tashigi ran into Zoro again when she went to pick up her sword from the sword shop Soon after, Tashigi met up with Smoker and they headed to the execution . Zoro soon finds the strongest swordsman in the world, Mihawk, and challenges him. Zoro and Tashigi meet again briefly on the streets of the casino town Rain . The meet again somewhere in the Alabasta Arc, I think it's Episode http:// pugliablog.info edit: They encounter her.

zoro and tashigi meet again soon

Since when did Marines cry? Why must she always turn into such a It must have been so humiliating for poor Captain Smoker, to have her break down like that in front of a fellow officer. And she was probably blushing about it right now. It didn't matter how much she tried not to act girly; her body, as usual, was hell bent on doing the exact opposite of whatever she demanded of it.

Tashigi wasn't looking for anything simple. She wasn't up to hounding informants about Roronoa and the crew of degenerates he worked with that evening, and she doubted that there were any interesting sharp objects to be sought out in an area where warring factions had so recently cast down their arms. No none of that. Tashigi was looking for justice. One would think that she would already have found it. Grandline was full of all sorts of miraculous beasts. Yet for all the months at sea she spent, and the hour she'd wasted pacing half of Nanohana, Tashigi'd found nothing.

And the Marine had a sneaking suspicion that this was not entirely because she was nearly as blind as a bat. Tashigi was not, by any means, unaware. She could still see the tents of the desert-dwellers who traveled into Nanohana to peddle their wares, their white faded to a brown that grew weary with travel. She smelled the scent of smoke - real smoke, woodsmoke - in the air, and the faint tang of curry, and she knew that she was getting closer to one of the impromptu street celebrations that reports said had been springing up, since the rains had finished washing away Albastians' frustrations, and the giddy reality of peace finally began to hit them.

Tashigi tasted the grit on her tongue and felt the trade winds muss her hair. Her senses were working. She would know justice, when she found it. And justice was a no-show. The lawless ruled, so that even the law had to rely on them. The people of Albasta had wanted justice, to the point that they'd risen up to take it for themselves in a revolution. But didn't matter how hard they had worked to gain power, or how much they wished.

They would never have real justice. All they had was the slack that lawless pirates had cut them, while fighting amongst themselves. The lesser of two evils. Only those who ran wild had the power to impose their will on the Grandline. But there must be justice, somewhere. Tashigi had to believe that. So if she couldn't see it, then the problem must lie in her. That was what she had to fix. Smoker said it best: Wait, was it getting late already?

In One Piece, will Zoro and Tashigi meet again and what episode?

Tashigi stopped to look at her watch, angling it towards the setting sun. She was nearly out of time! If Captain Smoker had returned, and she were late There was no way that she was going to get caught returning late.

She couldn't be absent, in case something happened that might allow her to redeem herself. The Marine turned on her heel and began to run back towards the dockyards, dodging revelers and wandering drunks as she went. Unfortunately, since Tashigi happened to be Tashigi, this could only lead to disaster. Next Monday is missing or in jail or whatever, so I've got no buyer. And if I don't unload you soon, Captain Bell is going to kill me. I have devil fruit powers! I'm even almost debt-free!

Killing me would be a complete waste of potential. Plus, it would get blood all over everything. And blood-soaked is not a good look on anybody, except maybe Mihawk the Hawkeyes, and even then only because he's one freaky-looking son of a bitch, or so I've heard.

Therefore, there is absolutely no possibility whatsoever of Captain Bell killing me. I mean, look at me. Who could kill a face like this? Jack was scrawny and sharp-boned, with questionably-styled hair.

His shirt had seen better days, and his patched-up suede jacket had probably seen better decades. This was not be the first time that he wondered if he ought to take to wearing a top-hat, if only for effect, "Barkeep! A word with you, good sir! Eventually he had to put the glass down and clutch at the counter for balance.

Plan J - like A through I before it - had been a spectacular failure. He should have known that the kinds of bars he'd find customers in would be empty, what with Hina the Black Cage in town.

It was only sunset. He still had time for Plan K. Jack grabbed his merchandise, and then disappeared through the door.

Tashigi was not getting out of breath. Those laps she did 'round the starboard bow were finally paying off. There were really alot more people out on the street than when she had been walking around before. Or maybe she was just noticing them more, on account of she had to be careful to stay out of their way. Tashigi had to make sure that her concentration was as perfect as she could make it, and scan the horizon at all times for new obstacles.

A person just never knew when something like, say, a sign, or an urn, would leap into her path of its own accord. Really, those inanimate objects were very dangerous. Forward, then jump up and over, then watch out for that abnormally tiny dog, then turn to the left WITHOUT hitting the street-lamp, then try not to be distracted by all the shiny lights coming from that street party please please please let her not be blinded by anything please please please She did knock her shin against a bicycle rack, but as far as these things went with her, that was pretty much par for the course.

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He had one one of those funny dress robe things that all of the Albastian men wore. It wasn't flamboyant enough for her to suspect that he might be a Baroque Works agent. For some reason, pirates had the greatest color sense. You look pretty stressed out," the guy smiled and gestured her over. Tashigi decided to take him up on his offer.

zoro and tashigi meet again soon

As an officer of the Marines, she needed to be accessible in case this citizen was having some kind of emergency. People like Tashigi had to help rehabilitate the Marine reputation! She knew firsthand what some of the commanders in the backwater areas got away with. Word was that all of the boredom and the paperwork drove them a little Was she eccentric yet? With every challenge they faced in the Grandline or, to put it better, every challenge that Captain Smoker dragged their sorry butts throughher quest for the blood of Roronoa Zoro seemed a little more insane.

Tashigi might not have what it took to do this on her own. She certainly hadn't had it in Loguetown, or Alubarna. Her expression did not reach her eyes. What business could you possibly have now, of all times!? This is a once-in-a-lifetime event! Aren't you happy that things can go back to normal? It had never crossed her mind that he might. Business, I am going to make sure that YOU have a good time. Men didn't manhandle Tashigi.

That was just the way that the universe worked. Who forgot to pass this jerk the memo? If the Marines were gonna be inconsiderate enough to swarm Nanohana and fuck up his biggest customer, and the black market wanted to wuss out and lie too low for him to dump his merchandise on it, then Jack was clearly going to have to switch demographics. Surely there had to be at least one trader in this damn town rich enough to want to dabble with the devil.

Jack just had to find him. That was totally it. He was on a role! Jack hoped that he wasn't developing a paunch. That was the problem with having the power to connect completely different doorways. Being able to walk into a doorway on one side of the city, and then exit through a doorway on the other side of the city, made traveling long distances on foot kind of pointless. If Jack were a merchant, where would he be?

In a shop, probably. That was what merchants did. But sundown had already passed him by, and the only shops open were bars. If he were a merchant, at night, celebrating the aversion of civil war, where would he be? Jack had no freaking clue.

Jack needed some alcohol. It was time to find a kegger. Or at least flirted with. Was there a difference there? Should she be picking up on For Tashigi, meeting men usually involved either screaming demands at them, or causing them severe bodily harm. She really really had to get back to the ship.

She'd told them she would be back soon, and Tashigi was never late, because she took her job seriously.

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If officers didn't have respect for their words, how were enlisted men supposed to have any!? There was no sense staying here at all, even if this Omar person seemed like a decent citizen. His friends also looked pretty law-abiding, even if some of them were kind of tipsy. All the lanterns strong up were pretty, and also a nice break from the boat, and look!

He had gone off to fetch her a refreshing orange juice. It would be impolite to refuse an innocent drink, wouldn't it? Alot of those rebel types had been pretty heavily armed - maybe he might know something about swords! Tashigi didn't really spend time around many people who could hold a decent conversation. All of these people looked so cheery and being off of the boat for a while was just what her bad mood needed.

And it was her night off, and all, and When in doubt, junior officers were supposed to follow one very simple directive: This usually worked out fairly well. It was easy to remember, for the ones who were maybe short on brains but big on special combat powers, and if you screwed things up at least your direct superior wouldn't be angry enough to demote you back to private. Er, plus, whatever their commanding officer would do was usually the right thing.

Tashigi was feeling discouraged, so what was she going to do about it? Tashigi knew exactly what Captain Smoker would have done in her situation. The was no chance in hell.

However, if Captain Smoker were to somehow, hypothetically, inexplicably, unprecedentedly become discouraged, Tashigi knew that he would go to one of those degenerate pirate bars and bash heads in until he forgot all about it.

Then he would pretend that it hadn't happened, and drive it completely from his mind. She explains her vision, and Zoro asks her if she wants to take his sword, but she refuses, saying that she only wants the swords of "bad men. Without revealing his name, Zoro tries to explain to her that these are tough times and a guy has to do what a guy has to do to get by.

Just then, he finds an interesting sword. Tashigi tells him that it is another meitou, Sandai Kitsetsu "the third demon-killer". The shop owner warns Zoro not to buy it, and before he can explain, Zoro claims to realize that the sword is cursed. In order to test is luck, Zoro tosses the sword into the air and holds out his arm. The sword doesn't cut him, but rather imbedds itself into the floor. Zoro decides to buy the sword. However, for showing off his show of courage, the shop owner gives him the sword for free, as well as another sword, Yubashiri.

With three swords once again, Zoro leaves. Tashigi falls to her knees. However, Tashigi's overt enthrallment with Zoro is short-lived.

Once she realizes that Zoro is in fact Roronoa Zoro, a mercenary-turned-pirate, she vows to take Wadou Ichimonji. They meet once again on the rainy streets, where Tashigi claimed that he lied to her.

zoro and tashigi meet again soon

They then duel, but Zoro quickly wins. Although his victory is swift and complete, he does no physical harm to her. Tashigi takes offense, claiming that his refusal to kill her means that he held back on her on account of her being a woman. She then gives a speech very similar to the one that Kuina gave on the night that she and Zoro made their promise.

For a moment, Zoro seems to be on the verge of tears, but he swiftly switches gears and starts yelling at her for looking too much like Kuina. And so the argument goes until they are physically torn away from each other by the storm. The Strawhat pirates escape Loguetown and head to the Grand Line. Captain Smoker vows to chase them down.

Fast forward through a lot of plot. Smoker and Tashigi manage to beat the Strawhats to Arabasta after intercepting a message from the secret organization that is masterminding Arabasta's downfall. Zoro and Tashigi meet again briefly on the streets of the casino town Rain Dinners, where she challenges him to another duel.

However, Zoro refuses, claiming that Tashigi is the only one "he can't fight. He and the rest of the crew have passed out after saving the day, and Tashigi protects them from her own Marines.

She orders them not to touch a single one of the sleeping pirates. Tashigi would then go on to return to Smoker's ship and have a bit of a nervous breakdown, frustrated over the fact that she could not do real justice, only sit back and help the pirates do justice instead.

What's worse, the government is covering up the Strawhat involvement with the incident and Tashigi and Smoker are receiving promotions for work they did not do. The last we have seen of Tashigi, she was thoughtfully contemplating Zoro's new wanted poster as she and Smoker take off in pursuit of the Strawhats once again.

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Maybe it's the impossible odds, or the chance meetings. I'm drawn to this couple because if they got over their horrible communication problems, Zoro and Tashigi would have a lot in common with each other. Tashigi understands Zoro's "life on the edge" philosophy more than any other character, save perhaps, Luffy. She isn't horrified by Zoro almost cutting his arm off with a cursed sword--she's impressed. I think Zoro was trying to break it to Tashigi gently about who he was when they were sword-shopping.

Now that Tashigi's world-view has been shaken up by how obviously corrupt the government is, perhaps she now realizes that Zoro isn't simply a "bad man. Tashigi is not Kuina. Kuina was arrogant, blunt, and had a problem with authority much like Zoro. Tashigi, however, is much more polite and kind. She only flies off the handle when Zoro is concerned.

Perhaps it won't be until Zoro does become the greatest swordsman in the land that he can let go of his past. In any event, there's a lot of room for growth with this pair and how they get over their vices. The ZoroTashi fanbase is pretty small and understandably so--Tashigi appears only rarely in the mangaso there is not much to offer at the moment.

However, there is some fabulous art to check out! Some of my stuff is in here, too: Her ZoroxTashigi doujinshi are some of the most sought-after One Piece doujinshi. I can't say that I'm a particular fan of any of these stories, but perhaps there is one here that will float your boat. This will be updated with pictures soon, by the by.

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