What episode does rose and the doctor meet again

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what episode does rose and the doctor meet again

Yes, in Series 4 of Doctor Who and in the upcoming 50th anniversary special. She also has a small cameo in the Doctor Who episode "The End. How It Should Have Ended gives Doctor Who fans the Rose Tyler resolution they always wanted. "The Day of the Doctor" is a special episode of the British science fiction television programme . When Clara Oswald insists they do not destroy their people, the Doctors . changes to the War Doctor's console room, seen again later in the episode, Piper has not portrayed Rose as a series regular since " Doomsday".

Rose Tyler

Rose, the Doctor, and new companion Captain Jack John Barrowman come to understand the meaning of this phrase when they encounter an unstoppable army of evil alien Daleks on the space station Satellite 5.

Returning, she uses her power over the infinity of time and space to spread the words "Bad Wolf" over its entirety, then saving the universe from the Dalek invasion. Rose resurrects Jack, who died from Dalek fire, and destroys the Dalek fleet before the Doctor drains the energy out of her—by kissing her—to save her life from its harmful effects.

Having woken up and saved Earth, the Doctor enjoys Christmas dinner with Rose before the two once again depart to parts unknown. After defeating a werewolf, they are knighted by Queen Victoria Pauline Collinswho banishes them as threats to the Empire whilst setting up the Torchwood Institutewhich aims to track the Doctor and other aliens.

Rose becomes trapped in the parallel universe with Jackie and the alternate universe Pete as the walls between universes seal; she is later declared dead in her own universe. Months later, the Doctor is able to transmit Rose a goodbye message. She reveals she now works for that universe's Torchwood, and confesses her love for him. Before he can reply, their connection is lost. The Doctor concludes this is a sign that the Universe, and reality itself is under threat.

In the midst of the battle, a part-human Doctor is created and destroys the Daleks. The Doctor returns Rose to the parallel universe along with Jackie, and his part-human counterpart.

The Day of the Doctor

Rose challenges the Doctor to say the words he did not say to her during their previous farewell. The Doctor does not answer, but his part-human counterpart whispers in her ear and Rose kisses him.

The Doctor retreats, leaving Rose behind with his part-human counterpart. He speaks to her from the shadows, asking her what year it is. She tells him it is January 1, The Doctor promises her that she will have a really great year. Using Rose's image, chosen for her future significance to the Doctor, the Moment attempts to persuade him to seek an alternative course of action by showing him how the decision will affect his future.

what episode does rose and the doctor meet again

Rose mentions this visit to the planet Justicia in the first series television episode "Boom Town" which aired 4 June Sarah returns home to her son Luke ; Martha and Mickey leave with Jack, and the Doctor returns Rose and Jackie to the parallel universe where they were previously trapped during the episode " Doomsday ". He also sends the cloned Doctor into the parallel universe to accompany Rose and requite her love for him. It is revealed that the duplicate Doctor is part human with only one heart, and that he will not be able to regenerate.

This means that he will eventually grow old and die along with Rose. After departing, Donna's human mind becomes overwhelmed by the Time Lord knowledge and starts to deteriorate. To save her life, the Doctor is forced to wipe her mind against her wishes, and explains to her mother, Sylvia Jacqueline Kingand grandfather Wilfred Mott Bernard Cribbins that Donna must never remember him or anything that they did; otherwise, she will die.

As the Doctor leaves, Wilfred promises that he will never forget the Doctor on his granddaughter's behalf. Continuity[ edit ] The episode is the culmination of all four series of Doctor Who produced by Russell T Davies ; [3] dialogue in the episode refers to the events of " The Christmas Invasion ", in which the Doctor had his hand amputated and regrown while fighting against the Sycorax, [4].

The episode refers to Genesis of the Daleks ; Davros mentions Sarah Jane's presence on Skaro at the creation of the race. The Writer's Tale to drop the scene, as he felt that a cliffhanger was not appropriate after such a sad ending.

Unlike the multiple Doctors of stories such as The Three DoctorsThe Five Doctors and The Two Doctorswhere his previous incarnations were played by actors or depicted in old footage, this Doctor is identical in appearance to the Tenth Doctor. In the accompanying Doctor Who Confidential for this episode, Davies explains "This is so busy and so mental and so epic and universal in scale that of course you need two Doctors to solve it.

Collinson explains that while with an unlimited budget they would use Tennant in every shot, "we only have a certain number of effects shots where you can see the two Doctors together, so we have to pick those carefully. Harper explains that in "two or three wide shots" they were able to use Regan and Tennant together. For the most part the double is used for scenes where one or the other Doctor is only seen from behind, or only an arm or back of the head is seen in a shot. The double has appeared in other episodes throughout the series.

Over documentary footage showing the shooting of the scene where the new Doctor emerges from the TARDIS, Tennant describes the procedure for making an effects shot involving Tennant as both Doctors.

what episode does rose and the doctor meet again

The camera is locked in place while Tennant goes off and changes clothing, with Regan holding his place. When Clara Oswald insists they do not destroy their people, the Doctors devise an alternative solution. The Doctors, aided by ten of their other incarnations, plan to use the stasis technology to freeze Gallifrey in a pocket universe. When Gallifrey disappears, the surrounding Dalek warships would obliterate themselves in the inevitable crossfire. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone's.

It's taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know where I'm going.

The Day of the Doctor - Wikipedia

Where I've always been going. Home, the long way round. The War and Tenth Doctors realise they will not remember what happened; they will continue shouldering the guilt.

The War Doctor begins to regenerate after leaving. Hinting that the plan worked, the gallery's curator reveals to the Eleventh Doctor that one of the three-dimensional paintings is called Gallifrey Falls No More.

The Eleventh Doctor decides to find Gallifrey.