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well meet again tumblr love

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. “Roxas! We will meet again. And then we can talk about everything. I may not know I know this isn't a question but i wanted to say that i really love your blog! I hope you're still on tumblr because I absolutely love your blog. Maybe we'll meet again one day when you're not so broken and I'm not so be right for each other and it won't be so hard for you to love me.

He remembered pulling him up off the ground.

well meet again tumblr love

To Steve it probably was. Steve brushed some dirt off his trousers and then stood up straight, pointed a finger back at Bucky and replied. They became inseparable and really, that probably was when it began. Something that grew and grew into a strong and unbreakable bond that ran so deep between them that by the time Bucky noticed it, it had been too late. That, the electricity he felt in his bones when he looked Steve in the eyes and admired how blue they were had meant more than a close friendship.

Now it was hard to pass off his feelings as friendly when he looked at Steve and saw the sharp points of a collarbone peeking out from too loose clothing. It was a visceral and heated feeling, snaking through his veins, making his pulse jump and his cock ache. The bitch of it all was that if it had just been sexual, nothing but physical attraction, Bucky would have been able to deal with it. Might have been able to cause the attraction to fade by finding someone similar enough and fucking it out of his system.

He certainly made the effort at least, going out and dancing with dames a few nights a week. Unfortunately his life was hardly ever that easy. No, Bucky had to go and do the worst imaginable and fall in love. He wanted to memorize and map out instead of quick groping, wanted to go slow and explore instead of dirty and fast.

well meet again tumblr love

Hell, it was possible he had no clue what love was. It seemed to be an awful lot like this though, like he could take the whole damn world on if Steve looked at him the right way, like he had found his home and happiness, everything he could have ever wanted in the form a 95 pound, too stubborn and too brave for his own good man called Steve Rogers. Sometimes it overwhelmed him how much he felt. There was no outlet for this; well there was no acceptable outlet. Sure, he could risk telling his closest friend that he had been wired wrong and somehow had ended up falling in love with him and could they still be friends even though he thought about getting on his knees for Steve at least twice a week?

Bucky wasn't stupid and knew his feelings weren't normal. A man could get himself thrown in jail if he admitted to having thoughts like this. He also knew his friend, and knew Steve wasn't the kind of person to turn his back on him. Not for this anyway.

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But he would start to look at Bucky with pity, act differently around him and he would still be there but be gone in all the ways that mattered until their friendship became too strained and then he really would leave. Rather than face that slow and painful demise of the best relationship he had, Bucky ignored his feelings; told himself to get a grip because this thing with him was not worth losing his friend.

All of it would build up to a point where he either had to press Steve up against or leave. So he would still go out sometimes, get a drink and tell himself he was being ridiculous and dance with a beautiful girl or too. A couple times Bucky wondered if he should find a man to go home with, if that would help. He knew there were discreet, albeit illegal, places men could go to. However every time the thought crossed his head it was rejected. That was the reason why he found himself drinking alone that evening.

He should probably start heading back home soon. Steve was most likely already asleep and he hoped he could slip in without waking him. Earlier it had sounded like he could be coming down with something again and the best thing Bucky knew to do was let Steve rest.

Hopefully it would be enough prevent the next disease from sinking its hooks into him. He stumbled only a little up the stairs and thankfully Steve remained asleep. Bucky passed by him on the way to his tiny room it was an illegal subdivide that made summers feel like absolute hell.

The moon was full tonight and it shined through the one window they had. Bucky smiled at the thought. In the unlikely event Steve woke up he could always say he was checking for fever. With a sigh Bucky pulled back and felt annoyed that he had to and then he felt even more annoyed for being annoyed about something so trivial in the first place. He made it to his room without a backward glance and sat on the bed, restless.

He was still feeling just…too much. Running a hand through his dark hair, he looked around the small space for distraction. His gaze settled on an old sketchbook Steve had given him, back when they both had taken art classes together.

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well meet again tumblr love

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