We meet again for a reason by tn

we meet again for a reason by tn

And I was finally on my way again, no longer stuck in Crossville. I was on my by Tennessee. Whatever the reason, I determined to meet more people this trip. After 18 months, I'm saying goodbye to The Jackson Sun. I first want to start off by thanking all of you – the readers, the reason we write stories – for following me on this journey over the Until we meet again it's been real. See Why Patients Say We're The Best Endodontist in Nashville, TN Discover below some of the reasons why thousands of happy patients have consistently region choose Sheats Endodontic Group again and again for an exceptional patient your New Patient Diagnostic Evaluation today – we can't wait to meet you!.

Best Endodontist in Nashville TN | why Choose Sheats

We are also honored to be the first choice of local dentists when it comes to referring their own patients who need root canals. Discover below some of the reasons why thousands of happy patients have consistently named our doctors the best endondontists in Nashville year after year!

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality endodontic care using the latest technology and treatment methods. Our experienced root canal specialists, Dr.

Jay Sheats and Dr. All our specialists at Sheats Endodontic Group are strongly committed to professional improvement and regularly seek continuing education courses and advanced certification from the American Academy of Endodontics. To benefit from our long family tradition and considerable experience in comprehensive root canal treatmentclick here or call Back to Top Nashville Root Canal Specialists As medical care continues to become more complex and treatments more sophisticated, patients are increasingly referred to specialists for their oral healthcare as well.

Our endodontic team wants you to know that your comfort and well-being are as much a priority to us as your dental health. We will do everything possible to ensure that your procedure is painless and stress-free, and will also help you to minimize any discomfort after you return home as well.

If you feel anxious about your upcoming root canal, we also offer relaxation techniques to help put you at ease. For this reason, we are glad to provide same-day emergency appointments at our state-of-the-art office! If you call in the morning during normal business hours, we will be sure to see you in the afternoon. If you call later in the day, we will make sure you can be seen by the next morning.

Call us at The idea of having a root canal can be alarming or overwhelming to many patients, and we do everything we can to ensure your root canal experience is a pleasant one, from start to finish.

Tennessee Succeeds: Moving from “Good” to “Better” to “Best” - Classroom Chronicles

At the state, we launched a campaign called Ready with Resources that aims to make sure that all teachers have high-quality instructional materials so they can spend less time sourcing and more time focusing on how they are teaching. Ready with Resources also aims to make sure teachers have the professional development to use those materials and fully support standards-aligned instruction. Think of it like this: Curriculum is like a paintbrush and palette. To make a beautiful painting, a teacher has to use the very best materials, and know the science behind them, but she also has to know how to put them together, how to react to unexpected results, and how to build on the piece to get a work of art.

The materials are important. I know this may feel easier said than done. I remember when I was in my first few years of teaching, my focus was not on reflecting on my teaching practice — it was on making the very best bulletin board I could. But let me remind you: Improving teacher beliefs and their own growth mindsets matters to student success. So, three things sum up our responsibility as educators: So, I ask you, do you know the answers to each of these questions for every teacher in your care?

Do your teachers believe in what each and every child can accomplish?

we meet again for a reason by tn

Do your teachers have the knowledge and skills themselves to teach the expectations? And, do your teachers have the resources and materials to teach those expectations?

we meet again for a reason by tn

Believe in our students, and believe in their potential. Push them to meet the expectations we have set for them — because they can. Maximize your time on what matters. But I want to challenge us about how we spend our time on the best things. It is good to give students an assignment that requires writing. It is better to require writing that pushes students to argue a point or share a position — and the earlier the exposure to this, the better.

But, it is best to have students share these arguments based on texts and facts in writing and verbally, and then critique the arguments they wrote compared to others. It is good to read to students and model fluency. It is even better to model fluency and ask questions that push beyond recall into inference and application. But, it is best to then have students read authentically and respond to high level questions about what they have read with direct feedback and dialogue with the teacher, other adults, and peers.

It is good to teach fractions using modeling.

we meet again for a reason by tn

It is even better to teach fractions using modeling with direct comparisons to decimals and percentages. But, it is best to have students explain these comparisons with their own models.

Or are we settling for the good or maybe, just the better. If we as teachers never get to the best of what we expect of students, the student may never get there on her own. It is like a coach that helps his runners eat right and practice daily — both good, but that approach accepts whatever happens at the race.

Tennessee Succeeds: Moving from “Good” to “Better” to “Best”

Then, when the race occurs, the student gets feedback from the coach and works toward the goal again in new ways if he missed the mark, or, if he hit the goal, the runner is pushed to a better personal record. Great athletes almost always point to coaches that helped them see what was beyond their limited sight.

This is what I am asking you to do. Push your teachers and your students to the best they can offer. This is where you come in — it is your responsibility to ensure the tools are the best. We have to grow and evolve as educators into new abilities.

This takes rethinking professional learning and drawing more direct lines from what we do in PD to what we expect should happen in the classroom the next day. Our students are incredible, and they are just asking us for a chance. If we set the bar high, our students will meet it. I know they can. High expectations are a daily belief, a daily mindset, a daily culture.

For the first time, state officials led an audit to see whether graduates were fulfilling the state's graduation requirements. One in three was not.

we meet again for a reason by tn

The state requires graduates to take at least 22 high school credits, the report explains, "including four English and math courses, three science courses, four social studies courses, and two foreign language courses.

According to the report, "most commonly, students were missing either the two foreign language credits or the specific required social studies courses. For social studies, some students had taken a sufficient number of classes but failed to complete the exact courses specified by state policy. In the school year, the state raised its rate by nearly a percentage point, to So far, this is not yet a scandal as it was in Alabama when, late last year, the state's new superintendent of education criticized high schools for giving unearned diplomas and his own department for poor oversight, saying "this is not one of those situations where it's just smoke.