The doctor and donna meet again someday

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the doctor and donna meet again someday

(Miss Foster leaves and the workers sit down again.) DOCTOR: Thanks, then. See you. (Donna heads for the printer. The Doctor stands then sits again as Clare gives him a piece of paper.) . But we'll get there, one day. When Donna scoffs at the Doctor's wit, when she yells at him or makes . From the first day they meet, Donna remains fairly unimpressed with the Doctor and his has faith in the Doctor, but she refuses to allow him to fall back into a . I believe The Doctor, Jack, Rose and Donna should team up someday. If you thought the 50th anniversary special was flawless, hit the back button, because I'm about to . "I've always wanted to meet someone called Yes," the Doctor was saying. "Someday, you could just walk past a fez," Clara sighed. .. Even little Donna sent greetings to the mysterious portal people.

That's when I get woken up. Might as well weigh myself at the same time. You going on a date? I'm doing the opposite. I can do better than him now. Right, I won't be long. If the taxi beeps, give me a shout. It is driving me mad. Ten minutes past one, every night, bang on the dot without fail, the burglar alarm goes off.

I've had experts in, I've had it replaced, I've even phoned Watchdog. But no, ten past one in the morning, off it goes. But with no burglars? I've given up looking. Have you got a cat flap? It was here when I bought the house.

the doctor and donna meet again someday

I've never bothered with it, really. I'm not a cat person. No, I've met cat people. You're nothing like them. It's that what it is, though? Cats getting inside the house? Well, thing about cat flaps is, they don't just let things in, they let things out as well. Oh, that's all right. Donna takes the Adipose pendant out and examines it, then she twists it absentmindedly and Stacy's stomach growls.

As Donna twiddles with the gold capsule, Stacey's abdomen moves around. Miss Foster uses her wrist-watch communicator. We have unscheduled parthenogenesis. Well, thanks for your help. Tell you what, maybe you could lay off the pills for a week or so. The Doctor's three lobed gizmo beeps. Send out the collection squad.

the doctor and donna meet again someday

A black van with sirens and lights speeds out of the Adipose Industries car park. You all right up there? The little creature looks up at her. The Adipose has been witnessed. Miss Foster twiddles her own pendant. I like what you've done with the hall. Are you all right? I wouldn't mind a little visit myself. Everything all right in there?

She knocks on the bathroom door. Do you mind if I pop to the loo? Lots of lumps are moving around below Stacy's clothes. Oh my God, help me! What is it, what's wrong? Stacy has bolted the door on the inside. Stacy screams then her clothes fall to the floor, and lots of little creatures run out. He reached the building at last and stepped inside, laying down his burden in the centre of the room and unwrapping it. It did nothing but unnerve him, as she reappeared on the box the second he shut the door.

Didn't you want her to see it? No more," the woman recited, imitating his voice. No more," she teased, dancing on the spot. No more," the woman went on. The blonde threw in one more, unrepentant. A clicking sound drew his attention back to the box. Oh, look at you. Stuck between a girl and a box. Story of your life, eh, Doctor? I chose this face and form especially for you. It's from your past.

Or possibly your future. I always get those two mixed up. No, sorry, no, no, in this form, I'm called Bad Wolf.

the doctor and donna meet again someday

Are you afraid of the big bad wolf, Doctor? I've lost the right to be the Doctor. Slowly, the Doctor got to his feet, and took the steps to the Moment's box. Every moment in time and space is burning. It must end, and I intend to end it the only way I can. I could do it," the Moment said, "but there will be consequences for you. How many children on Gallifrey right now?

Do you want to see what that will turn you into? Come on, aren't you curious? A whirling portal of golden light appeared in the barn before he could respond. Do I have a desk? He slipped it out of its display case and put it on at once. They stepped into a new room, covered in broken glass. Look at the shatter pattern. The glass on all these painting has been broken from the inside. No figures of any kind," Kate said. There's nothing here that shouldn't be, and nothing's got out.

Oh, of course," he realised, remembering his fez. Then, to top it off, he jumped in himself, yelling "Geronimo! It was no use. The Doctor was gone. After saving Blitz-era London, and breaking in the Time Agent as a new companion, spirits were high and the thirty-first century music was swinging.

The Doctor rushed to the console, switching off the alarms before they deafened them all. It should be impossible for it to exist anywhere at all, now that there are no Time Lords around to create one! Rose burst out laughing. A big, scary portal opens an' all we get is a silly hat? He put it on, grinning. I'm sure there's one in the Doctor's wardrobe. Thinking fast, he took off the hat and threw it in. You never know what sort of body you'll get.

New fashion sense, new taste buds, new voice box; the whole package changes, and not always for the better. At their crestfallen faces, he said, "Oi, don't look so glum!

For a Time Lord, each body could live for a thousand years or more, if you never do anything fun. I'll outlive both of you. What are we gonna do about it? On a distant beach of pink sand, a family of three was enjoying a picnic. They were an odd group; the older woman had wild golden curls and was dressed to the nines, with sparkly high heels and a plunging halter dress.

The younger woman wore jeans and a simple vest top, and her long hair hung down her back in a blond plait. The man sitting across from them had salt-and-pepper curls, and wore an elegant blue coat over a crisp white shirt. A wine bottle and several containers of food lay open between the three, who ate with gusto.

the doctor and donna meet again someday

You know better than to get him started on fruit and veg! Doctor, how is this possible? I'm about to go through the portal, and I will meet my past selves at a crucial moment in my personal history. That was a mid-life crisis; I'm man enough to admit it now. Its final stop will be England inwhere Queen Elizabeth's men will confiscate the fez and put it in a secret underground gallery. My predecessor will find it there in I was looking forward to dessert.

Instead, I'll spend the day breaking up fights between my younger selves, just you wait. He was tinkering with something in a shed, or rather, the shed itself. A stranger would have been shocked to see the shed flicker, turn into a blue police box briefly, and then fade back into a shed with a missing side. Still, in another year or so she might be finished.

Then we'll have some fun! Time had given her face some lines, and her hair was dyed a more natural shade of blonde these days, but she was as lovely as ever. In her arms, she held their three-year-old daughter.

Did you have a nice sleep? The man cringed, and busied himself with his jacket buttons to avoid her glare. Freddie hid behind his father's legs. Very few races have the power to do it, and the Time Lords were one of those.

To their surprise, a red fez came whizzing out of the portal, landing inches from the Doctor's shoe. It was much too large for him, covering everything from the chin up. I never liked odd socks. There was no sound from the portal, though they all tried calling out.

Even little Donna sent greetings to the mysterious portal people. John Noble, his wife Rose, and their children, Wilfred and Donna, disappeared into thin air. The brilliant rays of the red star Galileo IV rose over a blue telephone box, parked on a man-made cliff.

In the distance, a smoking spaceship lay in a blanket of blue-green grass. A striking figure in velvet chatted with the locals, surveying the scene with satisfaction. What will become of the pirates? Where will you go?

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He seemed to age a century as his eyes lost their spark. He had been running for years, avoiding the Time War as much as possible.

He had no wish to get involved, but it was becoming harder and harder to escape such a large catastrophe. Refugees had fled across the universe, bringing tales of devastation and Daleks until the word was as feared as the creatures themselves.

the doctor and donna meet again someday

It was a miracle that Earth and her closer colonies had not been affected so far, one for which the Doctor was tremendously grateful. The Time Lord ran a hand through his hair, missing the longer curls he had worn for decades. He had spent too long aiding the refugees of the War, when they'd let him, and it showed. The romantic, energetic, sharply-dressed adventurer of days past had given way to a hardened drifter, one who travelled alone and daren't return home.

As his thoughts turned increasingly bitter, the Doctor almost missed the opening of a time fissure directly in front of him. He was well-versed in the theory of fissures, although he had not seen one like this before.

Eagerly, he pulled out his sonic screwdriver. He did not recognize the voice, or the name who was Jack? That voice belonged to another Doctor! He had crossed his own timeline before, so this wasn't as worrisome as it should have been. Then he remembered that the Time Lord had already recognized his voice, and threw caution to the winds.

He'd never seen this fez before in his life. Why was it whizzing around his personal timeline, and what was he meant to do with it? For a moment, the Doctor looked back at New New Milan, now glowing in the morning light. He had no further business here; might as well search for something to do. With a mental shrug, he put on the fez and jumped into the portal. Meanwhile, in sixteenth-century England, the Tenth Doctor was struggling to identify the real queen—and his betrothed, how had that happened?

Step away from her, Doctor. It was not helping him at all! A compliment that cannot be extended to yourself," the first Elizabeth snarked. The creature has captured my exact likeness. This is exceptional," the other commented.

A Queen would call it impertinent.

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But then, you have the advantage. A tear in the fabric of reality. A bright red something, in the shape of a fez. Before the Doctor could answer, a man came through the portal, crashing into the forest floor.

He was lanky and odd-looking, with barely-there eyebrows and an unfortunate chin. The Doctor put on the fez. I've never seen it from the outside. It's like a special effect!

The Tenth Doctor, about to make a joke about their relative sizes, stopped short as the portal sang again, and yet another man fell through. She also took a thermos of coffee up to her grandfather when he was looking at the stars. Partners in Crime Inshe began looking into Adipose Industries ; whilst spying on Miss Foster, the head of Adipose Industries, she suddenly saw the Doctor also spying on her from the outside window, who was as surprised as she was when he saw her. Together they stopped the birthing of the Adipose from fatally converting human tissue into Adipose young, and witnessed the March of the Adipose.

The Doctor once again invited her to travel with him, Donna remarking that she must've been mad to turn him down the first time. Unlike most companions of the Doctor, she was well prepared for the trip having packed several suitcases including a hat box in case they went to the " Planet of the Hats ".

The Doctor was reluctant at first but agreed after Donna assured him that she, unlike his two previous companions, harboured no romantic feelings for him. Just before she left, whilst trying to find a suitable place to leave her car keys, she approached a blonde woman standing at a police line; it was Rose Tylerwho had briefly returned from the parallel universe in which she was trapped.

Neither of them knew at the time that this had happened due to the manipulation of the timelines at the hands of Dalek Caan. She tried to convince him to stop the eruption, but he called it impossible stating that it was a fixed point in time. She and the Doctor were ultimately responsible for the eruption; a group of Pyrovileswho had escaped from their planet before it was lost, planned to convert every human on the planet into Pyroviles, creating a new homeworld for themselves.

The Doctor told Donna it was either Pompeii or the world; she took some of the burden off of him by helping him cause the eruption, which killed the Pyroviles. The Doctor left for the TARDIS, ignoring the pleas and chaos all around him; however, Donna convinced him to save one family from the devastation who subsequently worshipped the Doctor and Donna as household gods.

The Fires of Pompeii During this encounter, Lucius Petrus Dextruswho was one of those who had gained psychic abilities due to inhaling Pyrovile dust, told her there was something on her back; she was unaware at the time that he was referring to the Time Beetle that would later create a parallel world around her where she never met the Doctor.