Sandy and danny meet again

sandy and danny meet again

A great memorable quote from the Grease movie on - Sandy: I'm going back to Australia. I might never see you again. Danny: Don't talk that way. Grease is a American musical romantic comedy film based on the musical of the The film stars John Travolta as Danny, Olivia Newton-John as Sandy, and Stockard Channing as Betty Headed back to class, Sandy reveals that it was Danny Zuko she met, and Rizzo teases that perhaps she'll meet him again. Women of a certain age will have watched it over and over again throughout . The very first time we meet Danny and Sandy they're on the beach at the end of.

And finally, Rizzo purposely pushes Sandy and Patti over into a trashcan, ruining their poise and disrupting the song entirely.

sandy and danny meet again

The idea of integrating the choreography with Rizzo's refusal to join in is a brilliant, hilarious choice that's totally fitting for her character. The song may be one of the most popular and beloved songs to come from Grease, but it's also majorly problematic, particularly nowadays with everything we know about rape culture, issues of consent, etc. One of the standout lyrics sees Kenickie asking Danny "did she put up a fight? The whole thing is engineered to show off how much Danny is lying about the dirtier elements of the summer fling, while Sandy coos about how romantic it all was, meaning the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

But lines like "Did you get very far? How much say did Sandy have in these seaside activities anyway?!

sandy and danny meet again

Rizzo is the most sympathetic character The older you get, the more you realize that Rizzo is actually the most sympathetic character in the whole movie. Frenchie is sweet and kind but she also drops out of high school in her final year when she could probably just wait, Marty doesn't get enough of an arc, and Sandy, as the song goes, is a bit of a sap. Rizzo is the most layered and nuanced female character, brilliantly played by a raw and committed Stockard Channing.

She's the only one of the girls who gets a proper arc, who makes mistakes and then learns from them, has plenty of funny moments like when she makes fun of Marty's glasses because "you can still see your face"and she gets the best song too. Just how good Channing is in this role was made evident during Grease Live when a brilliant, but still lacking, Vanessa Hudgens struggled to bring the same level of emotional struggle and authenticity to the role.

sandy and danny meet again

Kenickie pulls out a knife to fight the Scorpions, Doody pulls out a water gun YouTube The T-Birds' long-running turf war with rival gang The Scorpions is hinted at throughout the movie, from the "75 cents for the whole car" comment to their leader taking Rizzo and Marty to the dance. A final showdown sees their sworn enemies beaten and disgraced at Thunder Road thanks to a tricky body of water.

Before that, though, there's a moment at the pep rally that demands a closer look.

Things in Grease you only notice as an adult

On the surface, it isn't too much of an incident. The Scorpions cruise by and the T-Birds wonder aloud if they want to "rumble. Kenickie, smelling a fight in the air, whips out his trusty knife.

Doody, in direct contrast to this, pulls out a little yellow water gun. It's the same gun that's brandished throughout the flick but its appearance here is noteworthy because, well, what did Doody think he was going to do with that? The lyrics to "Greased Lightning" are really dirty In a movie filled with plentiful, blatant innuendos, "Greased Lightning" might actually boast the most in a single four-minute period.

Don't forget, right before it all kicks off, Sonny quips "the chick is gonna have to put out before she even gets in. He pulls down a roll of the stuff, rubs it on his crotch, and then runs around the car with it. The implications are clear. On another note, why is Danny singing this big number about someone else's car? Rizzo comes out of the bathroom eating an ice cream cone YouTube The Frosty Palace is the scene for many of Grease's biggest moments. Whether it's Frenchie listening while her "guardian angel" sings dreamily to her about going back to high school, Rizzo throwing a shake at Kenickie, or the entire staff crowding around to watch the kids on TV at the dance, it's the place to be.

When Danny is first confronted with Sandy and her new beau, he deals with the situation, er, pretty poorly by strolling right up to her at the jukebox and proving how much he doesn't care by fake-laughing at accusations of jealousy.

Before all that, however, Rizzo winds Danny up for staring longingly at Sandy by asking if someone is "snaking" him. Blink and you'll miss it, but right beforehand, she strolls out of the bathroom with an ice cream cone in hand all the while licking it. Now, Rizzo isn't someone who cares much what people think of her, but surely she could've asked Marty or somebody to hold her cone while she visited the ladies' room?

The high school staff really care about their students Rydell High is an aspirational school for many reasons, including but not limited to the massive carnival in the football field to celebrate graduation.

At that very same carnival, there's a pie-throwing game in service of the teachers' retirement fund. In any other movie, this would be a gross little nod, but Rydell's staff happen to go above and beyond for their students.

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Then there's the auto shop teacher, who helps the guys get Kenickie's car in gear even when there are stolen parts involved, and then shows up at Thunder Road to cheer them on. And finally, who could forget Principal McGee and Blanche, sobbing over watching another senior class move on and leave the school? The students might be slackers, but the teachers really care. Vince Fontaine tried to roofie Marty at the dance Marty is one of Grease's most underrated characters. Most of her big moments are quiet; the way she scrunches her face when she says "uh huh" during " Summer Nights ," the " dummy he's a marine!

Marty's big moment, however, comes at the dance when she sidles up to host Vince Fontaine to flirt and hopefully make him dance with her. In spite of his bad jokes which Marty hilariously fake-laughs at and the fact he's, as Sonny points out, an "older guy," it's obvious she's smitten with him. It's unclear how the night ends for the two of them until the drive-in when one, throwaway line to Rizzo lets us in on just what type of a guy Vince Fontaine turned out to be.


When discussing Rizzo's maybe-pregnancy, Marty reveals that she caught Fontaine "trying to put aspirin in my Coke at the dance. And it barely even registers, either with Rizzo or the audience, because it comes and goes so fast. It's like a non-event when it really shouldn't be because wow. Rizzo's big number is ahead of its time but also pretty devastating As previously discussed, Rizzo is the best character in Grease.

On its surface, it's a plaintive romantic ballad about how screwed up she is. At its core, this song is about a woman who refuses to put her sexual needs aside, who is afraid to be vulnerable with a man because she's been hurt so much in the past, and how much worse it would be to actually admit she cares than to be called the tramp of the school by the likes of Patty Simcox. It's a powerful, fist-pumping, yet still devastatingly raw, moment for the strongest female character in the movie.

And, unlike Sandy, Rizzo realizes she doesn't need to change all that much to be the best version of herself besides maybe being a bit kinder, as when she thanks her one-time enemy for reaching out to her. Sandy and Danny are probably doomed If there's one talking point about Grease that's gained serious traction in the 40 years since the movie's release, it's the infamous makeover sequence at the end.

There's an argument to be made about how Danny technically changes himself too, in order to be good enough for Sandy.

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But, let's face it, she still has to change a whole lot more than he does. On another note, the two of them fight for the entire film. The only moment they're truly happy is at the beginning on the beach. Danny leaves of his own accord while Rizzo and Kenickie drive off together and the other T-Birds go for pizza.

sandy and danny meet again

Marty, the flirtatious member of The Pink Ladies, decides to write to one of her numerous pen pals, while Sandy goes outside, and decides that in spite of everything, she still loves Danny, singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You", a poignant love song that was added for the movie and was a big hit as a single. The scene shifts to Rizzo and Kenickie making out passionately in the back seat of his new car.

They plan to take things a step further, but Kenickie's condom breaks. Rizzo, however, is unable to resist Kenickie, and they decide to have sex anyway. While at work repairing the car, the T-Birds fantasize about what it will look like when it has had a paint job, singing "Greased Lightning". Soon Danny gets the other T-Birds convinced that the rickety old car could actually be a "major piece of machinery". Later, Danny meets Sandy at the Frosty Palace, and tries to apologize for his actions.

He sees that Sandy is sharing a soda with Tom Chisum Lorenzo Lamasa jock, and decides that if that's the sort of man she likes, he's going to join the jocks to impress her. We next see Danny's disastrous performances in basketball, wrestling, and baseball, where he keeps losing his temper. He finally finds his ideal sport in running, until the sight of Sandy distracts him, and he falls. Sandy leaves Tom Chisum to see if Danny is alright, and they are seemingly reconciled.

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Danny attempts to go to the Frosty Palace with Sandy so that they can be alone and not worry about ruining his image in front of his friends. They end up discovering the T-Birds and Pink Ladies are already there and Danny finds it hard to charm Sandy without looking weak in front of his friends. After everyone leaves the malt shop, Frenchy, who has been hiding her pink hair under a scarf, imagines a guardian angel to tell her what to do with her life, who turns out to be Frankie Avalon singing "Beauty School Dropout".

Rizzo, now angry with Kenickie, takes the rival gang's leader, Leo, to the dance, thus enticing Kenickie to take the rival gang leader's girlfriend, Cha Cha DiGregorio Annette Charles who is also Danny's ex-girlfriend.

sandy and danny meet again

The dance features several well-known songs from the '50s covered by Sha Na Na. During the dance-off, Rizzo leaves in a huff, seeing Kenickie dancing with Cha Cha, and Danny and Sandy are one of the few couples still in the dance-off. Sandy realizes that Cha Cha was one of Danny's past girlfriends and a much better dancer.

Sandy leaves the gym upset, and Danny and Cha Cha end up winning the contest. When they share their spotlight dance, three of the T-Birds run in front of the camera and moon the crowd. Later, Danny takes Sandy to a drive-in movie. Danny tries to remove the class ring he is wearing to give it to her, but in doing so he accidentally elbows Sandy in the chest.

Danny gives Sandy the ring and she kisses him on the cheek, saying she realizes now he respects her. The scene cuts to Marty and Rizzo in the drive-in's restroom. Rizzo's unprotected sex with Kenickie has come back to haunt her--she tells Marty she missed a period.

One of the T-Birds, Sonny Michael Tuccioverhears Marty accidentally proclaiming to couples making out outside the restroom to make way for the "lady with a baby", and asks Marty what she meant so she tells him the story and the rumor spreads quickly.

When Kenickie asks Rizzo why she didn't tell him about it, she lies and tells him it isn't his out of anger. He thanks her sarcastically, and leaves her standing by herself.