Raki and clare meet again someday

Claymore, Vol. 5: The Slashers (Claymore, #5) by Norihiro Yagi

raki and clare meet again someday

Original piece done here by:iconantheakagamine: Claire and Raki kissed Raki and made a promise that someday they will meet again and. Emotionally withdrawn while captive, she opens up upon meeting Teresa. . Clare again saves Raki from a Yoma disguised as a Claymore warrior outside Egon village, during the Egon mission. someday. At least Claire and Raki were finally together, that is all that matters to me. . good moments of 'ol Rubel, Clare and Raki's meeting after 7 years and I could I will re-read it again someday to catch anything that could have.

You two are simply marvellous. Which one of you should I kill? Which one of you would be more fun to watch as you wail in agony? Great name, don't you think? But it's not too well known yet.

Because most of the people who've seen it are dead. As promised, I entrust you with everything. After all I can't do any more at this point anyways. Man, this really annoys me.

raki and clare meet again someday

I really hate people, who put their life on the line like you. Now quickly, finish me off.

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If you don't hurry, I'll regenerate again. Since you will be fighting in my stead, I won't stand for it if you lose, understand? Fit for Battle, Part 4 Seeing the same thing at that time and place, either moving forward or running away I suppose that's what separates those who are fit for battle from those who are not.

Fit for Battle, Part 1 Teresa had plenty of chances to kill Priscilla. The reason she didn't was that after being with you, Teresa's heart lost the toughness of a warrior. The Teresa I knew would have dispatched Priscilla without hesitation at their first encounter.

After she met you, she was no longer fit for battle. That's why she died. But I think Teresa was happy. Fit for Battle, Part 2 Live, Clare!

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Your staying alive is the only proof that Teresa ever existed. Fit for Battle, Part 2 Riful [ edit ] Being thrown away by humans, devoted to them even though you aren't one of them It really is idiotic. We are a different species after all. Once you start seeing things that way, it all becomes very easy to accept.

Do humans shed tears for the birds, pigs, cows and sheep that become their food? Of course they don't. They are a different species after all. That is the truth. Your way of thinking up to now was the warped one. The Witch's Maw, Part 3 My goal isn't your death.

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I will just torture you, make you awaken and then make you my friends! But I really can't be having this. Her thoughts were interrupted by Miria, who began explaining how she believed that the organization was fighting a war outside of their known continent and that they were using this area as a testing ground for Awakened Beings.

Galatea seemed as surprised as anyone else, but when Miria was explaining that the organization created male Awakened Beings first as weapons Clare saw a sad smile cross the woman's face. Or should I say Clare? Everyone turned to look at the two. She wondered if Galatea had somehow sensed her gaze.

She stood up, healed of her more significant injuries and thanked Cynthia for her help. The rest of you should try to relax for a while" The sixth ranked warrior announced, flicking some of the gore off of her claymore.

raki and clare meet again someday

Tabitha, and Cynthia went with Miria to aid in her negotiating with the city; Deneve, Helen, Uma, and Clare went to the local tavern for some drinks. Clare had wanted to catch up with Galatea, but the woman was already gone by the time she started looking for her. Helen was making a raucous scene in the tavern, seeming drunk though she could easily filter out the alcohol. For once, Deneve didn't chastise her for her actions.

Uma asked Deneve why Helen was in such a happy mood but the slayer knew better—Helen was trying to drown out the revelations that Miria had revealed to them only a couple of hours ago. At the tavern, Clare met with Sid and Galk, two soldiers from one of her earlier missions in Rabona, and discovered that Raki was still alive looking for her. She couldn't believe her ears—apparently Raki had been in Rabona a mere year or so ago. With a renewed sense of hope Clare felt that her search had not been in vain.

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Sid told her that Raki appeared to be retracing their footsteps from their original journey to find Clare, therefore, the lowest ranking warrior made up her mind: The other three claymores watched as Clare glided away and Uma was the first to break the silence: I was—how did you hear about this? Actually, I encourage you to do so," Galatea stated bluntly.

Would you be willing to listen? And you should, considering you cut my hair earlier in the day" Galatea said in a rather sarcastic tone that gave her little choice. Clare had wanted to talk to the blind woman, so she put her pursuit of Raki on hold for the time being.

Priscilla fighting and in AO's mode through volumes also lasted very long imo. We saw so much from her power that the final fight didn't feel so tense, it was rather obvious the destiny of it with Theresa's emergence.

I also didn't like that there were so many new Claymore's introduced, Clarice and Miata's journey and to see Isley's potential in the story to be vanished so soon. Seeing him falling was a touching moment, even when we didn't get to see him much, he was my fav. But I still like when I saw him after the 7 years lapse, how he was insane in that place alone, his fighting and his last words. About the abyss feeders? They also added a dark and devastating atmosphere I really liked when they first appeared.

Alicia and Beth potential was a bit wasted too, I thought they would give more game. Seeing Riful's reeincarnation or whatever that was against Priscilla didn't make too much sense. They were isolated too soon, specially the first 2. I wish we knew more about Isley and his journey with Raki. And after Pieta it definitely lost part of the tension for main characters to possibly die. They were too protected at the end.

Seeing that they all survive makes Tabitha's death a waste.