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Lisanna from Fairy Tail thigh tattoo guild mark. Lisanna finding out that the Natsu in Edolas is the Natsu that she knows from Earthland // made me cry. Read 'Til We Meet Again ♡ Edolas!Natsu X Reader from the story 『 Fairy Tail X Reader ⭐ Oneshots 』 by You and Lisanna found yourselves in Edolas. . When Oscar Diaz gets outs of prison and goes to a tattoo shop, his life gets turned. I swear I'll go back in time to have him or her killed. . Natsu sent a message to Lucy asking to meet up. . "Uhm, Natsu, this is Lisanna. I met.

Natsu picked up on that though. You're such a weirdo. The one with blonde hair? How can you even tell? He looks decent, blonde hair and everything! Or do you want to bet?

He had blue eyes which weren't really easily seen in the dim club and he had a scar right across his left eyebrow. The other blonde pointed at himself unsure whether he was the one being called out.

Natsu started feeling a prickly feeling at the back of his neck. What the heck is with these looks he's giving me? Sting chuckled darkly before raising his drink.

Lucy was grinning at him at how she was totally right. A few moments of awkward silence passed as their bodies moved to the beat of the music. You just went there a while ago! Nice to meet you Sting but we have to go. Lucy smiled politely at Sting and excused themselves. You were the prettiest there anyway. Natsu held his fingers out forming an L and put them together as if it was a frame.

You have those beautiful doe eyes. And…" Lucy looked at what he was looking at. It was her boobs. She swatted at him. Uh… I actually have something I want to show you. They left the restaurant and Natsu drove towards his apartment. When they got there Natsu told Lucy to close her eyes. Her arms reached out for something, anything.

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A warm hand caught hers and it guided her to where ever. She was anxious but she thought that this was Natsu she was with. He wouldn't harm me. They were going slow and this must have been going forever for him since he's kind of an impatient kind of guy.

She smiled knowing he was patient enough to walk her through this. He was the one who wanted it to be this way. They were going down a flight of stairs and the air was slightly colder here. Natsu led Lucy to the center of the room. She heard shuffling and things scraping on the floor.

She did a to look at what seemed to be a studio. It's where I do some of the photos in my feed. And I love it. She did a peace sign, the duck face, etc. They laughed as she did those. After a few shots, "Alright, why don't we get more serious? She was doing all those movements like a pro, Natsu noted. She was starting to get in the mood and the atmosphere in the room was really intense. He went towards her and lightly touched Lucy's skin.

Lucy looked at anywhere but him. She could feel the blush creeping up her face. Her tattoo was barely seen. Just a few showed as it dipped down her back under her clothes. It was a tattoo of different shooting stars it had trails of tails hidden under her dress.

As it finally fell off her, leaving her in her underwear, his eyes immediately snapped back to her which were looking deeply at his. She must have seen me staring at her. Natsu put back the camera to his face to look at the eye glass. Exhaling deeply as he focused the camera on this beautiful woman in front of him.

Natsu perked up on that. He found a chair and placed it in front of Lucy. Give me your sexiest pose. Being a model, Lucy knew what to do. Natsu only paused taking pictures when he was brushing away a piece of Lucy's hair from her face. Lucy was hyper aware of every light touch Natsu did. The fact that he held his gaze upon her so long and the way his warm hands were guiding her towards angles he preferred helped her understand what was going through in his brain.

She liked what it was so she decided to keep on going and see where this may lead to. Later on, Lucy thought that it was time to take it up a notch. She straightened her back and slowly reached behind her to unclasp her bra. She observed Natsu as his concentration at her face instinctively followed her movements. He watched her slow hands go behind her and noticed her jaw go slack before his wandering eyes looked back at her brown ones.

How long will I be able to stand this? Natsu put the camera in front of his face, ready to take more photos but Lucy immediately held the bra in front of her with an arm to cover her bountiful breasts. He wondered what was wrong and looked at her. She pouted as if saying, "I'm not the only one who's going to be naked here. He reached for his scarf first, hanging it by the chair a while ago before gradually taking off his polo, bottom up. Lucy admired the abs peeking out before turning around and finally throwing the piece of clothing somewhere in the room.

With her back to him, he stalked towards behind her and gently reached out to brush his fingers against her skin. He heard her sharp intake of breath as he started to trail her tattoo. Lucy glanced at him from the corner of her eye. Once she reached the end of her tattoo, she turned around to do the same as he did to his tattoo by his arm. Still, she felt as his hands snaked their way from her stomach to her hips to the small of her back, lazily drawing small circles where it stopped.

He looked down at the finger nimbly grazing his hot skin before looking back at her face, to her lips. When her eyes fluttered to meet his glazed gaze, he leaned forward to meet her lips with his. Once their lips met, Natsu's left hand went to the back of Lucy's head to press her harder against him. His right hand went to her ass and sqeezed, also pulling her towards him. Lucy gasped as she felt his arousal, her hand flying to the nape of Nats's head, feeling his surprisingly silky hair.

Natsu took this chance to plunge his tongue inside her mouth. They battled for dominance, Natsu clearly winning. They stumbled towards one of the walls causing one the studio lights but he could care less. Natsu started trailing down butterfly kisses down her neck to her collar bone.

Natsu nibbled and sucked Lucy's collar bone, surely trying to leave a hickey there, marking her as his. Even though her gem said it was destined for them to be together. It seemed that he was charmed by the one and only Lisanna Strauss. Could Lucy keep up her act or will she break down watching the two together? Will fate turn around? Responsibilities that requires sacrifice and sometimes pain.

Sometimes though those responsibilities turned into passion, into love. Follow Princess Heartfilia and Prince Dragneel through their adventure of surprise and spontaneity. Twist of Fate by xSteleAliniax reviews Lucy is the Queen of the Fairy Tail vampire coven—the strongest most feared coven among vampire kind. However, there is another coven that is trying to take their place and rule over Fiore.

Natsu is a human prisoner of this coven and detests vampires. What twist of fate brings these two together, and will they be able to look past their differences and form a relationship? Soft Storm by Lovex1 reviews Lucy Heartfilia, an 18 year old girl, got herself in a really bad situation.

And now she's working as a slave for some pink-haired bastard's Mafia? What will happen in a hell that is worse than the streets she slept in?

Where Lucy and Gray hated each other but were forced to get married. Finding their selves stuck on the same boat, they had agreed to live like the wedding never happened. But as they both settle down in another town, Gray couldn't help but fall in love with her and play the role of a housewife. O,ov Fairy Tail - Rated: Theres a one in three chance Loki will get her back right away. Natsu and the other Slayers need all three keys to get their dragons back.

Purebloods by ARTGirl99 reviews Natsu Dragneel, the pureblood prince of vampires has finally sensed his mate's 'awakening' after centuries of waiting for her. The thing is she's a human. He is already hers, but will he get to her in time to make her his as well? Lucy Heartfillia is a young woman running from her past, how will she react to being a pureblood's mate?

Who can she really trust? Bloody Revenge by buubbleteaa reviews Lisanna comes back from the so called 'dead'. With her being the center of attention, Lucy is ignored. Team Natsu kicks Lucy of the team and replaces her with Lisanna. But they broke a seal that was on her. They nor the guild knows that. Lucy stole all the S-class missions. And is her Mother really dead? Though with her new powers she seeks revenge. Maybe a bloody revenge No matter what you do, you can never have me! The moment you set your foot here, you're nothing but a burden, you're here because of your body that needs to sustain my needs, that's all!

She couldn't believe that she was going to say what her mind wanted but she did. The next moment she got what she didn't believe would happen she got into the same bed at Natsu and he put his arms around her and held her. Slowly by surely Mirajane's heart sped up, she loved it. The person she fell in love with over a year ago was holding her and sleeping with her.

As she fell asleep she looked Natsu in his eyes and did the one thing she had been wanting to do for so long. Mirajane kissed Natsu as both Mirajane and Natsu fell asleep.

When Natsu awoke the next morning he felt something on his chest.

He thought for a few seconds. No, he was asleep in his bed and normally when he sleeps in his bed he doesn't leave it. Did someone kidnap him over the night? No he would of smelled someone and heard it. No that's just his dream Natsu eyes opened and saw what his heart couldn't believe.

Mirajane Strauss the women that he fell in love with was sleeping in the same bed as him. Mirajane had her head wresting on his chest and using it as a pillow. He couldn't believe what was happening. The next moment made him heart ache even more. Natsu quickly closed his eyes again. Mirajane awoke and opened her eyes.

As she opened her eyes she felt a weird but comfortable pillow. It wasnt until a few minutes later that she released that it wasn't a normal pillow. When does pillow have a pair of 6 pack abs? Hey it kinda looks like Natsu's abs.

She would know, she had count less photos of him, secretly in a box under her bed. She decided to stretch and find out what was going on until she realized that that wasn't a pillow that looked and felt like Natsu's abs, it was actually Natsu's and his abs. She felt herself blush about it and somewhat happy as she got to spend the night with the person who she secretly loved but a tiny bit sad it was only sleeping not anything else naughtier. Mirajane decided she knew she needed to get up out of bed or she was going to be late for work.

But that wasn't the bad part. Her eyes were wide open like his with a blush in both of there faces simply because both of there lips were touching, they were kissing, and neither of them were pulling back.

It wasn't until both Natsu and Mirajane were out of breath when they pulled back and even after that both Natsu and Mirajane just kept staring into each other eyes. Both of them were happy of what happened but neither of them had yet to tell each other that they were in love with each other.

Both Natsu and Mirajane looks toward Happy, who is apparently awake. Mirajane quickly went to the bathroom to escape from the scene and talk to Natsu but also to start getting dressed for work. Mirajane was almost crying of how happy she was. She was so happy that Natsu liked her back that in her mind she told her self that after work or maybe during her lunch break she would meet up with him and talk about what happened this morning and talk about there future.

As she was leaving the bathroom all dressed for work Mirajane went back into Natsu's room and saw him still laying in bed but know looking at her.