Meet you again soon

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meet you again soon

"I look forward to seeing you soon" or "I'm looking forward to seeing you soon". "I look forward to meet you" or "I look forward to meeting you"?. "I hope (NOT wish) that we'll all meet again soon." My question is if the following usage is incorrect. I wish that you will enjoy your stay in Japan. You see what we're saying. Let's meet at Emilio's for lunch. It's okay to use this alternative when you want an answer as soon as possible.

Надежды на романтический вечер рушились по непонятной причине.

meet you again soon

- Was passiert? - нервно.

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- Что происходит. Беккер не удостоил его ответом.

- На самом деле я его не продала, - сказала Росио.

meet you again soon