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Anonymous said: Hey, how would you say "may we meet again" in trigedasleng? Answer: I've answered this one a TON of times, but since I'm getting it a lot now: airs I post all the dialogue with translations), you can now go there. If I ever want to write something else language-y, I'll probably do so there. How to speak Trigedasleng (Grounders language) A little bit of Grounder's language The Language, Grounder Language, The . Trigedasleng Dictionary Grounder Language, The Grounders, The May we meet again. Trigedasleng translates to "forest language", it originated with Trikru clan and doesn't have its own May we meet again: Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim.

I could only stay still and listen on in frustration as the warbled sounds slowly grew sharper to my ears. They sound familiar, I thought aggravated with my slow ability to put names to the voices. I tried to bring up faces of people I knew so I could figure out who could be talking above me right now.

But even that seemed like too much of a chore for my stupid head. I gave up quick enough when trying to fight it made me dizzy. A creaking sound drew close over to me and a pressure touched my temple suddenly, pressing me down further. I wanted to scream at the sharp pain it forced on me.

I wanted to shout at whoever it was to stop. The pain was far too much for me to take. It sent flashes of white and red through the dark, making my head spin faster. I wanted to be sick.

I whimpered pathetically, feebly trying to command my body to wake up so I could fight the pain away. Traitorously it ignored my pleas entirely. Just when I thought I would drown in the fire burning me up a voice broke through it in an even and soft cadence that pulled the hurt down a little.

I turned towards it, following it through the dark. It niggled me immensely. It was so familiar and was soaked with so much worry it made me forget anything else. I wanted to help them. I wanted to stop them worrying.

A trickle of words managed to break through the fog weighing me down with my anxiety.

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The urge to vomit passed and a quick chill passed over me instead. I felt the shaking feel of my skin shivering but my mind didn't register the usual twitch and tickle it normally would. Instead it was a numb weight rolling past my neck and over the ice on my back.

It felt incredibly unpleasant. More whispers came then, as if in reaction to me. I wanted to groan out at the voices still speaking, at the strange things they said. But my voice wouldn't work. I could only stay still and listen. I could hear them clearer now. More words began to fall away from the blur of their voices. But I still couldn't understand them. It built a deep pressure of frustration in the back of my mind. What are they saying?!

I pushed through the darkest part of my head and forced the fog to clear a little so I could understand. Not knowing what was being said sent a wave of stress through me. Instinctively it made me panic for my safety. Em ste yuj" the second voice reassured. I heard the first scoff. The two people above me stopped talking at my loud inhale and I felt more pressure on my face and shoulder.

I moaned out, in pain for the weight pinning me down again and the relief that I still had a voice. Right by my ear.

may we meet again in grounder language translator

This is serious" Niylah I chewed the name over in my head and felt a flash of relief ride inside me when I remembered who that was. Immediately I felt my stress fall away. Niylah was a protector. Niylah was a friend. The painful pressure left my face again and I heard the creak of floorboards as someone took a step back from me. My heart bumped when my brain agonisingly registered that Niylah hadn't just switched to english suddenly. I had understood her fully. I heard somebody lean closer again and felt myself overcome with their scent suddenly.

It jolted my senses and startled my brain awake in a quick pull to the surface. My body became less heavy. It wanted me to wake up this time. Because it knew that smell. But I was scared to test myself. Scared that this was some cruel joke to make me feel worse. Just open your eyes, dummy! I growled at myself. And the moment I did I wished I hadn't. A sharp light stung at my eyes, forcing them shut again.

In the brief moment of having them open I'd seen a whirling of colors blur around me, making me feel nauseous again. A heavy weight grabbed at me and threw me back to the safe dark space I'd been hiding in before.

Protecting me from more hurt. I groaned loudly for the dizziness I felt from the sudden drag down. I let out a soft whimper when hearing the funny words again put me back to square one. I'd been so damn close to beating this. A gentle touch swept over the side of my face, just brushing my skin and tickling my cheek.

I slowly breathed in it's soothing warmth and greedily drank in the scent that flooded over me again. And it smelt so familiar.

I inhaled again and a sharp image of the forest came to the front of my mind. Thats what it smelt like. Their touch drifted down near my chin and across the side of my neck. I felt my skin prickle with the shiver shaking down my back.

A soft chuckle followed my hitched breath in with it. The smell disappeared suddenly. I wanted to stretch up after it. My body was like stone. Too heavy and limp. Another growl of frustration was building in my chest for it. Ai don go" At their mention of Heda I snapped my eyes open again. Heda was something my heart wanted me to wake up to.

It yearned for it. And if the flash of green screening quick through my mind in response was anything to go by, so did my head. I drew a deep breath and forced my eyes to see past the painful light to focus on the blurry outlines in front of me. The moving blobs slowly sharpened as my focus zeroed in on them and soon I realised I was watching Niylah, stood with her back to me and speaking to another grounder that her body hid from my view.

I listened to her speak with the grounder and I stared at the blood trailing along the hem of her shirt and down the side and back of her pants. They were stained dark with it.

Smeared fingerprints covered her. My body ached lowly seeing it, knowing that the blood had been stolen from it.

My eyes drifted with difficulty down to the block of white peeping in the corner of my eye. I stared at the cloth covering my arm. The middle of it was stained the same color as niylah's pants. I frowned a moment begging myself to remember. Did I get hurt? A flash of memory hit me hard at my request, jolting me. A scream echoing through the snow. Green eyes hesitating over me. The lick of warmth in the air growing hotter the closer it got to my already burning skin. And a pain so intense it felt like my body had been wrapped in fire.

A real fire rushed through the sleeping parts of my mind with the memory, harshly forcing it awake. It burned brightest on my arm beneath the cloth. Like the limb was reliving its torture. I moaned out with the pain but stopped at the fluff brushing my mouth.

I coughed, wheezing on the musty smell again, and looked down at my bedding. That was what it was. Niylah was speaking faster now with a tone of instruction and it made me look back at her. She held a commanding stance as she waited for the other grounder to agree to her orders before she left my line of sight. I felt unsafe the second she left me with the other grounder. I didn't know their name. I couldn't see their face. I didn't know if I was protected in their company.

I began to silently panic again. I raised my head a little to peer over at them and let out a sharp cry when a fire tore down my back.

may we meet again in grounder language translator

My body fell slack into the soft material beneath me and I felt a sob shake through me. I tried to swallow it down. I couldn't look weak.

But my body wanted what it wanted. And right now it wanted me to cry. The grounder had turned at my first outcry and was moving quickly to my side.

When they knelt down I was suddenly inhaling that familiar pine again. It seemed to trick my mind into calming. Like it knew them.

I tipped my tear-filled eyes up and my heart swelled in relief seeing the dark brown ones of a friend looking back at me. Her eyes flashed all over me. Her expression was one of complete fear and uncertainty as she leant over and carefully cradled my face in her palm. I saw her eyes quickly flicker over me and then she shuffled herself closer to the bed. I whimpered out when I saw her attention lock on my back. She looked disgusted almost. Was it that bad? Of course it is, I shuddered letting the tears fall.

I am here now" She stroked her thumb across my cheek and the lazy pace of it lulled me a little. Jes gave me a tiny smile seeing me relax, "You're safe, brave one" The pain in my back was growing despite Jes' effort to calm me. I felt my eyes continually struggle to remain open and locked on the warrior who was becoming nothing more than a blur to my hurt mind. In the back of which I could feel the tempting pull of darkness tugging at me.

I heard Jes say something else, but her voice was going all warbled again. I couldn't make out the words. It made my head hurt trying to understand her. Just go to sleep, my mind begged me against the pain and stress flaring brighter. I heeded its advice and closed my eyes. Though somewhere inside me I could hear a faint command for me to stay awake. But I couldn't see why I should. Jes had wanted to tell me. She had started to warn me about this the second I'd woken up earlier.

But I refused to hear it. Lexa was the one that would do this to me. Lexa was the one who was going to tell me about it. Jes gives me a short nod before I turn my head back to the fire. It says she knows I can do this. It says be brave. I turn away from her. I'm glad I have the excuse of being topless to cover my shivering. I don't want them to know I'm scared. I watch lexa move the knife over the flames beside her, holding it out to where they burn hottest at the edge of the fire.

I watch as a log breaks somewhere inside the inferno sending a spray of orange sparks fluttering up into the sky. I watch them reflect in her sad eyes as she watches the tip of the blade turn color. I can't help but think she looks breathtaking. Even with the task she's been set. Even with the sad pained look hiding beneath the calm expression.

This will break her, I realise, pain flooding through my heart. You knew it would, my head tells me bluntly. Its harsh enough to get me to remember why we're here. I sit taller on the log, ignoring the sting it pulls on my back, so I can look at her and show her I'm not as scared as she thinks I am right now.

I shake my head at her, "I wanted you to be the one to tell me" I tell her truthfully. The commander looks back at me. But she nods anyway and sets the knife down so she can speak freely with me.

She holds her hand out and summons over a timid looking girl who quickly hands her a jar before she bows and retreats back. My eyes lock on the jar straightaway. I'd seen it present at Echo's punishment. In it was the stuff that made her scream so bad. I found myself flinching off the log a little. I didn't like the look of it. She rolls the jar between her hands with a thoughtful stare at me.

She looks nervous, and on edge. I'd never seen her agitated before. And it scares me. Shit, I think shaking, this is serious. I slowly felt myself wake up. I slowly felt the tingle of pain return to me. All down my back and on my arms, and now on my chest too. The pain there felt sharper than the others.

Like it was brand new and wanted to be acknowledge too. I tried moving so I could relieve the pressure on my front but it only irritated everything more. I hoarsely cried out and cringed into the furs, forcing myself to stay still even though everything inside me said I had to move from the pain. A hand came down over my cheek and had me opening my eyes. Jes watched me back, gentle and careful. As if afraid she would hurt me. She stared at me with worry in her eyes and pressed a cold cloth to my head.

It was only then I realised how hot I felt. I focused on breathing steady as she wiped the cloth over my jaw and neck and felt with every breath the cool slick feel of sweat on my skin. Instantly I started to worry for myself. I shouldn't be sweating this bad. I found a strong comfort in her words but I felt my face scrunch with a frown while Jes' thumb continued to rub a soft line up and down my face.

Her touch wasn't the same one my skin was remembering. I closed my eyes and forced my way through the fog blurring my memory, breathing sharper when it made me dizzy again. I slammed my way through it and was rewarded with green eyes, a sleepy smile, and a lithe body covered in black laying crouched so close to my own all I could sense was them.

A name rippled on the tip of my tongue and my eyes shot open with my scared gasp. It was scared to know where Lexa was. I was so scared she had abandoned me again, or had been called to fight for her commandership.

I could only remember a handful of moments from my punishment. But I knew at some point I had made her people question her. I'd made her question herself. I needed to know she was okay. I needed to know I hadn't caused more problems for her. Jes tipped her head at me.

She looked confused by my startled behaviour, "Heda is in a council of clans. She will return with Niylah soon" I stared back at her, letting what she said take hold of my fear and choke it down. My initial panic for Lexa's absence slowed and was soon replaced with embarrassment. I couldn't help it. I was too tired to hold back my emotions and was far too weak to fight them all. The strongest of them won out. And, embarrassingly, the strongest circled heavily around the commander.

She's okay, my mind feebly tried to reassure my heart but it kept its frantic pace. It wouldn't be persuaded until I saw Lexa myself. I looked down from Jes' eyes studying me curiously and took up a quiet stare of the furs beneath me. I could feel my cheeks burning. I couldn't believe I'd blurted out like that. I didn't want everyone knowing I had feelings for Lexa. And I especially didn't want Lexa knowing. It would just complicate things. Complicate them more, I corrected myself.

She held my eyes carefully, "Heda, can't hurt you now. You do know that, don't you? You are safe with me. I promise" I stared back at her, confused. Why was she saying that? I rolled her promise around in my head and then I realised. She thinks I'm scared of Lexa. I wanted to shake my head at the warrior. I wanted to tell her I wasn't afraid of the commander. I was afraid for her. But all I could do was lay there and watch Jes' eyes slowly fade back from their brown glow into a more golden tint that suited her better.

The tension inside me lessened a little watching the color change. I realised then that I was making her uncomfortable and moved my eyes away. I looked down at her hand after she moved it away from my face and looked to my own sat inches away from it. I frowned as I stared at the bandage wrapped tight across my palm and knuckles, and willed my fingers to move.

They did, but slowly, and oh so painfully. I felt myself cringe into the furs beneath me and listened to the choked sobs climbing through my chest. In an instant jes was leaning closer, hand touching my hair while she spoke soft words in that funny language again.

I knew what she was saying but I just couldn't understand it right now. My brain was in too much of a stupor to keep up with anything. The frustration of it made my sobs grow faster.

Until I was choking on them. The warrior tried to comfort me but her hand touching my shoulder only added to the pain I felt ringing through the rest of me. My throat felt raw and dry. Trying to speak hurt too much to keep up. Jes stood straight away to get me some water.

When she came back she gently lifted my chin and encouraged me to drink. I took small sips at first that turned into large greedy gulps when I realised just how thirsty I was. Jes' hand stayed beneath my chin, gently holding my face up with fingertips brushing my throat as I swallowed mouthful after mouthful until it was all gone. She moved the cup away when I was done.

She nodded and wiped her thumb across the droplets of water clinging to my lower lip. Her eyes softened at me. Jes' smile lit her entire face before she shifted her features into a stern expression that told me to be serious. I let out a soft moan when my shoulder pulled and flexed an ache all the way down my back, "And aching" I added in a long pained sigh. Jes' eyes looked down at me concerned, and her hands twitched like she wanted to offer me some comfort.

After a moment of what looked like careful deliberation she rose to stand again and turned to walk out of my sight. My head lifted when I heard a clinking of glass somewhere in the corner and then she came back.

Jes knelt beside the bed again and offered me a new cup to drink from. I stared at it in her hand. She shook her head. It will help with the pain" I eyed the cup suspiciously and she chuckled when I didn't take it, "You think its poison" "No! I understand" Jes raised the cup to her mouth and took a sip of the tonic with a slight smile for me, "I should have tested it for you anyway. Wanheda's life is much too valuable to lose" I rolled my eyes and she laughed gently before she offered me the cup.

I managed to raise my head a little more but not enough. I gave a tiny whimper of frustration. Why couldn't I just move right?! Jes came to sit on the bed beside me.

She whispered soft words of encouragement as she gently hooked a hand around the side of my neck and eased my head up so I could drink. The tonic tasted bitter on my tongue. And heavy after the water.

It made me cough. Drinking it was a slow process but Jes waited patiently for me to finish it before she helped me lay back down. She smiled at my eyes lazily drifting again once I was settled. My eyes dropped heavier in answer. I felt her hand on my face again before I heard her let go a big breath.

may we meet again in grounder language translator

It roused me enough to make me look up at her. She was staring at the bed, angrily scowling at it, "I don't think you realise how close to death you had come" I let my eyes close and mumbled back at her, "What doesn't kill you Maybe the old saying had died on earth and now she was waiting for me to finish it.

When I didn't she let out another breath and tucked my hair behind my ear. Her fingers lingered on my face again after, shaking almost against my skin. It made my heart wrench thinking she was scared right now. That I had caused that. Jes stayed silent and kept moving her fingers over my hair in featherlight strokes that had me close to purring beneath her.

She began humming after a while and I felt myself fall closer to sleep listening to her sing under her breath. I didn't know the words or the song. But it sounded like a lullaby. And damn it was working. The knife gets closer with its smoking burn and its acid coating. I can feel it's heat way before Lexa sets it to hover over my collarbone. My skin's twitching already. My body's already thinking flight over fight, trying to get me away from the pain it feels on the end of that knife.

But I fight it relentlessly. I can't stop now. Lexa's grip on my shoulder had been light but now its changed to a tight vice.

Its cradling my shoulder and biting just a tiny bit gentler into my back, soft enough to avoid irritating the marks on my back but strong enough to stop me moving suddenly. She takes up a closer stance, moving to be right in front of me.

Ordinarily having her so close would send me crazy. Right now I was busy fighting my fear to worry much about the dizzying effect of her body near mine. She sets the knife against my right shoulder, taking in a sharp breath when she feels my skin ripple beneath the acid and heat burning into it. It hurts enough to make my eyes water but I keep silent, holding my breath to keep from crying out. Her eyes find mine before she pushes the point in. I can read the deep apology in them as I feel the tip of the blade force its way into my body.

And the pain in them when I gasp out. Lexa quickly drags the cut down over my collarbone and takes the knife back. The snow swirls in the firelight around her as she looks down at me expectantly. I stare straight back through my quick breaths and shoot her a confused look. She'd said this was supposed to hurt.

Like fire in my blood. So where was the fire? I started to ask her but I cut myself off when a deep burning sensation set off suddenly in my chest. The skin on my shoulder flared too.

It felt like someone was clawing into my chest and shredding it off. My eyes flowed with tears and I struggled to breathe right. My heart was racing beyond my control with the fire blazing wildly through it. My arm ached and screamed in it too. I understood now why Echo had screamed. I understood why she'd been pinned down. This is incredibly intense. Don't be scared, I tell myself weakly around the pain.

I try but I know I'm close to breaking already. I look down to the ground to save Lexa seeing anymore of my reaction. I knew this was painful for her to watch. Behind me the warriors shift a little tense in the snow. Like they're still waiting for Lexa to cut me. Like they don't believe she already has.

Be strong, I think forcing myself to stay quiet, Do it for her. Lexa must hear my thoughts because soon I feel her hand tighten again on my shoulder and hear her take a breath. I can feel her desire to stop already but she knows better. So she ignores the subtle shiver of pain my body has taken up to replace my screams and she takes it as an invitation to carry on.

I held my pained whimper and swallowed it back the moment my eyes fixed on the stranger by the door. A warrior was limping inside to us. One hand holding a bloody rag to his head while he struggled to walk. I couldn't see much else. Not just because the disadvantage of having to lay on my front on a bed restricted my vision but because his face was smothered in blood.

I stared up at it, trying to see through it. I didn't recognise anything of the man underneath until I saw the handprints on his coat and the sword hanging in his other hand. This man looked like he'd been viciously beaten. Cain would never give reason to be punished like this. But that was definitely cain's sword. And hiding beneath the thick layer of blood and mud that was definitely his face. Just swollen and terribly burned at his left temple. I winced just looking at him.

His bloodshot eyes took us both in. He shot Jes a warning look and she moved off the bed and quickly backed away from me. I felt my hand twitch to grab her back. I didn't want her to leave me. Not when he looked that terrifying and angry. Cain's eyes let up their aggression then. He bowed his head low and gave me an easy smile to show he meant peace. I am glad for its decision to stay. And I should thank you for your bravery" I shot him a confused look and his smile widened, "You saved our heda a lot of complications by forcing her to complete your punishments.

I dread to think what would have happened if she had failed them" He came to kneel in front of me and bowed again. I found myself frowning at him. What was with the bowing all of a sudden? I tried to peer over my shoulder for jes but twisting my head too much hurt. I gave up and relented myself to staring at Cain's face when he lifted his head again.

I traced the blood around it with a disgusted swallow thinking about how it had happened. Violently, I decided staring at the burn on his temple, And in anger.

Do both skycrew and grounders say 'may we meet again' : The

His eyes sparkled a little with amusement. But you already knew that" I nodded, not really listening to anything he said. My head was too busy trying to pull me back to sleep. The tonic Jes had given me was kicking in. Already my body was beginning to feel light. My vision even swayed with how woozy it was making me. His eyes left me to look coldly back at her. I groaned trying to figure out what they were saying. My head hurt trying to keep up.

It had all but given up translating their language. Jes must have realised what was wrong because she immediately switched back to english.

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You need to go, Cain" I frowned with my stare for him. Why wouldn't Lexa want him here? He was her bodyguard.

Jes came around the bed with her warning and stood in front of me, body tilted towards me so I could still see her. She had her arms crossed as she glared down at the man. Everything in her stance and expression said she was protecting me. Cain glared back at her. Clearly he didn't like taking orders from anyone but Lexa. And maybe her guard of me insulted his loyalty to his commander.

I felt my mind itching with warning when I saw his fingers twitch around his sword. Please dont fight, I moaned internally, Not here. Footsteps in the hall crossed over whatever cain intended to say back to jes.

Immediately he shut his mouth and sprang to his feet with agility his beaten body hid perfectly. He turned his head to the door, eyes watching it tense and nervous. I stared at him confused. I'd never known Cain to fear something before. It made me scared. I didn't want to see what would happen if Lexa walked in and caught him here.

The footsteps came closer and all three of us watched the door tense. Niylah was the one to stride into the room and a collected breath of relief left the three of us. The healer stopped at the door with a sharp frown that questioned the two warriors' immediate presence beside me. Jes returned niylah's question with an answering frown of her own. I saw her head move to look behind Niylah for something. She tilted it back to the other woman when she saw something wrong.

Niylah glanced down at me and shook her head. My heart had been rising slowly higher in anticipation but with her confirmation that lexa wasn't here it fell completely. Niylah locked my eyes before she answered me. She will visit, wanheda, but only after she has finished discussing Azgeda's moving on. She said to ask your patience in this" My head tipped up. My heart pinged curious. Lexa was speaking with Roan? Niylah's attention drifted over to Cain to avoid answering the questions in my eyes.

I saw her glance at his head, assessing it. If she was worried about it I couldn't tell. She looked pretty pissed at him. Like he'd wronged her. The warrior glanced back at my low groan before he stepped over to the trader and bent his head to speak quietly with her. Niylah nodded after and moved to the corner to collect something. Then she came back to cain and slammed something into his palm before gruffly telling him to leave.

He turned back to me and touched my head gently, "Ai op odon em" He said to the other warrior before turning on his heel and limping away. I stared after him confused. What the heck had that been about? In front of me Jes looked angry. She came to my side and crouched down. She asked me how I was feeling while she fiddled with something clinging to my back. I began to answer, giving her a calm okay in reply, but her fiddling turned to poking and prodding that caused a tsunami of pain to wash over my back.

I hissed out sharply and flinched away from niylah. Her hands gripped my arms, stopping me from rolling off the bed. Jes knelt in front of me when I started to cry and black out from the pain. Her hand took my undamaged one and she squeezed it gently as I struggled to stay still. I cried out as she coaxed me back into the middle of the bed and pushed me down flat on my stomach again.

She cussed under her breath when she saw my back. I could only imagine what damage I'd done by moving. I collapsed against the furs in a mess of sweat and shivers. When I caught sight of Niylah's hand come away from me bloody I felt like throwing up.

I nodded in answer to her. I felt incredibly bad. She shook her head disapprovingly at me but I didn't care. Right now I was more concerned with kicking this drowsiness down so I could focus again. But it was hard. I felt like I'd over done it on the moonshine. Everything was turning fuzzy and gargled again. They hushed up immediately and I saw jes look back at niylah and shake her head. They weren't going to tell me. I blew out an irritated breath and fought off the drowsiness inside me to move my hands back beneath me.

If they wouldn't tell me I'd find out myself. Jes' eyes locked on me when I moved my hands. I saw her look confused and then scared the second she realised what I was trying to do. My arms shook under the weight of my body and I gasped sharply for the hot pain burning like flames down my back. But I kept pushing up through it. I had to get to that council. I had to talk to Lexa. Be strong, my heart ordered pumping faster inside my chest.

I was nearly sat up when I felt the grounders both grab me to push me back down. I managed to hold my own against them for a couple seconds but soon the pain got too much and I collapsed back against the furs in a mess of tremors and sweat. I panted out and let out a choked sob of frustration. I hated being so damn weak.

may we meet again in grounder language translator

I felt a hot trickling down my spine and I shook scared to myself knowing what it was. I struggled to breathe while Niylah growled at me beneath her breath. I didn't understand the words, I didn't really care anymore, but I could tell they weren't nice.

It made my arm flare thinking about being burned again. It gave me fiery hot images of a branding iron coming closer.

I tried to stay still but it was hard. Every time I felt her touch me, even the lightest touch, pushed another wave of agony through me. The tonic in my system didn't help either. It just made me feel heavy and drunk. Beside me Jes was glaring at the trader, "She can't help moving when you are putting her in pain!

It sounded like a stream of gargled noises in my head. Made me feel sick trying to keep up. I closed my eyes to it. Instead I thought about this council and what it meant exactly, forcing myself to focus even though everything in me told me to drop it and rest. I growled at myself, pushing my body's need to rest aside. My heart bumped hard in my chest.

Starting a drum song that made me stay awake. Gratefully I let it bruise me. I squeezed my eyes and blocked out the voices above me. In my head I was pulling together everything Niylah and Jes had said about Lexa and what was happening. A council of clans was serious. I knew that from the previous meetings I'd be allowed inside. They were only called when the commander needed to discuss something big publicly for support. Like war, I worried. Like letting Roan go home, my mind tiredly offered instead.

I sleepily muddled it over. Was Lexa allowing roan's people to return home without her guidance to the pass? Was this finally her showing Roan some trust?

I hope so, I thought warily as I shivered. I felt incredibly cold suddenly. Like the pain in my back had turned to ice and was spreading all over. I tucked myself some more into the furs, hiding in their warmth. Above me Niylah's voice had risen in anger at the warrior, telling her to leave. Jes pretty much yelled back with a definite no. I whimpered to myself when their shouting gave me a headache.

All this pain was growing and I felt so cold. And all they could do was argue over something as silly as who would babysit me. I wasn't a kid. I didn't need watching over. I buried my face into my arm and whimpered to myself until I felt my body still. I thought about staying awake a second. The two arguing women above me needed to be told to shut up. But I knew they wouldn't listen. So I gave up and submitted myself to the dark again. I thought the first cut was bad. The sixth one was excruciating.

My body gives out briefly as the knife slide again over my arm. My legs buckle and send me on a quick trip towards the ground. Lexa's hand holds me tighter when she feels me slip and on reflex I quickly reach out and catch myself on her arm.

I wrap a hand around it, using it to anchor me in place. I feel a resilience in her touch back. And another beg for us to stop. It makes me angry around the pain and I glance up to tell her no. But her attention has been called past me to the warriors. Yongon is used to refer to one's own child, or the child of a particular person. While the two are technically interchangeable, it is more common for someone to use yongon to refer to their own offspring. It may be derived from "daughter".

It may be derived from "look out", as you would look out for or protect a friend. The phrase gouthru klir safe passage is an exception, but may simply be a result of the parallel with gouthru klin, which sounds similar but means "to commit suicide". It may be derived from "spitting", vile creation of the mouth. Peterson explains bilaik as a "general subordinator", meaning that its English translations are many and varied.

It can mean "who" or "which" or "that" depending on context. Trigedasleng verbs have two parts: Many verbs have different meanings depending on the satellite. Satellites Most verbs have a satellite that directly follows the direct object, if one is present; if a direct object is not present, the satellite follows the verb.

Satellites precede indirect objects and other phrases that follow the verb. There are eight satellites present in Trigedasleng op, in, au, we, of, raun, daun, klin, thru. Some useful guidelines for satellites follows: According to David J. They can co-occur with satellites, but that typically changes their meaning.

Mostly, they form tenses as listed belowbut there are other ways to use them. Trigedasleng also fails to distinguish the perfect tense, and instead uses the past tense: Hypothetical or conditional clauses are formed using bilaik see above.

It may come from "go for". So "fragged" means almost literally "killed". Originally from millitary slang for intentionally killing a fellow soldier, often done with a fragmentation grenade.

It may be descended from "bounce" or "banish". It may be descended from "charge up". Yu gonplei ste odon. Osir gonplei nou ste odon nowe. Stedaunon don gon we; kikon ste enti.

Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim. Octavia expresses that she doesn't understand why she needs to learn it. Lincoln explains that only the warriors, in his clan, speak English and in order to blend in she needs to speak his native language. Indra also uses this language to speak with Octavia. In Reapercussions, Indra and her people use Trigedasleng to discuss strategy for the assault on some Reapers to get Nyko and their people back.

Oso souda lok em veida tro op fou bilaik emo hon emo sobwe op. Pas daun, em bilaik—' o Translation: We must find the raiding party before they reach the tunnels. Also in Reapercussions, Indra gives instructions: Den, oso na zog raun kom trikova. Artigas, yumi na ste stelt kom taim Ripa ge pul we kom emo honon. Den, oso na breik oso kru au. Then, we will strike from the shadows. Artigas, you and I will remain hidden until the Reapers are drawn away from their prisoners. Then, we free our people.

Peterson, who also made the Game of Thrones Dothraki and Valyrian languages.