Luffy meet sabo again manga raw

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luffy meet sabo again manga raw

Anime/MangaOne Piece "It's weird to see you all pissed off at everything again. Luffy, Ace and Sabo walked around the gray terminal, trying to find . Luffy's crew members were gaping at the display of raw power that Ace. Japanese Information When Luffy finaly finds his way out, he meets with Zoro and Kin'emon again, with the latter providing animal outfits for the three of When Sabo said that he will inherit Ace's will in the manga, he said that to Koala. Do you remember? This is my favourite moment in one piece!!!! ❤ At a very young age, Sabo ran away.

Luffy looked at her outfit with a quirked eyebrow. Vivi wore a dancer girl outfit. He did not remember from the first time. Dancers are citizens too! She looked at him oddly. Like I said, he's the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard pirates. I'd like to thank you for taking care of my brother. I know he can be a handful sometimes! They bowed their heads. He's done what no crew member should and killed one of our nakama, so I'm going to finish him off.

What help will that be?

Sabo gives a Vivre Card to Zoro and leaves One Piece 738 (1080p)

Luffy looked at him oddly. He gained a thoughtful expression. And I'll take care of those guys for you!

luffy meet sabo again manga raw

Then Ace put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a single, blank piece of paper. He threw it at Luffy, who caught it.

luffy meet sabo again manga raw

It'll allow us to meet again someday. Luffy looked at the piece of paper. He activated his devil fruit and sailed straight towards the approaching three ships. As he approached, they fired at him, missing completely with cannons, but hitting a few times with guns, which of course did nothing. Then, as he was nearly, at the ship, Ace pushed the little boat into the sea and used his great strength to jump across the ship.

He landed back on the little boat and activated his devil fruit powers. He crushed the ships as if they were made of paper. Luffy clapped and then waved Ace goodbye, as he disappeared, waving as well. Luffy's crew members were gaping at the display of raw power that Ace had just done.

Except without the special effects! More Ace for Ace fans, which is from my experience pretty much everyone, eh?

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As you can see, I've addressed those nightmares a bit. He doesn't need one because he's no longer simply playing pirates. Besides, there's a food stand a bit ways down the street and the smell of grilled meat is even more tempting. He doesn't want a sword, either. That's why he has Zoro. Luffy shakes his head. Let's go see what that old guy is grilling! SIX "We need to find you a good disguise," Nami says, leading him by his arm into a small shop. A bit of stuffing is falling out of loose seams in its hind legs, and Luffy stares at it, wondering how the whole toy thing works.

You're not even listening to me, are you? Luffy listens to her tirade for another half a second and then something else, something way more interesting catches his eye. It's a top hat. The blue fabric is so dark it's almost black, and the sash tied around it is a lighter colour — a deep ocean blue.

One piece chapter 731 review – Luffy meets Sabo – Sabo confirmed alive!!!!!

Luffy runs his hand on the soft velvet the hat's lined with, and it's on a whim when he lifts it from the counter and puts it on his own head. He puts it on his own hat first, but the straw hat is too big and the top hat almost falls to the floor.

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He takes Shanks's hat off his head and lets it hang off the cord around his neck, and he puts the top hat on his head again. It feels familiar, he thinks, remembering the way an older, more weathered top hat was too big for his head. It used to get stuck on his nose — a fact Ace used to his advantage without mercy, shoving the hat on his head and over his eyes so that Luffy would run into walls and off the tree house just trying to get it off.

Sure enough, when he tugs on the brim of this hat, it too falls down the bridge of his nose. This hat is bigger, though, and it covers Luffy's head entirely.

luffy meet sabo again manga raw

It's pitch black inside, and when Luffy laughs, the sound is muffled by the velvet. The dusty fabric tickles his nose, and Luffy snickers to himself. The weight of it is different, and he's grown a lot since he was seven, so it's not completely the same. But it's close enough. He gives it one last look. When he turns back to Nami, she's already shoving a fake moustache in his face, muttering something about clueless captains.

His brother's smell surrounds him, familiar just as much as it is unfamiliar. The golden hair is longer, but it's still the same.

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Everything is the same. Sabo's here, he's really here. Luffy can hardly believe it. When he continues after a pause, his tone is much fonder. It's me who's supposed to worry about you. His cravat might as well be a handkerchief. Sabo is covered in bandages and there's a band aid on the bridge of his nose, and it's all just like when they were kids patching each other up with varying success. He'd gotten into a fight with a Vice-Admiral, Luffy learns later, and it hadn't been easy to get away this time.

Sabo chuckles, and Luffy can feel him pressing his nose into his matted, shorter hair. Now stop bawling your eyes out, cry baby. His arms are wrapped around his brother's torso so many times that Sabo's probably having a hard time drawing breath, but the hug his brother gives back would easily be tight enough to break the bones in anyone but a rubber man's body, so Luffy figures they're even. He's slowly calming down, mostly because he doesn't want to get teased more.

His lower lip still quivers and his eyes are full of tears, but his breathing evens out with each shaky exhale. This is the first time he's talked to Sabo since Dressrosa and it's the first time he's had the time to properly look at his long lost big brother, and the burning in the back of his eyes refuses to go away fully no matter how much he wills it to.

He's been on edge all of the past week, just staring at the burning vivre card of his only remaining older brother. Now, all that tension is leaving his body at once until he's rendered little more than a puddle for Sabo to drag up to the crow's nest.

There, with his head resting on Sabo's knee, Luffy listens to his big brother talk. He hears about the fire, the sunken boat, the lost memories and the new ones formed with the revolutionaries. He hears about Koala. He hears about a new family that accepted Sabo, that let him be free.

He smiles throughout it all. Sabo speaks like he's happy, like he's found his place. A few hours later, Sanji calls them for dinner.

He's prepared a feast, and Sabo's nakama are going to join them. Luffy hops up and rushes to the door. He hangs onto the doorframe with one hand while the rest of his body hangs precariously above the deck, where his crew is gathered.

They look up at their captain's call. Luffy's grin seems too wide for his face as he pumps his fist — oops, almost forgot to hang on — and he takes a deep breath. There's silence for two seconds, and then Luffy hears Sabo laughing and half his crew scoffing exasperatedly. Please leave me a comment! Allyanime Sabo is alive on Dragon's ship, he remembers the things that he wished he had forgotten; and sets out determined to reunite with his little brother, Luffy- who is still silently suffering from Ace's death.

Will the two ever meet? Two years later, no yaoi. This is my first time posting a Fanfic, even though I've written some before, I usually stop myself from posting for whatever weird reason Okay, so last night I think I seriously was up till 4am looking for a good "Sabo comes back" type of Fanfic, and I really couldn't find any that had a good plot line and or didn't stop in the middle… So I decided to write one…: This takes place after the Fishman island arc I will probably explain it later: It was at least midnight, no wait I've been out here for a while, so it's probably later.

luffy meet sabo again manga raw

He sighed as he mentally corrected himself. It was a beautiful night, the kind that made you glance up in awe; the whole night sky was engulfed by a spread of a million stars. But, the most spectacular was the white moon, which hung crookedly perfect; glowing full and proud. Yet, tonight the young man could not fully appreciate the glowing night sky; his mind was somewhere else restless with memories, the unforgettable and harsh that tore and sliced rhythmically away at his sanity.

Yup he has definitely been going crazy these days. It has been almost over two years since that day, and throughout those years he has been able to accept what happened, move on from the past and focus on the future right? Well, that was one way. Yet still…the regrets would always remain as painful reminders one way or another.

And lately, he had been doing such a good job at suppressing those types of thoughts… But then suddenly and usually at complete random the memories would pop up again. It was so despicable… Then of course, when you have that mindset going, it's hard not to believe in the morbid possibility that he could have lost them both.