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But you won't meet the people themselves - you will have to solve their secrets and puzzles to escape 15 mysterious rooms. Break out from a room of a rockstar, . Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia is the forty-first episode of the Bleach anime. Previous Episode, The Shinigami whom Ganju Met sits up, but immediately doubles over in pain as his abdominal injury opens again and bloodies his bandages. Mad Max meets 50's radioactive monster movies is how I would describe it. Yesterday was a lost day again. . The crossword puzzle was a warning, taking sixteen minutes despite being painfully easy. .. You see, due to Ichigo and Rukia being seen on national TV causing trouble the school has been.

Sayoko and Wilhelmina are Quincy who lost their powers. At the beginning of the Invasion, Ishida manages to defeat Renji by making a roof collapse on top of him.

Much later on, Ichigo delivers what he thinks is the final blow against Aizen by causing the Sokyoku Hill to fall on him. When Senna first appears, she punches Ichigo in the nuts. When she's grabbed by Ganryu, rather than beating ineffectively against his armor, she blasts him with a Hado 1: Square in the balls.

Word of God is that it is his Zanpakuto's special ability. Ishida, who actively plans to defeat his opponents by having roofs cave in on them.

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While he does love a good fightIchigo can be this when the need arises. The most obvious example is his decision to blindside the two captains guarding Rukia with his Resureccion in order to prevent them from entering shikai. Yoruichi gives one to Soifon after their fight. Senna seems to have a very dirty mind and is quick to assume that someone wants to do "perverted things" to her, which Ichigo lampshades. Several, but the most satisfying is easily Ichigo vs Grand Fisher in the sequel.

Orihime is the David to Aizen's Goliath. Orihime comes out on top. Didn't See That Coming: Aizen most certainly did not account for Ichigo becoming an Arrancar. Not that he'd ever tell anyone this, through. Aizen catches this a couple times. The second nearly kills him. Didn't Think This Through: The whole Rukia rescue plan has more holes in it that a piece of Swiss cheese, with the most gaping one being the fact that the gang had no clue how they'd get out of the Seireitei afterward.

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This is lampshaded mercilessly. Played with in Yoruichi's encounter with Gin. Provides narration for the Season II trailer. Fortunately, being dead is no handicap in a story like this. Ichigo faces off against Byakuya and Komamura in this manner. Shinji first appears at the end of Chapter 3.

The rest of the Vizard are introduced in the next chapter. The Espada also show up a lot earlier than they did in canon.

Bleach Trivia Questions & Answers | Television A-C

Since Ichigo can't reign in all of his hollow reiatsu, he uses Zangetsu as a sort of power sink that absorbs most of his excess reserves. While this weakens him normally, it causes his release to be ridiculously overpowered. Aizen to Ichigo after the former implants his incomplete Hogyoku. Both of them have to feed on souls, but their motivations are completely opposite.

Aizen does it to preserve his own life. Ichigo does it to protect others from himself. Ichigo starts eating Ukitake's utensils once he runs through all of his food. Ichigo can create one in his released state, typically followed up by a Storm of Blades. Right before everything goes to hell in a hand basket, we get a scene of Ishida doing a crossword. What's the answer to the clue he's stuck on? Ikkaku and Yumichika, oh yes. He's made it clear that this is only so long as they don't cause trouble.

Monkey Hiyori has monkey saru on her jacket because it's the first character in her family name while the second signifies a persimmon. The character for 'ri' means the country or a village, while the pronunciation of 'hiyori', using two different characters, means weather, but isn't the standard way of speaking of the weather.

Question by author Dorgenfried. Kuchiki Ginrei Kuchiki Ginrei is his grandfather. His name means silver in Japanese. Kuchiki Soujun is his deceased father. He's the former vice captain of the 13th Squad. Question by author Lepidottero. Coyote Starrk Yammy is the strongest Espada when in his released form, but Starrk is still known as the Primera.

Question by author mlmf Tensa Zangetsu Ichigo rarely says his Bankai but it was first said in his fight with Byakuya.

His Getsuga Tensho turns black in his Bankai state. Advanced "Bleach" Quiz click to play it. Question by author aizen Shihoin Shiba is the last name of Kukkaku and Ganju, Shirayuki is part of Rukia's zanpakutou Sode no Shirayukiand Shunpo flash step is a high speed move for Shinigami. Rukia watched him for a moment before shifting her eyes back. A heavy sigh of frustration caused her to turn her head towards him again. He was now scratching his head, his eyes still closed and his eyebrows dangerously furrowed.

Rukia smiled gently as he slowly descended and sat on the cold grass, his face still wearing his usual frown. She too gently took a seat next to him, beginning to play with a strand of grass in front of her. Your place right now is with your family, your friends…" "And what are you then?

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Rukia shook her head before punching him lightly in the arm. He flinched slightly as she made a face at him. She hid her smirk, knowing he was waiting for just one opportunity to begin an argument. It's as simple as that. So much has happened, and so much still needs to be rebuilt…and you have obligations yourself to fulfill, Ichigo …" They looked up to see a few figures in the far distance walking towards them. Rukia meant to get up, but at that moment she froze as she felt his fingers slide around her wrist firmly, holding her there.

She looked at him, startled. He did not return her gaze. Rukia smiled gently, nodding. You said you would be gone from here as well for the next few years…" Rukia hesitated, biting her lip as she thought of a way to ease his doubts, but in truth even she knew that the chances for them meeting anytime soon was unlikely. But perhaps the thought that they would could be comfort enough until the time came.

There was nothing but silence between them. Rukia seemed to have lost her complete composure as he continued to hold onto her wrist, realizing just how close they were to one another. With a sudden swift motion, Ichigos' eyes met hers, his gaze piercing her with such a strong force that Rukia found herself slightly trembling as his face moved dangerously close to hers.

Renji was in the lead, followed closely by Ishida, Inoue, and Chad.