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We also invite you to visit us online where you can access the digital version . The food is awesome, the teachers are very nice, and I can honestly say I haven't met a . as the Operations Officer for USS Laboon out of Norfolk, Virginia. .. once again under the leadership of his old BA coach, Aaron Izaryk. The tiny Strawhat crew took but a few months to traverse the first half of the Grand Line? and this was with many interruptions, including Baroque Works, Skypiea, CP9 fuck, there were far too many events to list. Highly unlikely, but it would be nice to see a scene with Crocus. After meeting the Straw Hats, Laboon gains a badly drawn copy of their Jolly Roger However, he did react in pain when Luffy slammed the mast of the Going After Brook joined the Straw Hats, Laboon was seen again with Crocus, with the.

In a way, it's pretty much the same situation as what Brook went through but with totally opposite responses from the two involved. Normally, I save my favorite comments for after the lists, but it'd be appropriate for this one to be placed here.

Brook suffered the fame fate that Moria did but came to a different conclusion. Brook hasn't given up. Brook's crew dying only strengthened his values of friendship and loyalty and, most of all, death. Moria throws death around all over the place and doesn't care who's life he's ruined or who's corpse he's disrespecting. Brook, on the other hand, really has a grasp of the impact death has on people and yet stays positive.

A good deal of that can be argued to be madness as he did spend half a century sailing on a ship in isolation with the corpses of his dead friends but he still has remnants of sanity that seep through.

I think that that also makes his more perverted gags more acceptable than, say, Sanji's.


Brook is so over the top and ludicrous as if he's completely forgotten how to talk to other people and nobody acknowledges his behavior as normal. And his friendship with Laboon is really cute.

And another thing that made Moriah's speech about this to the Straw Hats so effective is that he was right Man, I can imagine that Luffy thought of it when he was alone in front of Kuma on Sabaody. The fight choreography - So many of the battles in this arc received great praise - the fight against Tararan, Zoro vs.

Ryuma, and of course, the pinnacle of the entire crew working together to fight against Oars. Few battles anywhere else in the series have occurred on such a large scale. The top three most loathed things about Thriller Bark were Sanji and Absalom - Absalom's objectification was despicable, and he could have made a much greater villain had this been handled better. Well, maybe not go as far as groping people in the shower, but there was so much potential for a serious focus on Absalom's wretchedness akin to the one on racism in Fishman Island, but it's all treated in a way that mostly makes it go down the toilet.

The fights that could have been - Despite the fights overall being pretty good, there were plenty of setups that never made it all the way there, disappointing some people. Chief among them Chopper and Hogback, which never really got the conclusion it deserved.

Then there was the General Zombies, plus Jigoro and Inuppe, who all looked to have pretty good potential, only to all get stepped on by Oars. He was accepted as a crew member and even aided them when an attack caused a few crew members to fall overboard and no one else could help them.

Despite being a crew member, when the Rumbar Pirates decided to go to the Grand Line, they chose to leave Laboon behind because he was just a baby. However, Laboon refused to leave them and Yorkitheir captain, ordered the others to ignore Laboon.

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After repairing their ship, the crew finally bid farewell to Laboon, promising him they would return in two or three years, after having traveled all the way around the Grand Line. Fifty Years of Waiting Edit Laboon patiently waited for them at Grand Line's entrance under the care of Crocuswho mans the lighthouse that introduces travelers into the Grand Line.

After many years passed by without the return of the Rumbar Pirates, Crocus decided to travel with the Roger Pirates to discover what happened to Laboon's crew. Upon his return, Crocus told him that his friends had effectively abandoned him by fleeing the Grand Line through the Calm Belt.

The old doctor had cared for Laboon ever since his friends left him and tried to make Laboon understand the situation.

Did Brook visit Laboon?

Although Laboon knew the truth about his friends, he refused to admit to himself that they were gone. Over the years that would pass, Laboon gained many scars on his head from slamming into Reverse Mountain. He believed that by doing this, he could destroy the mountain and return to the West Blue where his friends would be waiting for him.

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Launching the cannon in the hopes that it would slow them down, Luffy hit Laboon instead. After the battle which Luffy called a drawLuffy promised Laboon that he would return to see him, under the guise of wanting a rematch, which moved Laboon to tears of joy.

As a sign of the promise of the future rematch, Luffy painted the Straw Hat Jolly Roger on Laboon's head, commenting that the insignia would wash away if Laboon hit Reverse Mountain further. This prevented Laboon from hitting his head any further.