To avoid interference due to overlap, your AP should be on a channel at least five channels away from a channel that an adjacent AP is using. If they are not, verify that you are using the proper cables. Yes, as long as the game supports multiple players over a LAN local area network. This bit pattern is called a chip or chipping code. An Ethernet straight or cross-over cable can be used directly, this fast Ethernet switch will detect it automatically. Try to place the AP in a position that can best cover your wireless network.

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You need to have physical access to the Access Point to unlock it, press the reset button on the rear panel of the AP to unlock. Minimum 15dBm typically Transmission Range: This bit pattern is called a chip or chipping code.

Lock the Access Point to deny configuration changes to it. A2 is subject to the following two conditions: The Manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by unauthorized modification of this device, of the substitution or attachment.

The channels differ from country to country; select the channel to be used. When uploading software to theWireless Multi-Function Access Point, it is important not to interrupt the Web browser by closing the window or loading a new page. In the Control Panel, doubleNetwork click on Connections. Point the selections in the left side of the menu screen. The range of radio frequencies used by IEEE This means that there are about as many methods of WEP encryption as there are providers of wireless networking products.


Failure of the device may result. The energy levels of these emissions however are far much less than the electromagnetic energy emissions from wireless devices like for example mobile phones.

In figure an example of configuration. It is able ip extend the effective range and coverage of the wireless network. Change your AP radio channel within the range of 3 channels to scan the AP that you want to connect. A pair of Wireless Multi-Function APs operating under Bridge mode to act as the bridge that connect two Ethernet networks or Ethernet enabled clients together.

Atlantis Land Wireless Turbo USB Adapter AUP1-W54 Manuals

When there is a screen needs to enter the Network password, it means that there is a password settle, type in the 5w4 you entered before. Remote Bridge MAC filed: Manufacturer and its authorized resellers or distributors will assume no liability for any damage or violation of government regulations arising from failing to comply with these guidelines. EAP was designed with flexibility in mind, and it has been used as the basis for a number of network authentication extensions.

Normally, the higher you place the antenna, the better the performance will be.

Select the IP Address tab. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Do not open or repair the case yourself. Press the Reset button on the rear panel of the AP, to set back to factory default setting.


Atlantis Land ADSL 2+ A02-RA241-W54 User Manual

Can I play computer games with other members of the wireless network? Troubleshooting This chapter covers potential problems and the corresponding remedies. WLAN features two-fold protection in security. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. If not, please refer to MS Windows related manuals. In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio interference, in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures. The default values are shown below.

Atlantis Land Wireless Turbo USB Adapter A02-UP1-W54 User Manual

Before using the roaming function, the workstation must make sure that w544 is the same channel number with the access point of dedicated coverage area. An Ethernet straight or cross-over cable can be used directly, this fast Ethernet switch will detect it automatically. Type a name or leave the username dialog box empty to login, the system will check only the password that was set in the system before.