X factor 2012 meet the press

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x factor 2012 meet the press

Meet the X Factor finalists: A comeback king, a far out favourite who Sydney, Australia but he moved to the UK to audition for The X Factor Cardi B teases brand new song bashing the press while her split from. The first episode of The X Factor's Six Chair Challenge was emotionally gruelling – there was joy, there were tears, there was even a bit of. December 17, pm PT by Sophie Schillaci As The X Factor's final three competitors prepare for their final battle, they'll have a little professional help. At a press conference for the finale on Monday, judges Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, PHOTOS: 'X Factor' Season 2: Meet the Contestants.

However, ITV has no choice but to rely on these huge shows when its audience is becoming increasingly fragmented. And, because it doesn't own the formats, its only revenue source from X Factor and GBT are the ad breaks. It's the cost of 30 hours of prime time drama, such as Downton Abbey. Set up in when Carlton and Granada merged to create ITV plc, the CRR was designed to prevent the station abusing its perceived monopoly position as far as advertisers are concerned.

x factor 2012 meet the press

Very simply, if ITV's ratings went down, the network could only ask advertisers for the same deal it had received in If ratings drop, CRR makes the fall far steeper. Hence the extension of the runs of ratings winners such as The X Factor, with series seven running from 21 August to 12 December. ITV isn't happy with this situation. His chairman, Archie Norman, a former Tory MP, told the same committee that CRR "drives us towards the lowest common denominator all the time" because that is where the biggest advertising revenues can be made.

x factor 2012 meet the press

You might argue that it's overtaken Coronation Street in terms of importance for the channel. With The X Factor that is Cowell's department. Crozier and Norman have both declared ITV's ambition to generate its own shows.

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In fact, Cowell's smartest move would be to wriggle out of his three-year deal with ITV, buy the company and re-sign them. It'd be like [early ITV baron] Lew Grade's original licence to print money — you own the station, you own the talent, you own everything. That way the ad spots become as compelling and as talked about as the show itself. The success of these shows also proves something else that clients and agencies should remember — the emotional power of linear television.

The X Factor rakes in the advertisers

Pundits have been writing off TV advertising for years, but it shows no sign of dying off just yet. As a mentor she has taken the time to come and personally view our rehearsals and has also exchanged numbers with us so that we can contact her with any issues we might have.

I admire Gary for various reasons but his song writing really inspires me so to have him really slate something would really hurt.

Grimsby The schoolgirl singer-songwriter, who has just finished her GCSEs, admits she is nervous about the live shows but staying positive. Buxton, Derbyshire, but lives in Sheffield Lucy caused a storm in her first audition where her performance of her own song, Last Night, got her a standing ovation and has been watched on YouTube more than 11 million times.

Who's who in X Factor 2012: meet the finalists (pictures)

The best mates met at school more than five years ago and have been together ever since. Mickey said seeing other acts go on from the show and have huge hits inspired them to give it a go.

Dan admits they are nervous but said it is not because of the judges, saying: They auditioned with another friend, Will, but carried on as a duo after the panel said he had to go.

But they have stayed friends and Will still shares a flat with Charlotte. The pair admit to a few nerves ahead of the live shows and want to impress one judge in particular. Louis has been brilliant; he has made us become stronger as a group and has told us to work that much harder. He has already given us the boost that we needed.