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Our light instrumental music is useful after a long day of work to unwind and relax. There was high demand for sugar prompting Spain to execute economic reforms by opening sugar industry to the world market and support the sugarcane farming in Philippines.

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Port of Manila opened to foreign trade in was followed by a period of rising industry and prosperity. In Iloilo it exported tobacco leaf, sugar, sapan or dyewood an industry long ago ruinedhemp Lanotand hides.

Spain bought steam-propelled ships from Great Britain. Increasing wealth allowed middle-class mestizo parents to send their sons to universities both at home and abroad.

Most of the towns in Negros has no concrete church because they cannot afford to construct one.

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Local inhabitants are often defenseless from Moro pirates who plundered the coastal settlements in search of goods and slaves usually destroying what they could not carry away.

Even the Spanish governor of Negros was held captive in Pirates inflict misery in Negros Occidental InMoros captured a hundred or so natives from Bacolod, Talisay, and Silay as slaves. It was cheap due to its value. From 35, population in it soared 5 times fold in to Chinese arrived in Iloilo were Lopez, Lacson and Locsin. They interbred with the locals and adopted Hiligaynon dialect.

These Chinese descent invested their money to purchase several lands in Negros.

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It was a lucrative business. Jose Ledesma and his wife Magdalena Ledesma followed. Population grew that mantilla ask to erect a chapel because its tiresome for his villagers to go to Bago to hear mass on Sunday. Isabela Haciendas Bonifacio, Josefa, and Espana. He has a very large family with 25 children. Bago was founded as town. He became the second richest planters in Negros. He built the beautiful mansion in Molo. His child is Mariano Lacson y Ledesma had built mansion.

He becomes one of the richest man in Negros and lead the freedom of the land from the Spanish regime and became its president.

It was founded as town He owned vast hacienda in Isabela, Hinigaran and La Castellana. Agapito Villavicencio Montero, a native of Mandurriao, Iloilo was born on August 18, and at the tender age of 18 years married Maximiana Mesa Abeto and settled in Binalbagan. The couple acquired properties in Binalbagan which is now known as Hacienda Loreto and Hacienda Alimango.

Some Yulos settled in Binalbagan. The demand for sugar by foreign firms stirred the interest of the people of Panay to acquire more lands for cultivation of sugar.