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The Turtles are transported to another dimension, where they meet their s alternate-reality Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( TV Series) episode. Paige Turco, Actress: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. Paige Turco was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on May 17, As a child . Summary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last edited by fables87 on 11/18/18 08 AM View full history .. As an alien ship crashes to central park, the TMNT meet an alien who is holding an .. An Archie comics-like animated series of the Ninja Turtles premiered in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( - ).

Trans-Dimensional Turtles is the 10th episode of Season 4 and the 88th overall. Contents [ show ] Official Description The Turtles are transported to an alternate Earth where they meet their counterparts and work together to battle Krang.

Plot As the Ulixes continues through space, the Turtles are concerned about destroying the pieces of the Heart of Darkness they already have, but the Fugitoid knows full well that the Triceratons can recreate the other pieces anyhow, so they have to destroy all of them. Before further can be said, the Fugitoid detects a trans-dimensional anomaly centered around the Turtles.

Before anything can be done, the four are transported away, much to the Fugitoid's concern. The Turtles end up in the world of their counterpartswho need their help to stop their Krang from setting off a device he calls the "Dimensionalizer" to destroy their dimension.

She expressed guilt in taking advantage of the Turtles' trust and controlling them for the benefit of her adopted father who was gradually recuperating. Her feelings of guilt and regret sometimes showed when she dueled Leonardo.

Karai believes in staying in the heat of battle until seeing things through and does not fear death. She cares about the human race, as she was against the destruction of the millions of innocence that would have occurred had the floating city of Beijing came crashing down on Earth.

Skills and abilities[ edit ] Karai was trained during her adolescence in ninjutsu and high-level forms of hand-to-hand combat under the tutelage of her adopted father, "Oroku Saki. At one point, in her youth, she had demonstrated proficient use of the shortbow and arrow.

Having raised by the ruthless and vicious Utrom Shredder, Karai has natural leadership skills and was capable of taking full charge of the Foot clan after the exile of her adopted father and master once she donned his mantle to carry on his destructive and murderous legacy, which seemed to have further multiplied her natural fighting skills.

In the Back to the Sewer season, it is implied that she may have trained even higher levels of ninjitsu from Khan, as her redesigned appearance dons a uniform similar to those of his mind-controlled students, as seen in "Karate Schooled".

I mean, I know she's been part of the universe before but I think the twists and turns we're doing with her and just watching her evolve as a very key player in a series is really exciting.

We're not really interested in the old Karai canon so much. And it's the closest thing to a soft spot. But he doesn't treat her like your average daddy's little girl.

tmnt 2012 meet 1987 wiki

But at the same time, Shredder with his attachment to her that is the only thing he really has that of course we've never really seen. I did do a lot of research online though. There are a bunch of great fan sites for her and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. From what I understand this Karai is written slightly different than past Karais have, which is great so then it is not so predictable and audiences who grew up with her can still enjoy it.

I do not recall if I had a picture before I started. You know, it is really just my own voice though. I try pitching it up a bit to sound younger like more around But she's sort of feisty, badass and kicks butt. She gets to have a little going on with Leonardo. What I like about playing this character is she's not all bad. She has a conscience that she has to wrestle with But see, I don't know about the other Karais or storylines in other series, so I don't know how it matches up, if it's the same or different or what.

She's got lots of attitude and she's sarcastic at times. You just never know what she's going to do. She's always surprising you — you think she's going to turn one way and she goes the other. She used her cunning tactics to coerce Leonardo into shouldering less responsibility and live his own life. Wanting to see him at midnight, she showed him the mythical sword of Miyamoto Musashi and expressed a desire to have him steal with her.

When he refused, she became "bored", saying how doing such dishonorable things were "fun".

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She then left him to fend off Snakeweed, but not before throwing her tanto knife near his head which allowed the Turtle leader to break free. She had made her second appearance in "The Alien Agenda", where she first encountered the inter-dimensional aliens known as the Kraang.

Curious about these extraterrestrials and their involvement with the Turtles, Karai had followed to retrieve an inactive Kraangdroid which she demonstrated to the Shredder and Baxter Stockman, thinking that the scientist could make use of such complex technology from space. Shredder then ordered her to learn more about the Kraang, as their highly advanced technology would prove quite useful in their centuries-old feud with Splinter and the Turtles.

In the Season 1 finale, "Showdown, Part 2" it is revealed that Karai is, in fact, Miwa, the only child and supposedly deceased infant daughter of Hamato Yoshi and his late wife Tang Shen, who was abducted by Shredder as an infant after the battle that resulted in Tang Shen's unfortunate demise fifteen years ago.

The Shredder has since raised her as his own, renaming her "Karai" and telling her that Splinter was responsible for her mother's death. Turning to a shocked and shaken Splinter, she turned to strike him down in retaliation for "taking her mother's life. Karai reappears in the second season 's third episode,'"Follow the Leader".

She becomes very interested in the Turtles hunt for the dozens of mutagen canisters scattered across NYC and forms a plan to trap them. She is later seen looking at a torn photograph of her late mother when she is ambushed the new Footbots, a latest invention of the Kraang for Oroku Saki.

Although overpowered by their impressive fighting techniques, Shredder emerges to inform her that he is leaving for Japan to take care of "urgent business. In the two-part episode "The Manhattan Project", Leo tells Karai the truth that Splinter is her biological father, but she dismisses it as a lie. In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", she begins to have doubts towards whether or not Shredder is telling the truth.

She "lies" to Leonardo, saying that she believed she is Splinter's daughter and initially allows herself into the Turtles' lair in order to lead Tiger Claw there, but when she found out that she really was Splinter's child, she began to regret her actions and tried to make up for them by helping the Turtles fight Tiger Claw. She is overpowered and taken back to Shredder, who imprisoned her now that she knew the truth about her parentage and true clan.

Karai made a nonspeaking cameo in "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto" when she was visited by Shredder who tried to explain that it would have been wrong for her to be raised by "scum like Splinter" and that he had done only what he had to do, what he knew was right. She turned away from her "father", refusing to even acknowledge his presence. Once he had left, she began hacking away at the bars of her prison cell, determined to escape. In "Vengeance is Mine", Karai is rescued by the Turtles and brought back to the lair.

However, after hearing the story of their rivalry and her mother's death from her biological father, she got so angry that she returned to Shredder's lair to put an end to him once and for all, only to be captured once more. Shredder's real plan was to use her as bait to mutate the Turtles into snakes - reasoning that, as the natural enemy of the rat, the mutated turtle-snakes would then eat Splinter, who would be unable to fight his sons - but he accidentally causes Karai to fall into the mutagen, turning her into a mutant snake that goes on a rampage before escaping as she regains control of herself when about to kill Splinter.

Although Donatello hopes to create a retro-mutagen to cure Karai, it is revealed that she is a special kind of mutant and can almost completely change back to her human self, retaining only her greenish snake eyes, venomous fangs, and prehensile tongue. In the second season's two-part finale, "The Invasion", Karai had two non-speaking cameos; where she appeared near an alley way to hide from the Kraang, and at the end when she had rescued her biological father from drowning to the death in the sewer.

She checked his vital organs and warmly nudged him before taking off in the sewers. She also appeared in a flashback when Shredder was reminiscing her training as a young girl, to her unintentional mutation into a mindless purple-and-white snake. She was shown saving Splinter from drowning in a drain pipe. She had brought him to shore, and checked his vital signs before returning to the waters of the sewer.

In third season 's tenth episode "Serpent Hunt", Karai is chased by Anton Zeck, Ivan Steranko, Rahzar, and Fishface to be taken to Shredder, who intends to have "his daughter" back, only under his complete control. Donatello observes that her mind is becoming more snake-like as time goes on, as she can hardly even speak, but she still acknowledged her former enemies as friends and said goodbye to them before departing into the city. She is captured and given to Shredder, who has Baxter begin to work on a mind control serum to get Karai back on his side.

In "The Deadly Venom", not only has Baxter successfully helped Karai control her mutation allowing her to remain in human form but shape-shift her arms into snakes, as well as infect her enemies with various toxins, poisons and acidic venombut he also brainwashes her into working for and obeying the Shredder once again, forcing her to call him "Father" against her will.

After infecting April, Casey, Mikey and Raphael with her incurably lethal snake's venom, she faced Leonardo; one-on-one who had managed to counteract her lethal venom by utilizing his newly developed healing gifts of "the healing hands" mantra Splinter had taught him earlier. Although defeated, she managed to escape while Leonardo was distracted. Many nights later, in "Attack of the Mega Shredder", Karai is seen connected to a Kraang-like contraction that injects her brain with multiple brain-worms.

She again staged a plan to capture the Turtles' and place in four separate traps. This would then force Splinter to fight her to the bitter end for his sons' lives. Fortunately, Splinter later used his "healing hand" mantra, which weakened the brain-worm inside her head, causing her to spit it out, therefore restoring her free will. Although the Turtles' searched long and hard, she had fled from the city of New York; presumably back to Japan. Many months later, Karai is later used by Splinter and April as a motivation for the Shredder to aid in fending off the Triceraton invasion in season's two-part finale "Annihilation: Karai is then killed off-screen with the Earth's destruction, but she is saved when the Ninja Turtles create a brand-new timeline in "Earth's Last Stand".

Finally free of the vile brain-worm that had controlled her, a furious and embittered Karai focuses all her efforts on taking down Oroku Saki and his criminal empire with the help of her old friend Shinigami; a Shinto witch who possesses extraordinarily powerful dark magic. To give more thought to her new drive, new Foot soldiers are recruited for her own army which she herself commands. Unfortunately, she is later captured by the Shredder who has now become an unusually strong bladed, muscular mutant himself and used as a leverage to force Splinter into another duel to the death.

Suspended in chains, Karai is forced to watch as her one true father is constantly pulverized by the Super Shredder's immense strength. She manages to use her mutant-snake abilities to break free of her restraints and joins up with April and the Turtles but are blocked by several Chrome Domes. Later, Karai runs off with April and the Turtles to the Undercity and is horrified to see her father, Splinter, barely holding his own against Super Shredder.

Before she can rush to her father's aid, more Chrome Domes attack and she watches in horror as Splinter and Oroku Saki fall 1, feet; presumably to their deaths. Karai then joins with Leonardo and April, to attract Oroku Saki to the surface.

She brutally attacks him with her tanto. She is almost crushed to death by a truck but is saved by April's strong telekinesis. She distracts Saki by "offering him the chance of redemption" without the need for vengeance, which was merely a ruse for a badly injured Leonardo to escape.

She then took advantage of the Super Shredder's distraction to attack him directly by punching his pulsating mutated heart. One of Leonardo's most prominent qualities is his determination to believe in the good and the best in people, even potential enemies; such as Karai.

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At times, Leonardo is shown to be very hard on himself, as he feels that a lot is expected of him. As in the Mirage comics, Leonardo is ambushed and seriously injured by the Foot Clan and he feels he let his family and himself down. He has the same feelings after the final battle with the Shredder-his anger and self-doubt was caused by Karai, who he believed was an honorable ally, but she was unable to go against her master's orders, eventually causing her to stab Leonardo albeit unintentionally.

Leonardo also feels extremely inadequate, as he believes that again, he let himself and his family down, this time by finding no other way to destroy the Shredder than to blow up the spaceship that both the Shredder and the Turtles were on; the Turtles and Splinter would have perished if they had not been rescued by Utroms. Eventually, Leonardo finds inner peace under the guidance of the Ancient Onewho trained Splinter's sensei, Hamato Yoshi. From their final battle with the Shredder, Leonardo was the only Turtle to sustain truly lasting damage; part of his shell on his upper left shoulder had its edge shorn.

Nevertheless, he is the most skilled of the Turtles, being the only one trained by two ninja masters, capable of facing and defeating Karai, the new Shredder, in a one-on-one fight, as well as defeating all three of his brothers at once in a sparring match.

Through much of the fourth season, while the other turtles are fully healed and recovered from their battle with the Shredder, Leonardo still could not get over his failure. He becomes increasingly stern with himself and adopts a greatly aggressive personality which has been likened to Raph's previous impulsive and hotheaded ways on many occasions. Leonardo also shows considerably less reluctance in using violence to interrogate people, and devotes himself to even greater lengths of training.

His brothers worry about him and Splinter feels he must move on. It comes to a head when Leonardo loses his temper and nearly causes Splinter serious injury during a training session. Splinter sends Leonardo to find Master Yoshi's own sensei, The Ancient One, since there is nothing more he could do for his troubled son.

Leonardo encounters a strange short man, as well as obstacles that echo his own anger. In the end, Leonardo admits that he was angry over failing his family while fighting the Shredder and that his only option was to self-destruct the ship to stop him.

tmnt 2012 meet 1987 wiki

Leonardo comes to terms with his anger, accepting he did every thing in his power, and begins training under the short man, who turns out to be the Ancient One. Leonardo only leaves when he learns that his family is in danger a result of Karai's vengeance, which destroys the lair and presumably eliminates them. Leonardo returns to the city, reunites his family in a safe location, and battles Karai giving her one last chance to leave the Turtles in peace.

In the fifth season, of the eight acolytes under the Tribunal's training, Leonardo is the only one who doesn't receive a weapon from the Spirit Forge. It is implied that his spirit is his weapon, and anything he holds is merely an extension.

This was hinted at in previous seasons. His otherworldly form is that of a dragon, a rare form, unheard of in someone his age. It is shown destroying evil guarding the second artifact. This avatar is first shown in "More Worlds Than One".

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His brothers later exhibit dragon avatars as well. In the fifth episode "Beginning of the End", he is given the sword "Gunjin" one of the Fangs of the Dragon that commands the "White Flame of the Dragon King" by the wounded Faraji, who believes the sword was meant to be Leo's.

Leo returns Gunjin in episode 12 "Enter the Dragons" when Faraji returns to help battle the Shredder, because he believes the sword truly belongs to Faraji. In the Fast Forward season, and the Back to the Sewers season, the damage that occurred to Leonardo's shell as stated above has somehow been repaired.

Leonardo is trained not just by Master Splinter but the Ancient One himself, Hamato Yoshi's trainer and adoptive father. From then on, Leonardo is far more experienced and skillful at even more complex ninjitsu moves than even Splinter, Raph, Mikey, and Donnie all at once. He cuts Shredder 's head off in a one-on one-duel in Shredder's domain. Leonardo is the most skilled at ninjutsu and other forms of hand-to-hand combat he all learned from his adopted father and master, Splinter.

As his weapons are dual katanas, he is proficient in "the ways of the sword" and basic knife-throwing techniques. If need be, he can use Qi Qong to slow his own bodily functions to survive temporarily without oxygen. In this latest version, Leonardo seems to be less experienced and still perfecting his fighting skills and leadership abilities to make more solid decisions and gain more trust from his three younger brothers.

He regularly watches an animated science fiction show called Space Heroes a parody of Star Trek: Leonardo immediately developed romantic feelings for Karai since their first encounter, even though she is his adoptive sister by Splinter; she was taken in by the Shredder after her mother's death and was tasked with destroying her birth family including Leo before changing sides upon discovering her true heritage as his adopted sister. His weapons here are purely dual katanas, which he uses in the Niten Ryu style of kenjutsumaking him an excellent swordsman.

Despite the fact the other three turtles have added traits in this series, Leonardo is almost completely normal but now has blue eyes.

Upon the sudden demise of his adopted father and master, he reluctantly steps up as sensei in addition to being leader, which puts even more pressure on him.

He is visited, on occasion, by the spirit of Splinter who encourages him to lead his family and friends to stopping new evils. In addition to his natural ninjitsu skills, he eventually developed the strong innate ability to heal via an enchanted mantra known as "the healing hands.

Trans-Dimensional Turtles

He then succeeded in saving Casey and Michelangelo from death. According to Splinterhe shows great gifts as a healer, and that being at the edge of his life had given him "a power that few martial artists can tap.

tmnt 2012 meet 1987 wiki

Even thought he's not leader he's still shows his quick witted and strategic plans to get bad guys Leo plans to find the paper thieves aka the Foot Clan and tricking the Minotaur into giving the Turtles the best Pizza. Original trilogy[ edit ] In Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesLeonardo was fairly modest and sensitive, rarely issuing direct commands and seemingly much more relaxed around his brothers thinking of himself as more of an equal than a leader.

It was he who first communicated telepathically with a kidnapped Splinter and seems the most anxious about Raphael's health after his ambush by the Foot Clan. He fought alongside his brothers against The Shredder in the climatic battle and was the only one of the four to actually injure The Shredder, but, like his brothers, could not defeat him.

Due to the focus on Raphael in the film's plot, Leonardo's personality was rarely explored and his leader position in the team took a back seat. Leonardo was portrayed by David Forman and voiced by Brian Tochi.

In The Secret of the OozeLeonardo was much more prominent and his leader position was brought to focus.

tmnt 2012 meet 1987 wiki

He is seen on many occasions bickering with Raphael as their sibling rivalry begins to become much more serious. He, like his brothers, was astonished at the return of the Foot but he found that their current homelessness due to their last battle was a more pressing issue and soon he convinced his brothers that they needed to move.