South cotabato provincial meet 2012

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south cotabato provincial meet 2012

The protesters also demanded to meet with the Provincial Governor of South Cotabato to personally deliver their demands. Upon the instruction. South Cotabato, officially the Province of South Cotabato is a province in the Philippines The proposal met both Criticisms and support from the citizens of the The area of what is now South Cotabato and Sarangani provinces used to be. Today, March 18, is the opening of CRAA Meet at the South event in the region composed of the provinces of South Cotabato, Sarangani Province, .

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Its capital is Koronadal Cityand it borders Sultan Kudarat to the north and west, Sarangani to the south and northeast, and Davao del Sur to the far northeast. To the southeast lies Sarangani Bay.

south cotabato provincial meet 2012

General Santoslocated on the shores of Sarangani Bay, is the most populous city in the region, but is governed independently from the province. The province of Sarangani used to be part of South Cotabato until it was made an independent province in Avance Fuentes is open with. The proposal met both Criticisms and support from the citizens of the province.

south cotabato provincial meet 2012

History Centuries ago, the area that would be the South Cotabato was sparsely inhabited by Malay pioneers which later evolved into various ethnic groupings that still exist in the province today. The Spaniards launched expeditions to subdue the area throughout the colonial era but they never gained control of the region until the middle of the 19th century after the Spaniards established a military post at what is now Barangay Tamontaka, one of the earliest Christian settlements founded south of the Philippines, in present-day Cotabato City.

Spaniards already took with them Chavacano -speaking Christians and Muslims from Zamboanga and Basilan, as well as the Visayansespecially the Hiligaynons and Cebuanos. The area of what is now South Cotabato and Sarangani provinces used to be part of Davao province untilwhen the reorganization of the districts in Mindanao took place, thus it became part of the then-undivided Cotabato province.

Settlers, who would lay the foundation of what would become a progressive province, started trooping down The significant thrust occurred during the term of President Quezon in late s.

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General Paulino Santos led the first of wave of settlers that time. In the early s as population, trade and industries grew in southern part of Cotabato, a clamor of local self-governance arose. With the creation of regions under Pres. Seven towns in southern and coastal section of the province MalungonAlabelMalapatanGlan, MaasimKiamba and Maitum became part of the new province, leaving South Cotabato with 11 remaining municipalities.

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Geography[ edit ] South Cotabato covers a total land area of 3, The province is generally flat dotted with some hills and mountains. Climate[ edit ] South Cotabato belongs to the fourth type of climate, that is rainfall is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. The average number of rainy days for the year is recorded between and days with the months of May, June, July, August and October having the most occurrence.

Air humidity generally follows closely the rainfall pattern. The hottest period is January to April while July to December being the coolest. South Cotabato enjoys a mild, pleasant climate with no pronounced dry or wet season, and is practically typhoon-free.

south cotabato provincial meet 2012

Administrative divisions[ edit ] South Cotabato comprises 10 municipalities and 1 component city. The highly urbanized city of General Santos is traditionally grouped with, but administered independently from the province.