Power meet 2012 fredrikstad

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power meet 2012 fredrikstad

• Established power sales in 2 Fortum: No. of power sales customers: ownership in a few smaller companies such as Bio-El Fredrikstad AS (%), Hafslund Handel AS (%), Fredrikstad . A strong grid is needed to meet. The electric power output of some RE technologies, however, including those based electricity trade is expected to become an increasingly important strategy to meet countries' RE goals. Fredrikstad, 3 November, p. 6. I was particularly delighted to meet Seamus Malone. It was a very eerie and moving reminder of the power of Mother Nature. . The Fredrikstad Nominee is Mankeli (The Mangel), an 11 minute film by Jan Andersson.

ED Problem with Cubic Cost Function Moreover, the effectiveness and superiority of FA rather Representation of generator fuel cost curves by than other algorithms such as GA, PSO and PS is polynomial functions in real-time economic dispatch is a investigated via comparing the obtained results in various standard practice in the industry and it reveals a great test cases with those obtained by them.

The remainder of impact on the accuracy of the economic dispatch the paper is organized as follows: Section II introduces solution. A critical issue in ED studies is to determine the the mathematical formulation of ED problem with order and approximate the coefficients of the polynomial quadratic and cubic fuel cost functions.

A brief used to model the fuel cost function. This subject is description of firefly algorithm is presented in section III. ED solution Section V gives the concluding remarks. Cubic cost function displays the II. The objective of ED problem is to find the optimal The cubic fuel cost function is stated as follows: In the following, ED where aibici and d i are the fuel cost coefficients of problem formulation with quadratic and cubic cost ith unit [5, 6].

ED Problem with Quadratic Cost Function The firefly algorithm FA is a metaheuristic nature- The most common cost function of each generator can inspired optimization algorithm which is based on the be expressed as a quadratic cost function as follows: Moreover, the power generation of unit i MWaibi and ci are the algorithm is very efficient and shows superiority over other conventional stochastic algorithms such as GA and fuel cost coefficients of the unit i, FT is the total fuel cost PSO [14].


ED problem is which are based on the idealized behavior of the flashing subjected to the power balance and generating capacity characteristics of fireflies. These rules are the following: In by the problem of interest, while rand is a random the FA, there are two important issues: In the simplest case for maximum optimization the problem of interest.

Thus, it should vary with the distance rij between firefly i and IV. The pseudo code of the firefly algorithm can be In order to solve the ED problem with cubic and found in [13].

Attractiveness an Intel Core2 Duo 2. In function of a firefly is the following monotonically this method, each firefly is represented by a vector of decreasing function: In fact, the coefficient which controls the decrease of the light proper selection of the parameter values is remarkably intensity.

In this paper, the values of the control parameters of the FA B. Distance in various test systems are different. For each test system, The distance between any two fireflies i and j at the program is run frequently with different combinations of parameters for achieving better optimal solution than positions xi and x jrespectively, can be defined as a that reported in the literature.

In this way, the best Cartesian or Euclidean distance as follows: The firefly algorithm was xi of the ith firefly and d is the number of problem employed to solve ED problem in each test system in dimensions.

In 2-Dimensional space, it can be written as different iterations and the best value found was taken as follows: In the former, all However, the calculation of distance r can also be test systems are lossless while in the latter, the defined using other distance metrics, based on the nature transmission system loss is considered.

Lossless Test Systems C.

power meet 2012 fredrikstad

Movement In this case, the test systems considered are three units and five units. Lossy Test Systems functions and afterwards to three units [16] and five units In this case, application of FA for solving ED [4] with cubic cost functions for the power system problem with cubic cost functions in a 3-unit test system demand respectively as MWMW and is simulated.

Information about generators' cost MW. The optimal solution achieved by FA is presented [17] for 3-unit test system with quadratic cost functions.

The total power system control parameters in FA are: In this test system, the values of the control Table 1. The comparison of results for 3-unit test system parameters in FA are: The comparison of results for lossy 3-unit test system 2 According to these comparisons, it is V. In 3-unit test system, the values of the solving ED problem with quadratic and cubic fuel cost control parameters in FA are: Simulations were carried out in two cases, with transmission loss and without it.

The comparison of simulation results with those obtained Table 2. What should be a simple matter turns into a series of hurdles to clear and shows the human side of our hero as he has to choose between saving little old ladies or taking care of his own needs.

The prestigious award is accompanied by a 10, Euro prize to be used by the winning director to launch a new, more ambitious project. The puppet and mixed technique animated poem tells the story of Mangel, a male angel who falls from the heavens into a tree which he falls in love with.

Unfortunately, all does not go as Mangel plans when a wood cutter decides to fell the tree. Features This young festival continues to add events each year. On Saturday a day-long screening of animation features was designed for the residents of Fredrikstad, with films that the entire family would enjoy in the Kino at special reduced prices.

power meet 2012 fredrikstad

Knerten, a pine twig, is an imaginary friend of a lonely boy named Brother. Knerten comes to life when the two are alone together.

Knerten and Brother have vowed to always be best friends but when the pine twig meets a lovely birch sprig named Karoline and falls in love with her, life changes for all of them. Karoline made a special appearance in the theatre lobby posing for photos with children of all ages. The Secret of the Unicorn.

power meet 2012 fredrikstad

The film is based on The Secret of the Unicorn, which is the first book in the Tintin series not to have political themes. It focuses entirely on an adventure story. It took me a while to get past the motion capture which was extremely distracting at first.

power meet 2012 fredrikstad

I was pleased to see they kept the original story but two things did bother me a great deal. In the movie he only went arf. Maybe this is a small detail but any true Tintin fan will notice it at once. I saw Tintin in Norwegian with no English dialogue or subtitles but the plot was easy to follow. I will see the film again in English just to make sure that the dialogue is true to the original.

It was fascinating to get a close look at the sets and characters which Sverre created using a technique called pyrography a combination of wood burning and soldering on wood. Also on Saturday there were workshops and activities throughout the city.

When I visited the drop-in workshop, which was set up inside a super market in a large downtown shopping mall, it was full of children learning to make zoetropes and short stop-motion films under the direction of award winning animators Eirin Handegard and Inni Karine Melbye. Most of the young participants had never animated before and it was very exciting to see their enthusiasm. Another first this year was a very ambitious project, Ani-Camp North. In co-operation with the E-6 Ostfold Media Workshop the festival invited a group of young people ranging in age from 12 to 15 years old, along with their instructors, to a 5 day workshop.

The students, from all over the Scandinavian and Baltic area, produced 4 films in 4 days. This year the group chose trains, UFO aliens and skyscrapers as theme to use for the films.

Nik worked with all 4 groups to create original music and sound designs for the films. To start off the ceremony, the film Amundsen, There and Back, made by Fredrikstad elementary school children under the direction of Katz Plunkett, premiered. The film chronicles the adventures of Roald Amundsen, famous Norwegian explorer of the Polar Regions. He led the first expedition to reach the South Pole between and was also the first person to reach both the North and South Poles.

The 4 films made by the Ani-Camp students were shown as well as the short pieces created by the drop-in workshop participants. Their choice was Captain Awesome: The Rumble in the Concrete Jungle.

This year the festival in conjunction with the local newspaper, Fredrikstad Blad, and Fredrikstad Kino launched an on line audience vote for the Best Feature Film. The winner of the coveted statueTintin, was announced at the end of the ceremony. Time always seems to fly by at the Fredrikstad Animation Festival.

power meet 2012 fredrikstad

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Life Time Achievement Award. The recipient is selected by the Festival Board of Directors in recognition of meritorious service to the world of animation. The entire audience was on their feet applauding and cheering when Board Chairman Jan Gisle announced that the recipient was Gunnar Strom.

Founder of the Fredrikstad and Volda Festivals, beloved teacher at Volda University College, and mentor to many young Norweigen animators, Gunnar is indeed a worthy recipient. The Fredrikstad award statue was created by noted sculptor Piotr Sapegin and inspired by Gunnar, so it is only fitting that Gunnar now has his very own Golden Gunnar. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful festival. The members of the Juries and a complete list of all winners are at the end of the article.


They create a well run, event packed festival with new surprises every year, and treat each guest with gracious Nordic hospitality. I look forward to my visit next year to see what new treats they will have for us all. You can learn more about and contact the Fredrikstad Animation Festival at: