Pisces and virgo relationship 2013

5 Reasons A Pisces-Virgo Pairing Is The Best There Is | Thought Catalog

pisces and virgo relationship 2013

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Pisces and Virgo emotionally, mentally and sexually? Read on The Pisces and Virgo love compatibility in. When a Virgo and a Pisces partner begin their relationship, they have a challenge to not expect absolute perfection. If they stay together for long enough, they. Love match compatibility between Virgo and Pisces zodiac signs. Read about the Virgo love relationship with Pisces zodiac sign.

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In order to have a healthy relationship in which they both trust each other, they will both need to be secure and confident enough to be honest.

Both of these partners will easily give in to dishonesty, although their convictions are the opposite of their behavior. It can be torture for both of them if any one of the partners tells a lie. Fortunately, they are both aware that some secrecy might even spark their relationship and give it more passion.

pisces and virgo relationship 2013

This is why they will usually get over small intimacy outbreaks in order to trust each other on a higher level.

When they start their relationship, they are bound to realize how similar they actually are, even though they seem so different. The mutable quality of their signs will allow them to jump from topic to topic, both of them staying interested in the flow and the outcome of their conversations. The best person to pull Virgo out of their obsessive analysis is Pisces, with their smile and their wider picture.

Pisces will give their Virgo partner faith, teach them how belief can form reality and help them be free from too much caution and fear from failure. Virgo often has this inner battle in which nothing they know, think or do is good or valuable enough.

Pisces are able to inspire and find value in everything in life, and those insecurities and emotional problems of Virgo may seem like something needless that damages the self-esteem of everyone around them.

pisces and virgo relationship 2013

Pinterest Pisces Virgo Compatibility It would be fair to claim that Pisces Virgo relationship is a couple that could see what happily ever after looks like. This is a union of partners that are considered as gentle within the zodiac circle. This implies that they would bring some sense of harmony into the love affair that both of them would share. The best part about Pisces Virgo compatibility is that astrologically they sit opposite to each other in the zodiac chart.

This therefore predicts that this match would be based on giving and taking.

5 Reasons A Pisces-Virgo Pairing Is The Best There Is

Both lovers would look up to each other for things that they lack. Hence, Pisces would find Virgo as strong in certain area where they are weak in. The best and the worst could certainly happen in this pair. Positive Traits Still on the issue of lying opposite to each other in the zodiac chart, there is yet another benefit that Pisces and Virgo compatibility would be enjoying.

This is the balance aspect that Pisces dating Virgo would have. The sheer fact that Pisces Virgo in love find each other as complements would ensure that they find the right balance in their relationship.

pisces and virgo relationship 2013

When Pisces holds their relationship together with their powerful intuition, Virgo will bring solidity that will see them stand the test of time. There is also something to expect from each other in Pisces Virgo love compatibility. Pisces is the dreamer in this love affair. Virgo will find the need to help this partner fulfill the dreams that they have in mind. Keeping in mind that Virgo is an earth sign, it is expected that they would provide stability to the Pisces lover.

Their emotional nature might render them as unstable. Find your moon compatibility. Fortunately, they share a strong bond with a partner that would help them remain calm and collected.

On the other hand, there is some emotional intensity that Pisces brings into Pisces Virgo compatibility. Luckily, unlike other zodiac signs, Virgo is a partner that deeply appreciates being the center of attention.

pisces and virgo relationship 2013

Virgo man will always be on the verge of trying to know the woman that they fell in love with. This is a good thing for Pisces Virgo compatibility. Pisces partner is considered as a mysterious individual.

In fact, it could take ages for the Virgo partner to understand them fully. They can definitely have a rewarding Pisces Virgo relationship. Neptune and Mercury can make a beautiful spiritual bond together.

They will symbolize an idealistic relationship together. Pisces will be ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter will add a yang energy to the mix. The planet Jupiter symbolizes philosophy, education and excess.

The three planets will give the relationship great communication, empathy, imagination, and creativity. Pisces And Virgo Love Compatibility — Positive The best thing about Pisces Virgo compatibility in a romantic relationship is that they will both have attitudes that are complementary and balanced to each other. The Pisces Virgo friendship will have a lot of empathy and commitment overall. Because of this, they will have strong bonds and a successful relationship.

Other people will be jealous of their loyalty to each other. They will be jealous of their devotion to their friends and their community.


Pisces dating Virgo are both gentle and innocent. When they fall in love, they can have a magical relationship. Their zodiac compatibility will be based on them giving each other what they need and what they lack on their own.