Meet the cast of victorious 2012

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meet the cast of victorious 2012

June 8, ·. MEET THE CAST OF VICTORIOUS! A Special signing of Victorious More Music From The Hit TV Show Featuring cast members Victoria. They met on the Spectacular! movie set and have been friends ever since then. . In an interview where the Victorious cast was asked to share what they were thankful for . Victoria tweeted about Avan's birthday (): Ahh! Guess what?!. Victoria Justice - XEX magazine, April - Hot Celebs Home See more. Victoria Justice Featuring Victorious Cast Official Music Video “Make It In America ” Daniella Monet .. how every girl wanted to be Topanga from Boy Meets World!.

Victoria Justice told M Magazine in August that "We will not be expecting a fourth season, this is the first time I've talked about it.

I just found out a couple of days ago that we're not coming back.

It's sad because I've been with Nickelodeon since I was 12 years old and I became a family with my Victorious cast.

We spent a lot of time together and bonded for sure — I'll look back on the experience very fondly.

meet the cast of victorious 2012

It's a little shocking and a little bittersweet, but at the end of the day it might not be such a bad thing — we all want to do our own thing and continue to grow.

She also co-starred with Avan Jogia, who portrays Beck, in the Nickelodeon television film Spectacular!

Avan Jogia

Grow Up, Timmy Turner! But in a child's life on a set, we do take that seriously. At our studios on Sunset Boulevard, where we shoot iCarly and Victorious, the greenrooms are filled with games and Rock Band.

meet the cast of victorious 2012

We create an environment where they can have fun with their colleagues and take it easy. The lunch area of Hollywood Arts depicts the back area of Nickelodeon on Sunsetwith a parking lot next to the back area. Variety magazine reviewer Brian Lowry wrote, "Victorious has been cobbled together with the wooden-headed market in mind. Perigard of the Boston Herald titled his review "Victorious is a big loser" and writes, "The bulk of the cast mugs for the cameras, probably to compensate for a script that could have been commissioned from fifth-graders.

Inhe appeared in the drama film Triple Dog, [12] and the gang-crime film Finding Hope Now filmed in as the lead character, Santos Delgado.

It's also a little bit of a social commentary piece, because it covers very timely issues. Going into this situation, I had no idea what it was going to be like, so knowing I was taking this on with someone I knew really helped.

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Principal photography on the film commenced on August 11,in New York City and concluded later that month. Adapted from Pat Barker 's novel Border CrossingJogia portrayed the central character, Dannywho was rescued from drowning by the man Charles who aided his conviction for murder 12 years earlier. He plays a young man who was sentenced to prison for murder as a child, and returns to confront the psychologist whose expert witness testimony he believes was responsible for his conviction.

Jogia starred in the comedy film The Outcastsalongside lead actress Victoria Justice.

meet the cast of victorious 2012

Thompson is the mother of Zoey Deutchwho also appears in the film opposite Jogia. He played Sebastian, the "loving boyfriend" of a movie star Deutch. Production on the project commenced in Octoberwith an expected release in